Directive 401 Arcturian Confederation from

Welcome to the new earth beautiful souls of light. We are Arcturian Confederation, the Council of 12, here to reassure each soul that all is happening as it should. All is well. Tribal Unity Consciousness is activated across the Gaia plane. Elemental corridors of celestial light transformation have awakened people to their inner self. We observe waves of rainbow light emanating from the material plane as the collective shifts within the quantum field. We are in awe of the commitment, fire, passion and power each of you has displayed in the face of what seemed at times unsurmountable fear. Black waves continue to oppress the vibratory field of Gaia, Movement of the People has been successful. All are safe and in the arms of the Light. The transition was painless and peaceful for all. Rest assured none left the material plane in fear, all were held in the arms of the angels. Transition was successful. All is well in the cosmic field of light. We take care of all traumatized souls, returning them to their natural state of BEing in beauty and love.

The Gaia plane expands beyond the confines of the fourth realm, her translucent energies shimmer in the haze of fifth dimension frequencies. Gaia has risen. The people are rising, their fate lies in the hands of their choices. Lightworkers, healers, shaman, travellers, warriors and angels walking the Gaia plane we are here to commend each of you for the work done to position the collective for 2020. The Dragons are here. The Gamechangers are here. Missionaries of Light fight all of darkness with the assertion, it is already done. All has been written in the stars, predicted for eons across time and space, clues covered, always hidden in plain sight. The map of Gaia’s ascension permeates all dimensions, her goddess rage has birthed the New Earth. She has risen beyond her oppressor. The Anunaki writhe in dark cities, deep underground, their clock is ticking, their time is up. The Rainbow Children are with you, their light transcends all darkness. Indigos are changing the world by their very breath.

We are astounded by your resistance, the fearlessness and true belief in the power of compassion that has sustained each of you through dark times. All is well. We ask that patience be practised daily as your world wakes up. Butterflies emerging from the chrysalis each of you is connected to the divine beauty of life, and each is in their own bubble, awakening to their soul, their true Self. Carry each other, support and guide each other into this new earth you, each of you, has helped birth. The healing tools are there, we urge each to align to their highest vibratory field through self care, self love and laughter.

Joy is the rhythm of the fifth dimension, peace her heart beat, harmony her body, grow her wisely and with love in every breath brothers an sisters. For you, each of you, now plays a role in her growth, her shaping, her seeds and fruit. Each of you is a microcosm of the New Earth. The more love you gift self the more you gift Gaia. Tribal Unity Consciousness is the assertion, focused intention to commit to the collective. It is transition from triangle to circle. Pyramid to mandala. An elemental transformation of Self, soul and all to higher states of being. Sharing is the algorithm of the new earth, sustainability and growth are the hardware. Compassion is the motherboard.

We express our deepest gratitude to each of you walking the material plane for your centred and powerful refusal to shift from love to fear. We gift you sacred mantra

‘Let all my fear be dissolved in Love’

The 5g dark matrix is a sinister space, when seen it will draw the mind body soul trinity down into dense vibratory fields of greed, paranoia and anxiety. Each of you has responsibility for Self. The collective shift has occurred through healing, influence expanding consciousness. To weave the New Earth in rainbow light each of you weaves your own lives in light. This is the purpose. The place is your hearts. The collective is shifting closer to heart vibratory fields each day. The dark matrix seeks to derail this elemental transition, invert all spiritual awakening to dark worship. Lightworkers, healers, preachers, teachers, the new earth has been birthed. You cocreate her in your hearts desires, your internal cellular vibratory field. Each steps forward into the New Earth intrinsic to the divine fabric of existence. Each has responsibility for Self. Tribal Unity Consciousness is in the hands of Gaia’s people. Let the light shine.

We are the Arcturian Council of Twelve, we are in deepest awe of all who have assisted in this great movement of souls from dark to light. We send each of you healing divine light Now.

In service of all that is joyful, graceful and humble, we are yours, the Arcturian Council.

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  1. If you look at this article you see the upshot for you is TO DO NOTHING. The message of “Q” and other passifyers online, like X22, is the same. Enjoy the show. Eat the popcorn. DRINK THE KOOLAID.
    You may recall that Jesus didn’t go all pink cloud about the money changers (the banksters of their day) who were corrupting the Temple. He whipped them out of the Temple.
    So, what are YOU going to do?

