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  1. Because the heavy metals in vaccines shut down the pineal glands, where our I AM Presence connects to our Heart Flames, many are learning that the Sacred Mushroom (a term used by Native Americans) will open or restore the function of that vital gland, allowing the individual to experience a reality and truth beyond what we have been and continue to be programmed to believe in.

    Because I had been vaccinated during my growing up years, my pineal gland was not functional and during my later years, my Spirit Guides encouraged me to take the mushroom. A year later, I understood why that was important. I started doing massage therapy/healing work and needed the use of my third eye (controlled by the pineal gland) to see beyond the 3rd dimension and even into the body where I was shown energy blockages – most of which were from past life traumas – so I could help the individual release the energies.

    The most important thing I learned from the experience of taking the mushroom was that our attention to any and all things, creates our realities/lives. Mastered, we can become self-powered individuals who think for ourselves, but if we allow others, especially those with stronger minds/energies to manipulate us, we become disempowered by some one else’s intentions. Therefore, anytime we want something from someone, we are giving our power to them.

    And, if the mushroom is used for an escape or recreation, it can become a very dangerous trip. Therefore, clear intentions of what you want to accomplish is vital, as is clearing the room of negative energies and entities, asking for protection and at all times discernment regarding whom you ‘trip with.’ As with all drugs, smoking, etc., they can put holes in the aura where dark entities can attach and manipulate.

    Also, because it places a tremendous demand upon vitamins and minerals, it is important to take natural-organic vitamins and minerals and lots of water after all trips.


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