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Those vegetables: they’re on to you.

Today, we’re on to four magical and conscious foods that heal in unexpected ways–wild blueberries, onions, pears and cat’s claw.  You might be meeting cat’s claw for the first time.

In Part 1 of this series, Your Vegetable Garden Is Magical and Conscious,  I introduced to you Medical Medium, the book author and consultant named Anthony William.  Anthony has been listening to a mysterious man (named Compassion) talk into Anthony’s ear since he was four years old.    The man diagnoses peoples’ illnesses and lets Anthony know how to help them, usually with natural foods, herbs, wild plants and vitamins and minerals.

I chose these four foods from Anthony Williams’s book,  Medical Medium:  Life Changing Foods.

The Wild Blueberry: Magical and Conscious

basket of wild blueberries
Wild blueberries in North America are usually from Eastern Canada or Maine.

The first of the four foods that are magical and conscious are wild blueberries.  Don’t confuse wild blueberries with those slightly larger and perfect-looking plump, cultivated blueberries. Wild blueberries are from places like eastern Canada and Maine, if you’re in North America.  If you live outside of North America, you can still find the wild blueberries where you live and try them.  Wild blueberries hold ancient and sacred information from the heavens that goes back thousands of years. The ancient wild blueberries have thrived through every fluctuation in climate over the millenia.  They seem to be really smart — they have adapted and over 100 strains of them exist around the planet.

Note that wild blueberries have the highest level of antioxidants of any food on the planet. When you eat them, their innate intelligence searches out potential disease and monitors your stress and toxicity levels.  In fact, wild blueberries figure out the best way to heal you. No other food does this.  Also, wild blueberries are great at helping rid your body of heavy metals and helping restore the liver.

Look for wild blueberries in the frozen fruit section of your store– often near other smoothie ingredients.  Freezing wild blueberries actually increases their nutrients.

Onions Tamp Down Bacteria

Red, yellow and white onions
The many-colored onion.

Onions are more magical and conscious than you would suspect.  Did you know they are highly medicinal? That upset stomach you might have after eating onions is because they are not irritants. Rather, the stomach distress is caused by unproductive bacteria that has taken up residence in the digestive tract.  The onions work to eliminate that bacteria and the resulting die-off contributes to your discomfort.

Onions keep down bacterial overgrowth in the body, such as strains of Streptococcus A and B.  There could also be strains of E. coli, H, pylori, Staphylococcus, and varieties of fungus, (excluding Candida, a natural fungus that we need).   Also, onions contain sulfur.   Sulfur  helps alleviate joint pain, degeneration, discomfort, and it’s good for repairing tendons and connective tissue. Too, onions help regenerate the skin, so they help you look younger.

Perhaps you’d like a food that helps you with negative emotions.  Then put onions in your life, because they will help you deal with chronic frustration, anger and aggravation!  They’ll help you purge anger from your body and help loosen up resentment.

And if you’re eating food from elsewhere and are concerned about picking up a flu or other virus, or getting food poisoning, order something with onions. If you order a salad, order it with onions to kill off any contaminants.  Sometimes, you absolutely must eat a hotdog because you’re at the baseball stadium.  Then put onions on it!

Pears Soothe the Gut

Many pears of different colors
There are many colors of pears to choose from.

The third of our magical and conscious foods is pears.  Pears are one of the healthiest fruits, and they are great for the pancreas, an organ that absorbs a lot of the body’s stress.  In fact, pears help rejuvenate the pancreas and help prevent pancreatic cancer. Also, pears help out in a bunch of ways with digestion. They are antispasmodic and help soothe the linings of the stomach and intestines.   In addition, pears feed beneficial bacteria.  Pears also help to starve and kill unproductive bacteria, parasites and fungus.  Linings of the gut that have been damaged by bad bacteria also are helped by pears.

Trace minerals make pear juice high in electrolytes and they help stabilize the blood sugar, so they are great for weight loss. Eat one before dinner to curb the appetite and give you a stomach tonic so you won’t overeat.   When a pear is hard and crunchy, it has a lot of fiber.   The fiber helps lower bad cholesterol and sweeps out debris from the intestines. When the pear is soft and juicy, it is easy to digest and has a lot of glucose, which helps your brain function.

Blended, ripe pear is ideal for anyone recovering from food poisoning.   Pears are a blessing when a person is ill and having trouble eating.  Pears cool the liver and pancreas, and thus help unsettled emotions, such as frustration, irritation or a general lack of peace. Go eat a pear!

Cats Claw: The Tropical, Anti-Viral Vine

cat's claw: yellow flowers on a green plant
Cat’s claw is found in the Amazon and tropical areas of South and Central America.

Cat’s claw is a magical and conscious,  tropical vine that primarily grows in areas like the Amazon rain forest and other areas of Central and South America.   As it turns out, cat’s claw can help nearly every symptom, from neurological to digestive.  It has bioactive pharma compounds that are better than synthetic pharmaceuticals.   Cat’s claw is not to be taken by pregnant women, however.

the curvy thorn on cat's claw bark
The curvy, sharp thorn on the cat’s claw bark gives the vine its name.

Cat’s  claw works like an antibiotic, but pathogens cannot become resistant to it.  Parasites such as babesia and the bacteria bartonella (often associated with Lyme) cannot withstand the wrath of cat’s claw. The herb eliminates these and other bugs without the so-called Herxheimer die-off reaction.   The Herxheimer reaction is common with standard antibiotics. The herb is able to regulate the rate that it destroys pathogens, so people can tolerate the die-off more easily.

Note that cat’s claw is incredible at fighting viruses.  Eventually medical research will discover a group of antiviral adaptogens, and scientists will realize that cat’s claw is at the top of that list.   If you use cat’s claw as a tincture, use a nonalcoholic version, because the alcohol cancels its therapeutic effects.  You can also use cat’s claw powder and put it in hot water and lemon and raw honey and make a tea out of it.

So, wild blueberries, onions, pears–you’ve probably eaten at least two of these for years. Next, you can put wild in your life with wild blueberries and  also check out cat’s claw.

garland of fruit

Source of information for this article:   Medical Medium:  Life Changing Foods, by Anthony William

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