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  1. [email protected] so where do we find the bottom line of truth wth so much he said she said??? Tell me Tye A Hampton. Is there any real truth to be found??? No disrespect to anyone, but how do we get through the many facades and find the light at the end of the tunnel????

  2. Isn’t it all a stepping out of the shadows and still remain unnoticed? How intriguing!
    When a shadow is cast by a tree, on a sunny day, it’s apparent to our physical eyes. A shadow in our nature often obscures the clarity of observation. To our inner eyes, it’s often unnoticed or even denied when stumbled upon. I prefer to perceive an inner shadow as covered up light. So that probabilities remain on the shelves of our favourite sweetshop.

    When we begin to synchronise our internal and external world, it will be an act of love onto ourselves and onto others. For the blame game will come to an end and a door opens to a change of heart, followed by the declaration of human nations living in harmony.

    For now, it seems that intensity and triggers are increasing, but, although I’ve jumped into a very complex ambience right now, taking away the sweetness of a holiday, the looks of it is as it should be and not a reason to ring the alarm bells. These are humanity’s growing pains I assume. I’m done with growing for a while ??

  3. If,, Mr Trump has ‘taken down’ the cabal (it would be funny that statement, were it not so sadly untrue).
    Why has the US National Security Law, and US Patent Law not, (to my knowledge anyways), been revised, to allow ‘free energy’ devices to be publicly manufactured and sold to the American People?

    Why have the people that have already,, created,, such devices, repeatedly (God, the US Patent Office, and the NSA probably only know, actually, how many device designs have been created by individuals and seized, I’d guess at least dozens and dozens if not hundreds, or possibly in the thousands) ,, over the last five decades, not had, their prototypes, and all their documentation, all of which were seized in raids, not returned, along with an approved, brand spanking new shiny US Patent, and a complete reversal of policies dropping the Gag Order, most, if not all, these inventors are under, on such device technology, lifted?

    Why are the auto manufacturers not clamoring on the MSM about their new cars coming, which will never require fossil fuel, to operate ie: once purchased they never require gas nor, for that matter new tires either (we all have heard about the tire that last’s forever, that were, never mass produced)?

    For that matter, why has the FAA not been ordered by Mr Trump, to require airlines (which are pretty much shut down these days), to convert from the radar system to the GPS System, and ordered the FAA to institute the ‘Highways in the Sky” which a number of manufacturers (like Mueller International I believe was ‘one’) are currently waiting on, so they can mass produce the flying car, flying platform and flying individual transportation. Which are currently designed, with prototypes made. These being simply old technology, currently available today,, based on high speed fans which have been demonstrated as viable in using, in, personal transport technology, and are ready to go into production but await this changeover from radar to GPS by the airlines, both here and incoming international flights (much of which are currently at a standstill right?) and the FAA t9 draw a few lines on a map… Why has this not been so ordered by Mr Trump, he could use his executive authority” to order this change now,, to US government policy…but, has not, for very near, four years now! That, would have been my, first act, as President, were I, him, four years ago…. Setting aside everything else I have said about Mr Trump a moment, this alone, proves my point, he is a cabal pawn, for not making a stroke of the pen, ordering this, within government agencies.

    Seeing the US Air Force patent filed on cold fusion tech, why are not home manufacturers including new ‘shoe-box’ size power devices to power every home in America and worldwide? Or, more specifically, Why are not every appliance manufacturer, from toasters to microwaves to air conditioners, not advertising the same, their new, less expensive appliances, coming soon, which have no cord nor plug in, and will never, require electrical power.
    Why is not the fossil fuel industry winding down,, production, worldwide instead of Mr Trump opening up new drilling in the arctic? Hmmmm?

    >>> I could go on, at length pointing out why Q is crap, and a Trump is cabal, but, this is just a short, “reality check”, folks. The light of truth, will set you free, open your mind and look beyond the Q psyop, at reality…Don’t believe fantasy, I’m telling you this is not reality, and you’re needed in the true resistance “against both Republican and Democrat” swamp rats in the US Congress, Supreme Court, and yes, against Mr Trump whom has flooded the White House and the rest of government with, “businesspeople” ie: cabal operatives, running this country. The cabal is obviously still firmly in control of the world, running every nation, most all, of the media, and most large trans national (if not most all US) corporations on earth. Otherwise these changes would be obvious.

    It’s time for ‘real’ change, and any belief in the two party cabal controlled system, will not bring that, about. If, you vote, Vote against both parties.

    • From what I have been able to stomach hearing about Q, all I hear is about what Drumpf is ‘going to’ do to take down the cabal (of which he is a part of) and eradicating child trafficking. Nothing has been done. Corruption runs rampant, escalating. Trump is Putin’s fool.
      You are absolutely right that Q is crap and Trump is cabal.
      You are also absolutely right about the state generating energy. Evil parasitic greed (JP Morgan and spawn et all) fueled petro-chemical-pharma-industrial complex is destroying our environment for 1% status. People have not only had their lives ruined with brilliant clean energy inventions, running cars on water for example, but they have been murdered by said cabal.

    • When a persons hold the highest office in the land they deserve to be addressed as such, its President Trump not Mister Trump ok?
      Perhaps you cant respect the man but I hope to God you can respect the office itself.

