“Extend and Pretend” forevermore?

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  1. Working on a solution to not take part in the problem and join the mess we’re in, according to some? Here’s a treasure box with audiobooks for you, free to choose and listen to. This American website exists as an enormous archive, an initiative of students in past years or even… decades?

    Archive is generous to offer all sorts of conveniences, visible and audible, books to read, movies, documentaries, to spend time in a joyful and comforting way and even include education for those who love to study and stumble on new ideas and leave the journey through the eye of the needle.

    I hope you’ll enjoy when you choose what’s to your liking.

  2. Nobody knows how to get out of this mess? Of course, we don’t know, we’ve got to create the way out of it in every moment of our day, NOW, and come to know…. ourselves, our ❤
    Dwelling on past drama, very recent drama since the start of this year, 2020, the rise of a scenario that is de-humanizing and de-composing economies worldwide, shouldn’t and cannot be the foundation for the design of a better world.

    We’re in great need to find new ideas while stepping in unknown territory. As I perceive this earthquake-tsunami and hurricane, on an energetic level, we’re all grabbed in the nape of our necks and shaken thoroughly, our hands and pockets empty, our bones rattling, our brain in confusion and no terra firma under our feet.

    Here’s an interview with Lia Scallon, a songstress and channel for Sirius beings. Karen Swain is the interviewer and at the end, there’s a transmission that is quite powerful. The essence of what’s transmitted through Lia is that amidst (and despite) the drama and bewilderment of our present time, it’s recommended to keep our hearts open, for that’s what it takes to be human. And to not be in fear for our emotions. Espavo.


  3. It looks like the ancient Babylonian Debt Slave System has crashed. This is preparation for the Reset, we are told.


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