By Jeffrey Prather – Youtube Channel

Jeffrey Prather is a retired army officer, ex-DEA special agent, former DIA intelligence officer turned whistle blower and then targeted by the government.

In addition to hosting his own call in weekly talk radio show, “The Prather Point”, he is also a martial arts master and teacher, Apache wisdom teacher, Kinetic Quotient creator and trainer, firearms and horsemanship instructor, published author, SAG film actor, speaker, father, husband and chaplain.

In this video Jeffrey explains the reality of true battle which is not what we expect from watching the fiction from movies. He emphasizes the need for great patience. Jeffrey uses smaller level cases that he has worked on in his career as a special agent to illustrate what it looks like to legally take down a criminal syndicate. “This is what winning looks like,” Jeffrey says as he examines the current conditions of the Deep State takedown. Enjoy watching this video as Jeffrey analyzes aspects of the current state of affairs.

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  1. Great presentation, indeed, analysed intelligence!
    This man, Jeffrey Prather, is very present in his words and in his chair. As I perceive his presentation and body language, he knows what war-strategy means and has chosen his own personal strategy. To me, he seems to live it. I’ve read about President Trump’s interest in the Art of War, which is related to the martial art wisdom of the East I believe.

    I’m enjoying this man’s presentation, for there’s always my interest in diplomacy matching a jester’s role. In other words, knowing the windmills of one’s enemy’s mind is helpful to know how to use one’s own, to make use of, in such a way that harmony is restored without the use of destructive energy. All played out on an energetic level: transmutation.
    I’ve moved through battles inside and in the outside world, while remaining unnoticed by those around me, in my role for the family I’m born into, 11 members in total. ??

    Jeffrey’s speech is one of the most powerful and knowledgeable I’ve found so far. He’s got his heart and his attention where it should be and, to me, Jeffrey is fully informed about the value of Tai Ch’i, using the energy and movements of the opponent, and in that way honouring its existence without condoning its motives and drives. Analysed intelligence, his experiences in life, his military background, serve him well.

  2. Isn’t is obvious? The postal service is discontinuing the mail processing machines to give it control over what mail is delivered and what is discarded. Machines process via zip code and without the machine, individuals can remove/discard voting mail and mail from individuals who disagree with the dark forces’ agendas of a dictatorship. When mail delivery slows, you know that is what is happening.

    Free elections have ceased to be long before Bush made it obvious, but more so now. It costs millions of dollars to run for office and politicians depend upon any and all willing to buy their loyalty, including those who manage the U.S. Postal Service.

    It’s time to outsmart the dark forces in anyway we can, including creating our own mail delivery service if we have to.

    Violence is how they take military control. It is very, very important to our safety and future to support and work with the local police, to keep them independent of government. The dark forces behind our government seek to replace our local police and sheriffs with the military dictatorship. Masks and social restrictions are obvious conditioning of humanity to serve that agenda. The word is NO! Use it without explaining why you are refusing to cooperate. NO and walk away or demand to see the law that says we must wear a mask.

    Examples are powerful teachers and when others see us refusing to be manipulated, it creates an environment of encouragement to begin to question what they are agreeing to. However, many may object to what will cause them to be embarrassed for falling for the lies behind the masks. Those who wear masks value acceptance above strength of character and independent thinking because they know it will cause them to question other things in their life, including the pressures of friends and family. It takes courage and far too many have not mastered it. We are here to master ourselves from the guidance of our own I AM Presence, not from outside influences.

    Lead by example!

    • Great comment, Dhara Wood! Living by example, yes, to join one’s plan with lawful action.
      In The Netherlands we’re active against the hyped up regulations related to the pandemic.
      Lawfully, without violence, a large number of citizens are members of this Association.
      There’s a clever procedure going on where the Dutch government leaders are called to court, as a next step, based on the Dutch law.

