A Recorded Interview to Mr. Scott Kesterson from Bichop Larry Gator on Radio Chanel Global spirit revolution. You need to see this.

This interview is really important to hear…and is evolving to something very positive Now!  It involved President Trump making extremely important decisions to make American Great Again…in no small way.  Here is how the Plan is playing out now.

Incredible info.  Take time to listen.  About 52 minutes. Worth it.

Drug and human trafficking being removed behind the scenes in LA and NY especially.

Act of 1871   “for the people” was changed to “of the people” = became Corporate

Stimulus Bill:  SPV attached to treasury, creating bonds for private holdings thus taking % interest in companies, $$ funnels back into treasury. Fed has to buy US debt to backstop the $$.  ($$ was to become Yuan) Munchen hates fed.

22 countries involved, strike to Vatican, London neutralized.
Trump did hostile takeover, Chairman of Fed now reports to Trump.
Trump now controls the economy. put burden on govs to protect people.
While Keeping people out of way of FF’s.

We now back into Const. Repub.  were under Mart. law. for short time. (CV covers media)
pres seal back up. defense act of 1950 to direct Co.s to national. security.
We were mostly controlled by CCP.  bought in 40%, indirect attack.
Stim pkgs allows Munchen to put $$ back.
Have shifted the global economy, put all pow back to pres.
Military has redone supply chain. Nav Admiral brought all details back into record.

Opening back up now, retooling outside of ccp control, all in 30 days.

Pope had signed agree with ccp. Mafia was linked to London, all under global media mind control. global econ was shut down by fear. Will catch the media in its lies.

Frequency effect vs. wash everything.  We are all infected by some nano tech, smart dust.  Nano engineered virus works with smart dust.  Fear leads to willing to accept injection, all which may bond with rfid chip bonded to RNA. Can cause multiple ill effects, and dependent on socialized system. Cut u off the grid.

Agressively fight state govs!  do not allow injection, global conc. camp.

We are going back to constitution. Rewire entire system and minds. By the way your kids were being harvested by your own gov.
Trump now has global control.

1302 Pope Boniface, every soul registered to VAt.  Birth certifs.
1747 Pope Pius

RevolutionRadio:  continues on civil war, what is not known.
plan to divide US in 1/2

See all this on this link:




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  1. Hello Greg Dampier, I do agree with the last part of your comment, that LOVE is the answer to every question. I even think that it’s the answer to every doubt and confusion. And what about unconditional love? That’s what we seem to be learning, isn’t it? The invitation to that ball is written in capitals, as I like to look at it.

    For many of us, it’s a theoretical statement that LOVE is the answer. We can experience its truth, but talking about it is tricky, for immediately we create the other side of our Earthly condition in the dual observation of things, that HATE is automatically not the answer.

    Before we know it, we begin to judge and deny what we don’t like. Most of the time, when I deny what I observe in the external world, I deny that same presence within myself. I believe that judgment has its roots in that habit of comparing and making notes.

    Especially when something isn’t fulfilled and expressed. What I’m going to say now, is deeply personal, an experience in my own life and soul, from lives gone by. I believe it’s worth it to share this with you: Due to the pain of that suffering, I began measuring, for my longing became so strong that I began to count the morsels falling from the table while crawling under it. Unable to see, and feel that I deserved, what’s in that “other world” existing on the tabletop. I’ve known the habit of this “I want more of what I don’t want, every day”

    When that statement “Love is the answer to every question” is true for you also, in your own life, I think you should be honest with yourself and take a good look at why your expectations aren’t answered in the way you wish them to be. For it seems that your wish and longing for expression of yourself has turned into a demand.

    You’re an ex-military man, I believe that you can relate to what I’m saying here. My father was a vicar for the soldiers, a military man for most of his working years, bless him, and we lived amongst the barracks. We lived in a large house with a huge garden, not as if it was harsh and bleak. A minister’s family of 11. And the woods around were our playgrounds, with the Dutch Moors on walking distance.

    I’ve seen the difference between respectful greeting between ranks and greeting on automatic pilot, because it’s an obligation and thus, a demand as well on the side of the one who’s higher in rank. My father insisted on formal greeting always, during his work.

    This part of your comment is a complaint that many more of us in the virtual world are making, I believe when our efforts aren’t connected to a tangible world with people who can know and appreciate you far better than any other person reading your comments here:

    “I notice that although I often comment on your articles and make very logical and strong cases, It is often censored (Methods of the dark) or at the very least ignored. That as talented and experienced and trained as I AM, (a self realized sentient artist and ex police officer and light worker) that I am outside of all these efforts. How could THAT be I ask myself as I discern the terrain of these very tumultuous times. “How could that be?”

    Apart from maybe not knowing that your comments are appreciated, without a chance to discuss in real time, to and fro, like in discussion fora, or whatever forms of discussion, it seems, to me, that you take your qualities as a measure of quantity and place that on one scale of the balance, thinking that the external world should respond/reward you by placing an equal amount of quantity on the other scale. So that you feel understood, with a sense of fulfilment as well. Be careful not to react from starvation of acknowledgement by others.

