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      • Respectfully, The US Constitution is not,, “not negotiable” nor, set in stone.
        Have you ever heard of “Constitutional Amendments”? It has been altered repeatedly…

        I’m no Constitutional law scholar but, as I heard it, a number of states must call for a “Constitutional Convention” to occur, last I heard, there were more states than the required number, calling for it. -The “Corporate” US government has not, honored this call.

        Whether you realize, like it, or not, be aware, that,, you,, personally,, have been declared an “Enemy Combatant” by the US corporation under Universal Commercial Code, if you are a citizen of the USA (and ‘assumedly’, if,, you do not work directly for them of course, are declared such).

        This is war, a war for the hearts and minds of the people, you can believe the truth or not, it’s up to you, to look it up.

        • The Problem with your thought process, is when “They” The Corporate U.S. government took over “They” inserted a False constitution to make it so. Most of harm was done under Woodrow Wilson & Franklin Roosevelt. So really, all we need to do is blow the dust off The Real Constitution of 1789. Perhaps you should listen to Peter’s video again. Everything he is saying is correct. I’m old enough to still have been taught ‘The Constitution Of The United States’ as well as ‘The Articles Of The Confederation’ which Still Exist. Department of Federal Education in 1979 under Carter was put there to do exactly what it does, Dumb Down Our Youth & they will not have a clue what there Rights are.

          • & Tye, It’s actually the other way around, The Corporations are the one’s calling for a Constitution convention & It’s ‘The Gate Keepers’ that Knows what’s going on that won’t allow it.

  1. Nor did James Madison in authoring the Constitution foresee the rise of “Corporations” which pay nothing in taxes, the hidden Derivatives and public Stock’s Market which permits legal theft of both government and personal finances and worse permits financial profits without any taxation (my opinion should be taxed 0.75-0.95 cents on the dollar to discourage such illicit business, which at one time, the rich were taxed at this level), nor the rise of the elite scum class of extremely wealthy under the “Universal Commercial Code” ‘free’, ‘elites’, buying their politicians and policies, nor the rise of corporate media which is now allowed to lie (propagandize) the public at every turn with all of these media outlets owned by a very wealthy few, nor the rise of the police state which extracts financial compensation from you for driving these things James Madison could never have envisioned called now ‘automobiles’ at a rate which would annoy some locally enough to post these things called ‘speed limits’ (again something unimaginable at the time, to actually travel faster than a horse at full Gallup), nor a government which imprisons and ruins people’s lives for things like, simply lighting a weed on fire that back then, grew all over the country freely, doing so within the privacy of one’s own home… In fact, James Madison could never imagine these things called telephones, which would permit certain people in and out of government to have the specialized educations and ability thereby to not only hear everything said in the privacy of the bedroom but, switch on this thing called a camera that would allow them, or the federal government, to look and listen to everything within range of, this said device…
    I could go on for countless pages here, but the point is, are we beginning to grasp how out of date the US Constitution is, and why over half the states now, as I recall, have called for a “Constitutional Convention” to alter it?
    James Madison in authoring the Constitution could not foresee many many things… The US Constitution in interregnum (of null effect) since 1871 was it, was not written for today…No, most certainly not, and it’s ridiculous to look at 1776 and what was written at the time, and apply it to today, as it is to look at the Bible, and try to apply it similarly. These people of what is in our viewpoint, ‘ancient times’ had no clue what life is like today, it was beyond their comprehension, they “were clueless”, no conception of what America would become, they guessed, they tried truly, and designed something never seen before in h7msn history, no denying it but, it failed…
    We can only look at these as ‘basic guides’ and not written in stone because they, were not written for today, they were written for ancient times and are a hold over, or somemight say, hold back, on modern society which has in many ways outgrown its childhood of the “current” Constitution. It needs a rewrite, big time, and needs to be rewritten, with its basic tenets in mind but, rewritten regularly, nonetheless.
    Admittedly, I’d love to see things like the Federal Reserve Act repealed, the two party gerrymandering electoral crap system utterly destroyed in lieu of 1 person 1 vote >which counts, the end to a federal “corporate welfare” and corporate war-fare state, that benefits a very few that control defense industries, the end of lobbying and all money in politics, the end of American interventions, everywhere overseas, which we are not asked and, the American people “approve” by majority vote (a thing that can be accomplished electronically in minutes or hours at most now),, the end of the wealthy restrictive overpowering corporations by permanently outlawing them, the repayment to the people by them, and their owners, of stolen, public assets like land, gold, oil, the restoration of all lands destroyed by and poisoned by corporate and elite scum profiteering….
    Again, I could go on many pages here but, the point remains…The US Constitution is,, besides being in legally, null effect, today, a document out of place in ‘modern society’, and should not be applied without a continual rewrite,, every,, let’s say, a Constitutional Convention held every twenty five or at most, fifty years, because society changes at such a pace, applying anything as set in stone, from either a quarter century ago or in this case Two Hundred Forty Four Years ago,,, to today, is something we should not be limited by, and these powers today defined by the US Supreme Court as being held by the vast federal government should be disbanded and reserved to local communities, the federal government being in left solely in charge of defense of US borders and taxation of commerce coming across them to secure,, said borders, furthermore let’s add in regard to state governments, with the powers of, and borders of the state’s,, disbanded completely and all of these powers turned over to local communities and cities which should never be allowed to exceed in size the ability of the common man to be recognized,, locally, by their government “servants” ie: new communities being allowed to be formed anywhere at will of those residing there… Again I could spout off at length but, that’s just a few of my idealistic opinion’s, as is, this video, the voice over person’s: opinions.
    We cannot write rules and regulations on the future, the future is innovative as people are, James Madison and the USA founding fathers, were brilliant educated men but, even they, the best of their time, could not foresee the Industrial Age let alone the space age, and today, though we think we’re so modern, we cannot foresee, anything, just as they could not. Times change, people change, motivations change, governments must also.

  2. We certainly were Never meant to be a Warfare Welfare State that we became. Or an institution where the Government takes your money so they can create Ponzi schemes. Or an education system that is really to Indoctrinate you into ‘Their System’ Or Health System that is designed to make you Sick & keep you down to profit off you.


  4. Well said Peter. The death of the Federal Reserve is a chance to Reinforce The Constitution. Abolish Federal Income Tax (1913), Abolish Social Security (1935), get out of United Nations (1945) & throw them off our shores & pull the pin on NATO (1945), Abolish Department Health, Education & Welfare (1953), Abolish Dept. of Medicare (1965), Abolish Dept. of Housing & Urban Development (1965) & Dept. & U.S. Federal Education & Dept. of Energy (1979). See the pattern?? All began with The Federal Reserve Act of 1913, whom does Not even belong to The United States Of America.


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