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  1. A very interesting presentation, thank you for posting this video! I’ve got difficulty with hearing the word that sounds like “bi-carb”, which reminds me of the term “sodium bicarbonate”. I shall need to look deeper into the website and find out what Dean is saying.

    The following is part of a study map, related to the acidic and alkaline qualities in our food, that I received during my nutritionist training from 2007-2010 at the Academy Kraaybeekerhof in Driebergen, Holland. The content of the study map isn’t present online, therefore I copy 2 parts of it that are most significant, I believe:

    “In the discussion about acids and bases, it is generally forgotten that a salt is formed when a base and an acid are combined. Salt crystals do not occur in the living organism, but there are mineralizing processes in, for example, the bones and the so-called brain sand, which collects under the epiphysis. The term salt comes from the Greek “Sal” and means “sharp mind”. Although the body needs a very little salt, you will eventually become completely bland from eating saltless food. With the help of salt, the self-conscious mind can become aware on/of earth.

    The action of the astral body is expressed in the acid formation.
    The action of the ether body is expressed in base formation.
    The effect of the ego is expressed in salt formation.

    A man also seems to have a psychological basis in his soul and as long as it is in order, the daily irritations and other stressful moments cannot unbalance him. This soul climate is our psychic base reserve.

    Daily weather conditions can vary greatly. The sun can shine, it can rain, freeze, thaw and be warm. The constant factor is the climate. Every area on Earth has a certain climate that is constant and you can rely on. We are sure that there will be another spring after the cold winter.

    The plants in nature also react to this. Due to human intervention, the burning of fossil reserves creates more combustion gases in the atmosphere that cause continuous acid rain. It can be observed that this acid rain affects the life base of the plant world.

    It is the same with the constant irritations and other stressful moments in life. These can eventually affect the soul climate and our sense of life. Ultimately, this can also affect physical health and vitality and cause chronic illness symptoms.

    These are a few spontaneous psychosomatic considerations that may help to better understand the complex theories of acid-base metabolism.”

    For those of you interested in a deeper study of the connection between the acidic-alkaline balance in our human body and the state of consciousness, I recommend the book “Biochemie” by Otto Wolff and also the work of Johannes Kingma, one of my teachers, and the founder of Maltison, a liquid food for terminal patients, who wrote this at the end of the study-map:

    “Contrasts, polarities and salt formation In the diet, the minerals and trace elements are bound in a pH-neutral way (especially to proteins such as chlorophyll, enzymes, hormones, haemoglobin, casein and other metal proteins).

    The acids and bases that play a significant role in human metabolism are therefore not supplied from the outside but are formed in the body through breakdown and combustion. So acids and bases are not primary but are formed secondary through the breakdown (combustion) of living substance.

    The life of plants, animals and humans themselves can only develop under more or less neutral conditions. In the beginning, there is always the unity, the whole and from this unity arises through division a duality, a polarization.

    It is of utmost importance to understand this properly because the process of division and polarization is the foundation of life and of development, after all. Polarities are not opposites but are two halves of one reality and at the same time arise from a unity.

    For holistic, spiritual thinking, the number 1 is the largest because everything can arise from this through division. After fertilization of the egg, the development of the embryo starts by a chaotization of the nucleus in the egg. After new nucleus material has been formed, cell division starts and through division and differentiation, all body tissues and organs are created.

    It is not the case that certain parts are put together as is possible in the world of technique or when building with Lego bricks. The current scientific way of thinking is not polar-synthetic but causally analytical (“lego thinking”). By studying details one tries to understand the whole. This is also the case in technology and chemistry, but for biology, physiology and nutrition this leads to one-sidedness and misunderstanding.

    The history of creation (not only in the Bible but also in almost all folk mythologies) begins with a polarization. In the beginning, God created heaven and earth. That means that from something that is “one” becomes “two” that belong together like plus and minus, yin and yang and that arise simultaneously.

    In the steps that follow, there is, again and again, a question of separation, namely the solid from the liquid, the light from the darkness, etc. A lukewarm condition cannot be separated in hot and cold, nor is it possible for the logical causal analytical mind to separate twilight (as an intermediate state) into light and darkness.

    To our mind, darkness is the absence of light. Yet the Bible says that God separated the light from the darkness”.

    The acidic and alkalic food chart:

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