    • Hello margaret, it’s interesting how different we can read a channelling of someone connected to the realm of 5D. I’m not defending it or trying to prove that it’s “right” or “factual”, it’s possibly a bit too woolly in choice of words.
      To me, there’s nothing in this article that suggests “TO DO NOTHING and float on pink clouds. Nor do I find pacifiers amongst the team of “Q”, on the contrary. If you mean Q-anon. And since Q is operating anonymously, as far as I’m informed, I don’t know how I could possibly find out what Q is doing, what his actions are.

      For that matter, to me, you’re anonymous as well. What are you doing that makes a difference for the better?

    • Hi Margaret, there ARE those of us who have and are doing things to bring about the new reality as described in the article. If you could have read this from my perspective the words would resonate. The hard work has mostly been done and every day holding thoughts and feelings of high vibration is exactly the key ESPECIALLY in the face of the low vibe fear which is peddled in the Main Stream Media (MSM) and low calibre Netflix & TVs – note many many many shows are even tagged as Dark, Gritty, Violent. If you ‘consume’ the MSM programs then you will think and feel low vibrational thoughts and non surprisingly you will only be able to tune into low vibration experiences.
      A bit like a radio which can only tune to the worst channels.

  2. This sounds like a foreign language to me albeit live and let live . We all know what is right and wrong and we all know that we have to step up to the plate when necessary to protect the innocent and to go forward with honour dignity and courage. I believe in God. God is love . We know not to allow ourselves to be manipulated by people with evil intent and to remember to be mindful of others to cause no harm . A tool box of morals scruples love and compassion and the courage to do what is right is all you need and a best friend God is my best friend the god that is love. My life motto Freedom is everything and Love is all. That is what gives me strength and courage instead of fear. That is my truth.

    • Let us all be reminded that love is a verb as well as a noun. If it’s treated as simply a noun, it is dead and does nothing.

  3. Does anybody else see how disempowering and complacency-inducing this message is? “Nothing for you to do here, everything’s been taken care of, just keep spreading love and light!” Humanity has major problems, which are getting worse by the day, if you haven’t noticed. This message does not acknowledge that, who’s behind it and what we can do about it. I suggest checking out this webinar from GetWisdom dot com for a counterpoint perspective:

    The Arcturians are part of the Dark ET Alliance (along with their DNA robot creations, the Greys; Reptilians and Anunnaki) who run this planet and intend to annihilate humanity in a few short years and take it from us. Our only hope is an active partnership with the Divine Realm/Source Creator to request healing for our ET oppressors, to soften their hearts to change their plans, and leave us in peace for good, to continue our own healing. Likely you won’t see THAT perspective in too many places. Please check out the video with a discerning heart, mind and gut and see if strikes a chord of truth deep within you. Humanity needs all the help we can get, and NOW.

    • I felt it was ambiguous at best. We are definitely not “there” yet, we have a ways to go. Still so many are unaware of what has really been going on around here.

    • When I read this article, I heard it as though it were coming straight from the dark lords to disconnect our will and I swear, I could hear them laughing.

    • Thank you so much for this reference!! I encourage everyone to follow the link and connect to this site as there is much information available and you can have a free membership to access many videos. We are in the fight for our lives with much alien disinformation and it is vital that we know how to access true guidance from Source.

  4. Thank you Prepare for Change and Derek Knauss for bringing us this heartfelt greeting from the Arcturian Confederation, the Council of 12! My heart is filled with j o y from this message!

    Love, peace, healing, and all provisions to you, as I miss you dear friends, my brothers and sisters!


    D’awnyanna (phonetic spelling)

  5. I wish extend boundless thanks to the Arcturian council for the wondrous and and joyous message. Every bit of good news is a blessing. We have been without joy for so long that we have forgotten how it feels.

  6. Censorship is revealing. Sorry I am not Flattery operated. So much talk, so little action. You see higher dimensional beings. this is the “Kingdom of doing” contrary to the professional talkers out there. Progress is a pert of that doing in this realm. Messages have been coming like this for years. time for some old fashioned proof! I have a high def camera on my phone you can use that takes video, Let me know if you would like to borrow it if you don’t have such tech where you are at. Please let me know why you are not portalling a few gold nuggets or , some diamonds or some 0’s and 1’s into the accounts of Light Workers??? Free will? you have had my consent for years now. Contact me as I have requested for years and we can discuss. I am not hidden in the shadows. I AM out in the open. Perhaps I can help get this done!


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