    It hasn’t happened so far if I’m right in understanding your comment. It’s maybe time to direct your attention to what it is that prevents you from acknowledging yourself for who you are. To ground ourselves in the fertile soil of creativity is possible when we are living with an affinity in the heart, for ourselves. I believe that from that place, in the ❤, fulfilling of one’s freedom of expression is possible. I believe that you’re sincerely trying to find answers and proof of what’s in your field of study, work and ambitions, hoping for a connection of some sort with like-minded people or groups. This place here is pretty much a virtual room of activities that are solitary, each person on social and virtual distance.
    In programs like MeWePro, becoming popular now, members exchange messages and they see the conversation on one page, others too, when the exchange isn’t a private chat. I find it a good concept, but I’m not that familiar with the designs of social media, nor active much in them. I used to be very active since 2009, also with Facebook and LinkedIn, but my interest isn’t that much anymore. I’ve had disappointments at times, in the virtual world.

    I’ve read your comments, maybe not all of them, and I have replied to one or two, without hearing from you. And so, when you expect others to receive your virtual communication with the respect you expect from them, I think you should show others the same attitude. It’s like in friendship, when I met an elderly and depressed man in Britain, a few years ago, he complained about not having friends. I told him that I believed that “To find friends, is to be a friend”.

    He fell silent and later I met him on an afternoon in his home, for tea and bird watching.
    He shared with me what was on his mind, about his partner who is ill, treated by a young Russian doctor (woman) in the wrong way, as he sees it. His hatred towards communism was triggered and I witnessed it, coming out of him in full force, although not in a physical attack towards me.

    He just sat on his chair and allowed his fury to wash over him and out of him, with that one sentence and clenched fists. It was uncontrolled fury and it was as if dark energy overshadowed him. I was completely unprepared for this, I hardly knew this man.

    My instinctual response was solemn withdrawal, and I left soon after, feeling shocked. The contrast was too big! This man, whom I met in the bus to the village, my first visit, for an interview with a landlord, was sitting next to me, and he showed a friendly interest, explaining to me how he left remote Scotland and now lived in a tiny home in that village. Of course, I was eager to learn and connect with villagers and to find my feet, for I soon moved into a large room in that village, where I lived for 2 years until March this year.

    This man, who expressed his bitterness and fury, in my presence, was admired for his sweet demeanour in the community, and his volunteering work in the care home for the elderly and his visits to homebound grannies and granddaddies was much appreciated.

    The manager of the care home who chose him as her assistant, told me when she met us in the street “To know Pete is to love Pete” and I remember stopping in my tracks and feeling that this wasn’t true at all. I remember my response by saying “Eh…” stopping short.

    Had I kept that message of my inner knowing in mind, I should’ve been more careful, perhaps should’ve stayed away from this man’s company. His use of charm worked well, for himself and others around him. It’s that special sense of Cosmic Humour, treating me well. I’ve written him a note and he never responded to me. I don’t hate him, this was an experience with a lesson in it, for me.

    I’m sharing my experiences, feelings and thoughts with you and I may risk missing a few points and details. I believe that misunderstandings and correcting them in an exchange of messages are almost a necessary part of virtual communication, for we’ve never met in person, in real life.

    And that’s exactly why I’ve told myself to not hold on to expectations toward proof of what I’m leaving, here or elsewhere, in words, is appreciated or dismissed. To me, I can only express myself and make choices, where I choose to do this. I’m more and more inclined to choose the tangible world with real people on the soil of planet Earth, working on the land and create a self-sustaining lifestyle with kindred spirits, with different views, opinions and forms of expression.

    More than ever I love to hear and read about someone’s real-life experiences, the practical life in the light of day, in the sun and with the elements, and for myself, to be very practical and in touch with nature. I am free to spend my time as I wish.

    I’m always surprised about how one human being can hold supporting and contradictive qualities inside and at the same time I’m learning to observe them without the urge to DO something about it. Me included, ha! I’m such a tinkerer in the cellar ?

  2. Since Satellite’s have never been proven I am finding this ‘Smart Dust’ just as hard to believe. The reason I do not believe in Satellite’s is because “They” have already acknowledged that we have never been to the moon, which also is admitting we can not go to Space. I am not one to believe China is what is being portrayed here as well. I do believe in what was being said about London & The Vatican. We Never unloaded ‘The Crown’ & The Vatican has been Laundering Money from the time my mother was born 1937 that we know of.

    • ‘Atlantean Conspiracy.com’ website has a Great one hour video up ‘How Everything Works on Flat Earth.’ Please Remember The Globe Theory is something that was shoved down us & it is Only a “Theory.” Our ancient ancestors had much knowledge in Navigation using The Constellations. Please remember “flat” doesn’t mean flat in the sense that there are Mountains, Hills that are recognized. Plus The Dome/Firmament (that the bible speaks of). Plus the under Ocean in of itself, those three items would give you a ‘Snow Globe’ effect. Also Please remember they keep us from Antarctic for a reason. Look up the Gleason Map of 1892. Seven countries Patented that map Canada, France, Denmark, Germany, Austria, England & Sweden.

