How powerful is the transnational Medical Industrial Complex?

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is the nephew of US President John F. Kennedy, and son of JFK’s brother Robert F. Kennedy, and has been a tireless crusader against the tyranny of the mainstream medical establishment. The Liberty Report’s host Dr Ron Paul talks with RFK Jr. about who really killed his father and uncle and why, and also about why Kennedy is working as an environmental lawyer and has been among the most vocal and most successful opponents of the transnational pharmaceutical industry in opposing its drive to medicate and vaccinate the population for profit. RFK explains how he reluctantly dedicated his career to fighting the corporatist push for mandatory vaccines, and has been documenting the injuries and deaths to the recipients of these controversial treatments. Watch:

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  1. Also degrees and accreditation must be looked at closely. In Georgia they placed leadership and changed names of medical schools and some have practices without credentials. For example, a dentist or physician carting and advertising themselves as DDS or Pediatrician when it’s impossible to find any degrees. They do the typical changes of the outside of the pot, but it is questionable if they’re even either?! It’s is time for Underground to move!

  2. Get out of being a sheep and read at least one good book in your life. If you have a degree in history from one of our programming institutions, chances are you know jack s_hit .

  3. The interview went well up till 34 minutes in when he brought up Franklin Roosevelt & praised him as if Roosevelt was fighting Communism, while Roosevelt hung out with the Communist, namely Joseph Stalin & Allied The U.S. with The Communist Party in The USSR & China. History also shows FDR Purposely kept us in the ‘Great Depression’ longer to Confiscate Our Farms. FDR also Confiscated the ‘People’s Gold’ & gave it to ‘The Federal Reserve’ because they were already a Failing System! Germany was the Next Rising Star, Adolf already had the German People out of the depression & at work. WW2 had Absolutely Nothing to do with Tyranny, it had Everything to do with Jealousy.


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