      I’ve translated the article below, in English, with ImTranslator, which is a helpful tool to translate the text of this Dutch website, when you decide to look into this more and learn how a courtcase is in the making. We Dutchies don’t accept being told when injustice is practiced. For a larger part of the population, our voice is loud and this year’s events won’t disappear in the mist of past time, “throwing sand over it”. Which is an expression we use when putting an end to a fierce argument where those involved feel hurt and misunderstood. Although we will have expressed as much as possible about it, for we honour each other’s right without awkwardness, using humour rather than endless arguing

      Enough said about the Dutch stance now, here’s the article with instructions about how to stand up against enforcement and control of authorities when it’s about pandemic rules:

      “Notes to Enforcement Action Package for members
      This document includes instructional webinars from National Government Affairs Association in collaboration with BurgerfrontNational Bond Overheidszaken – Gevers Deynootstraat 13 – 2586HR – ‘s-Gravenhage – KVK 76895319
      https: //

      1.You are a free person who can choose to do ‘business’ with others. For this you use your civil identity as stated on your passport, driving license or identity card. If you choose to enter into a legally enforceable relationship with someone, so to do business with that person, you ‘trade’ in your capacity as a citizen. You can also choose not to do business with anyone. You are free to do so.

      Civil Code Book 1, article 1 is crystal clear on this:
      BW 1: 1 paragraph 1: All who are in the Netherlands are free and authorized to enjoy civil rights.
      BW 1: 1 paragraph 2: Personal services of any kind or by whatever name, are not tolerated.

      Personal service is something someone else does for you, whether or not for a fee. You can tacitly agree or oppose this. By speaking out against this, you safeguard yourself for life against an otherwise personal freedom of expression, assuming on the basis of Article 3:61 of the Dutch Civil Code that the other person may ‘control’ you even longer using your civil identity under surname.

      If you are tidy, you do nothing that is harmful to the general public and everyone is bound by or personal interest, then you are under no obligation.You cannot kill, steal or force. That’s the whole law. The rest is to agree by mutual consent. Regulations are not legislation. Administrative law is regulation. If you are not part of the association that has drawn up regulations, you do not have to adhere to them. You just stick to what is in general and everyone’s binding interest.

      If you are approached by an agent or special investigating officer (BOA) without being asked, say that you only wish to do business with this figure under the conditions as stated in the Enforcement Contract. If the agent or special investigating officer does not sign, you do not do business with him or her and you let him / her know. Ask him / her if he / she can show an authorization showing that he / she has been instructed by someone to drive you or otherwise force you to do something.

      If the person does not have this authorization, on which basis does he / she have the right to impose something on you? Who has delegated the authority to him / her to do so? Someone must be authorized to do business with you, but then the person who issued the authorization must have previously concluded an agreement with you (to be able to approach you in this way).

      Whether or not to wear a uniform does not detract from this. If the agent or boa thinks you are a problem, that is their opinion and an opinion is not a contract. You are not committing an offense. Ask your attacker whether you are obliged to cooperate with your conviction. The only answer can be ‘no.’ Would the officer say ‘yes’ then he / she should study the law as well.

      State that you do not wish to do business with the agent and that you are invoking the right to remain silent. ‘I wish you a good day.’ If the agent wants to force you to provide your personal data, ask him / her what the reason is that he / she wants to view your personal data. The identification requirement does not give the police or supervisory authorities the authority to check your identity without reason. So what’s the reason for the check? What are you suspected of?

      If he / she gives his / her reason, then you can tell the officer, “That’s your opinion.” Then you can ask him / her again, “Am I obliged to cooperate with my conviction?” Maybe the officer has misunderstood. Stick to the starting point: ‘Am I obliged to cooperate with my conviction?’ If the officer starts threatening a fine, reiterate that you are not willing to go into business. The agent is not a creditor, and therefore not a stakeholder in a transaction.

      Say: ‘There is nothing to settle, then you already know that. I don’t agree with anything”. Threatening a fine is making the officer misuse his / her powers. If they arrest you, it is illegal and unlawful deprivation of liberty. You are being kidnapped, something is happening against your will.

