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  1. She mentioned that injection can occur from a bandaid and the individual would hardly feel it. So, I shall, from now own be cautious about applying strange looking bandaids,

    Another video revealed that injection would be in one of two places because these are places where heat is greatest – the hands and third-eye forehead area – and that heat is needed to activate the implant. This tells me that ice just might neutralize the implant at least temporarily, long enough to reach for a magnet. There is a natural solution for everything and we just need to look for it. “Ask and you shall receive” should at all time be remembered and called upon for assistance. Powers and assistance available to humanity are no longer available to the dark forces and it angers them. We are in a time when our Higher Powers are being activated and called upon, so the dark forces are doing their best to create more and more fear to keep us from recognizing and using those powers.

  2. Thank you for this very important update for what is being planned for humanity.

    In my mind, considering the intended purpose of the vaccines, those who die are the lucky ones for they will not become the dark forces’ slaves. Losing absolute control of themselves in service to the dark forces, those who do not awaken to what is intended, will be left to learn the hard way. Not something I want to go through again on this planet, having had to learn the hard way on other planets – a trap like no other that many have not recovered from but continue to serve evil (‘live’ backwards).

    Is it not obvious that all other vaccines leading up to what is being created to force us to serve their agendas, were created to shut down the pineal gland, making manipulation, deception and absolute control easier. Fortunately, it would appear that the dark forces are losing face, credibility and power, so they are rushing the plan and pushing the agenda before everything falls apart.

    • Help others wake up..don’t buy into the plan..volunteer..stay those needing respectful but don’t comply..don’t pick sides…shut off the tv…

  3. Dr Carrie Madej, brilliant video Thank You, and same, to PFC!

    This is the first time I ever heard of her but, not the first time I’ve heard this same kind of information. We’ve been getting bits and pieces of this, a long time, four decades plus.
    It’s just that now, they have the “pandemic platform” fear, drilled, by lying main stream media, into the people’s minds, to accept this, so called ‘vaccine’ which will, my feeling, mark my words, murder, people…. It will make the Black Plague, or Ebola, look like an afternoon case, of the sniffles… but, okay that’s opinion feeling and speculation of my own, let’s look more widely, at where I derive this:

    One could take the fact check, as she has here, as I said brilliant.- The nanotechnology is real, behind this, we’ve been warned about this for literally four decades, it was coming, they told us in everyth8ng from Readers Digest to Popular Mechanics to Star Trek, about the capability of nanotech….
    One can look into Gates Foundation, and that alone should scare people, hopefully enough, to say No, to it.
    One could take the biblical track on this, the ‘Mark of the Beast’, “Lucifer-ase” come on people, this is just, so blatant, it’s in your face, obvious. Remember ‘they’ ie: the dark forces, by spiritual law, have to tell us, what they are up to before they do it. Well people, consider yourself forewarned, it’s right there, in black and white.
    One could take the anti-vaccine track, on this, introducing a biological nanotechnological substance into your pure human vessel, are you kidding me? We know vaccines were dangerous, before, this latest fast track of the process, we know that vaccines harm, maim, and yes, kill. Wh6 would anyone think this one, is any different…
    One can as she did, take the genetically modified organism track on this. I’ve tried, labeled GMO foods, I feel sure in saying, they made me sick, thus in my mind, they are not healthy for human consumption, let alone, a direct injection.
    One can take the Cabal-DARPA-Military track on this, do you want the dark military putting their technology, into you, your family, your children? Its frightening at the very least, and reason to act, to stop them, at most.
    One can take the technological Five-G track on this, which we all have by now read, is designed,, to deliberately disrupt normal human DNA. ‘Coincidentally’ I would add, it seems to me, thus making it easier for the nanotechnology they inject via this ‘vaccinated techno poison’, to ‘build’ whatever they want to, in you.
    One can look at the privacy issue, being technologically “linked” to the hard wired matrix, and them, whomever ‘they’ are, giving them capability, to not only upload information about you (quite possibly vision hearing and thought, itself) but download ‘commands’ to these nanotech robots in your bloodstream and cells, maybe to build a network in your mind for that hard wired matrix, or maybe,, to switch, you,, off,, at their will, permanently,, by a keystroke.
    One can look at the Dwave computer tech, quantum computers, which it’s stated, access dimensions outside our own, and when you inject this garbage, you can then, be linked, directly via the World Wide Web, to one of these multidimensional computers….your body and brain, linked directly to another dimension…and what entity, or entities there, having direct access to your mind.

    I could go on, I am sure but, I hope that’s enough to scare you, to look up, some of this stuff, yourself, I have, and this scares the living heck outa me.
    Inject Luciferase (Lucifer) into my body, giving over my now, my future, my health, my well being, ownership legally, if not actually, of my body, mind, and,, soul,,, to that.
    I state here, on PFC on the World Wide Web, in my own given name, which is legal notice to the cabal… Not I.


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