  3. This is a response to “Q” intel article in “Stillness in the Storm” and here in “Prepare for Change”. I am also posting this broadly across other platforms as well. as my regular Boat Rocker blog here.


    This article is a bait on my hook to determine ONCE and for all IF I am being completely censored by AI, if it goes nowhere and is not passed on through the internet. Which would not be possible all things being equal.

    I notice that although I often comment on your articles and make very logical and strong cases, It is often censored (Methods of the dark) or at the very least ignored. That as talented and experienced and trained as I AM, (a self realized sentient artist and ex police officer and light worker) that I am outside of all these efforts. How could THAT be I ask myself as I discern the terrain of these very tumultuous times. “How could that be?”

    That I am open to assist with projects but are never called on or included even as I have requested time and time again to be contacted and the hundreds of Truth-a-ganda art I have created with no support or resources. That those efforts are severely shadow banned and censored? That is a huge red flag for me. If these “Q” Trump operations were legit, I would be right in the middle of it, as I know who I AM. Not outside.

    So As I have said in other comments which you have censored or ignored. I dare you to post this as an article. I double dog dare you to post this. Just contact me and I will get a properly formatted and spell checked version of the article to you. Or will you ignore such wisdom at this time again.

    Think again “Q” sycophants. Justice will NOT be a clandestine military operation, it will come out in the open by sworn law enforcement as they enforce every day laws on the books, Every Day! There are over 700,000 police personnel who already have the infrastructure in place, they know the neighborhoods, the community leaders they know the terrain. Are you really suggesting That the military, a blunt object could do it better with bombs and jets and tanks and land mines and snipers and drones? really?

    I used to arrest out of shape suits by walking up to where I know they are and throwing the cuffs on their punk asses, put them in car and booking them into the jail prior to a trial by their peers and there was a very public perp walk. All that WITHOUT violating the constitution and betraying the people.

    First of all, Law Enforcement is within it’s rights to conduct such an operation. The military being deployed against the American people is illegal and unconstitutional. It is just not complicated as we see in congressional investigation in which they invest time and money investigating themselves and the outcome fizzles out in which no ONE is found in wrong doing.

    “Convolution hides malfeasance” – ONE.

    The foundation of the laws of this country does not require us to “Trust the plan” it requires and demands full transparency each step of the way so that we do not trust, rather we have all the facts in front of us so that we can judge what is and is not the truth as best we can in this realm, and so that another tyrant does not take the place of the last. This has been the MO of this controllers of this realm and that is to end.

    It will not be done by armies who are trained and brainwashed to kill and destroy infrastructure. THAT is not what is needed right now. We need attention to our infrastructure. Have you seen what armies do in the Middle East? Iraq Syria, Palmyra? Do you not know that armies are the forces that come in and destroy evidence of our ancient past? is THAT what you propose in ignorance?

    You have been greatly deceived to believe that the tactics the dark controllers use are the same as the light. Such tactics are simply the next phase of the their plan. While the ignorant controllers play 3-d chess over the last 100 years, the average American is playing checkers over the past 4 years. You appear to be a master checker player by this article, but a checker player none the less.

    You have been seduced by tales of A resistance, and children being rescued from underground bases and 150,000 sealed indictments that has been promised for years and cryptic “Q” intel by some ONE that remains in the shadows. With not a single shred of real quantifiable evidence. That is the method of this Mexican beer scam. This mass hysteria.

    MY Future Higher Self has directed me to the understanding that LOVE are the big guns in this endeavor. That “The Answer to every Question is LOVE and LIGHT that exposes the shadows for all to see. That If LOVE is not in it, it is not the answer. You really want us to leave something so big and so important to secret behind the scenes forces? really?

    • I appreciate your comment. Would there be certain Military (branches)operations allowed by the Original Constitution thou, due to most of The Bad Actors are Foreign and/or Dual citizens working for The Federal Government. Depending on The Local system just allows The Bad Actors to return to their daily lives because “They” set up The Judicial System (Courts, Judges, Supreme Court & Lawyers who manipulate the Constitution) to Serve Themselves. I would appreciate your thoughts.

  4. Salvador Russo’s astrological reading of Q. Beautifully in tune with this post here:

  5. Please don’t do this – upload a partial video then interrupt and cut off the ending! How unprofessional!
    This is the only version we can locate; searched both sites with no hits!
    Won’t be following you, Christina!

    • Hello Teri, it’s good to know that the entire interview isn’t present online, after I read your post. Why not get in touch with Christina directly and ask her for advice? She may not visit this site, and read your comment, you see? For myself, I find the introduction, by Christina, and the end, a little clumsy, not well prepared. But in between? God Almighty, what a treasure box of information and pieces of the puzzle that fell into place, for me. The information is much in sync with the astrological reading of Q by Salvador Russo. I’ve left it here in a comment.


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