      Say: “I don’t agree with the deprivation of liberty.” Do not use force. If necessary, let yourself be taken to the police station. Always invoke your right to remain silent and say that you do not agree with the course of events. Sign to take away your belongings with ‘V.C.’ (‘under duress’).

      Ask if those you are dealing with would like to identify themselves with name, position and identification. They want something from you and you don’t want from them. You want to defend yourself against this, and you need that information for that. Not for anything else. Write down the data. Do not bring a passport, driver’s license, or other form of identification if you do not intend to deal with anyone.

      The document can therefore not be taken from you. Instead, bring a copy of the ID in an envelope with ‘Letter secret art 13 GW’ on it. This may only be opened after your written consent with signature to the person who authorizes you. You therefore need their personal data.

      To go
      1: ‘Here is my Enforcement Contract. If you do not sign this, I do not wish to do business with you. ‘
      2:’ You think I do what is not allowed, but that is your opinion. My opinion is that I do not harm anyone. ‘
      3:’ Am I obliged to cooperate with my own conviction? Are you familiar with the right to remain silent? ‘
      4:’ I wish you a good day. ‘

      National Bond Government Affairs – Gevers Deynootstraat 13 – 2586HR – ‘s-Gravenhage – Chamber of Commerce 76895319

  3. Lets focus on what Franklin Roosevelt was doing in the 1930’s, he kept the “Staged” Great Depression up longer so as to allow The Banks to Confiscate more Farm Land. He Confiscated ‘The Peoples Gold’ & creates his failure “New Deal.” Supplies equipment to Communist USSR. Not only Allows Pearl Harbor to be attacked, but instigated the attack by antagonizing Japan in Their Waterways & Airways months before Pearl Harbor, just so U.S. can enter The War. Roosevelt was a Communist through & through, but U.S. have to live in their Fairy Tale all-lies to Protect their “Liberation” Fantasy. Marxism/Communism entered America on the Highest Levels through this piece of Crap of a President for 12 Years 1933 -1945.

  4. I Stopped listening when you did Code Word “Nazi” Stop kidding Yourself, the War was Not fought on behalf for some jew in a camp. The War was fought because Adolf had the Balls to throw out The Rothschild Banking.

    • Hello LaVerne, you seem to repeat that statement about Adolf Hitler, in several pages here. I remember seeing and listening to his speeches, and the building up of the 3rd Reich since 1930, in photographs. It doesn’t leave me convinced of Hitler’s “draining of the swamp” in his way. Who burned the Reichstag and was this connected to Rothchild’s Banking?

      Another person here, also defends Adolf Hitler and his efforts. I’ve asked proof, in documents and other sources of info, about German’s history distortion, regarding WW2.
      That person decided to not offer proof of what she shared in her comments.

      I’m Dutch, and the invasion of German soldiers, plus the train-transport of Jewish people to so called “Work-camps” and the last winter of 1944, where many were starving, before the war came to an end on May 5th 1945, is part of Dutch history. That is, I’ve listened to my parents and others who lived through that war, in The Netherlands and in Britain.

      What proof can you offer, to show me that your view on WW2 and Hitler’s intention, is based on facts? I haven’t read Mein Kampf, Hitler’s book, by the way.

      • You Recite Propaganda, which the World has heard six million times. It is Not your time to Speak, It is Ours. This Hour Belongs to The German Reich. We still exist. You & Your ‘Money Laundering Ilk’ have had 75 years to show the world how wonderful you’ll make the world without Moral Law & you have Failed to the highest degree.

      • Devon, That train trans port your referring to was The United States Ground Invasion into Germany, where they were rounding up Surrendered German Soldiers & shipping them by Train to ‘Eisenhower Death Camps.’ Where they Starved to Death more then 2 Million Germen Soldiers, another War Crime.


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