      • Bonnie,
        By addressing the man by the “Title” of “Mr”, I’m not “calling him names”, that is, a ‘title of respect’…I will, however, as with anyone, use, whether I personally believe he deserves, any such respect, or not, out of respect for myself, not him. Believe me, if I wanted to denigrate him personally I am sure I could but, I think the lying main stream media does far enough of that, and I legitimately feel sorry for him being the target of such overwhelming personal attacks (as I would most anyone) but, not that these disrespects, he did not, does not, undoubtedly, deserve, some,, of that… That however is not my intent by addressing the man ‘respectfully’ as “Mr”, and that, has nothing to do with my points of my comment, which apparently you missed and more likely cannot address as an obvious Trump Supporter but, let’s set all that aside and look at the “Presidency”… or office thereof, which you assert I should be addressing him “with”, which you, irrelevant to my comment, are addressing…
        “He” may have been, quote unquote, ‘elected’, through a gerrymandered constitutionally illegitimate system and a corrupt, two party dominated and controlled, ‘electoral college’ but, setting aside my complete distrust of the election system (in part because of brainwashing propaganda and psyops, not to mention corporate and foreign money flowing like Niagra Falls, flowing into the elections, completely corrupting the system, and intentional “meddling” by foreign actors from Israel to Russia to China to god knows, what other countries all allowed by a corrupt Supreme Court, trying to corrupt the ‘election’ results), fact is,, he, never carried the vote of, nor support of, the majority of the American people (at least last time I looked at 2016 election results, as although highly effective at controlled opposition, most were not brainwashed by Republican Propaganda), not that I would have wanted ‘Ms Clinton’, as a president either, just FYI. I do not trust either, of these individuals, nor either party.

        Aside from all that, the fact is, the “Electoral College” (a hold over from archaic American times in which there was no internet and immediate communications worldwide, and thus, a thing that should’ve been done away with, 100 years ago, if not certainly, must be, today) cannot, be “legally convened”, as the 1776 United States Constitution founding the United States, is in, “interregnum”. Therefore, there is, no,, Constitutionally legal “President”. He may “hold” (hostage through an illegitimate banking cabal instituted hostage situation begun officially in the US the 1870’s with the Federal Reserve takeover), the White House office hostage as did many of his predecessors but, an “incorporated Board of Directors” of the US Corporation, “President”, is not the same thing, as “President of The United States of America” deserving of respect.
        Once I learned the truth, I have a “difficulty” calling any man “President of the United States of America”, because I do not, believe in telling lies, and yet, have at times referred to some holders of the office, in my comments that way, just to cause people to “think” for themselves, as to why on rare occasions I have used both. The people need to wake up.

        For more info, I encourage you to do your own research, on this, as it would take far more space than permitted here I’m sure, to respond more fully pages and pages which PFC would probably never post in comments anyway..
        As for your insult of ‘growing up’ …lol… I’m 58yrs old, have owned and operated 7 businesses in my life two corporations of my own, been married divorced and have grandchildren, I don’t think I will be “growing up” any further in retirement, as there is not much life remaining, that one possibly, could “grow up” more, than I already have/am, being very set in my ways based on proof evidence and years of personal research. Yes, I understand that your words are intended as a personal attack and insult, that’s the “Karl Rove policy” instituted the night of Obama’s inauguration: His admonishment to Republicans, ‘if you can not argue facts, attack them personally’… Well, if you can’t argue facts, then you are arguing your brainwashing in the first place lol… keep your Republican and Karl Rove policy directives, to yourself, thank you.
        I see Q a nonsense and Republican (I feel are nutcases deserving of serious deprogramming efforts) often posting here at PFC, and do not personally insult them, ever, and ordinarily, let their (I feel whacko) comments (not articles, those I will comment from time to time but, not intentionally attack nor insult the article author, personally, no, I may rebuke the message, argue the facts of articles but), individual public comments, I most often leave go without a response, despite the fact I feel sorry for their, serious misunderstanding, and or uneducated on this.
        Finally I’d add, respectfully, you might consider, researching my original comment, facts, as they are true, unlike the psyops and brainwashing campaigns currently running rampant in this country, which you feel so strongly about, you “insult the messenger and ignore,, the message”. -Respectfully speaking,

    • Yes he takes the Cabal if you want to see, go to DuckDuckGo and ask Cabal under arrest and you see the very long list. After this election everything will comes out with details and they recorded everything.

      • BOLOGNA! there are no arrest's, stay off bitchute…there are no dopplegangers, all there is, is 2 cheeks on the same asshole! THEY ARE ALL IN IT! you want your country back?…GET OFF YOUR ASS AND TAKE IE IT BACK! 1776! the man with orange hair is NOT coming to our rescue!

  4. DNA proved that the Abrahamic Jews were the individuals gathered up by Adolf Hitler and were extinguished, as many as they could gather throughout Europe. The U.S went under during the holocaust because they agreed to drag their feet at intervention of this horror.
    Trump was vetted by Russia because of his “outside of Washington ” status along with his non involvement with the Cabal.
    Russia won at Humanitarian over the United States, because of his misstep and misguided information from staff, who LIED. The “Treasure Chest ” the Cabal had in hand after plundering Africa was stun gunned by Putin with some anti carnage technology that played directly off the Cabal’s psychopathy. Sorry, but their psychopathy is not smart! This “Treasure Chest ” was positioned to hold up the US petrodollar that was wobbling almost to collapse.
    Russia won at Global Humanity Leadership and you will see this as we are presently shifting in leadership at Global. My Take and I’d bet my life on this enlightenment.

    • It has already been Proven & Recorded that there was NO gathering to extinguish any jews any where by Germany under Adolf Hitler. Period. ‘HAAVARA’ also known as ‘THE TRANSFER AGREEMENT’ So, Please Stop spreading Disinformation against the German People! There was Not even 6 million in all of Europe & their numbers Never went down when the war ended.

    • DNA proves religious denomination? wow
      Who knew XD
      Stop claiming Jews are genetically created because they arent.
      if you are born in Isreal you are an Israelite, not a jew.

  5. To the Q Teams, Post # 4635 & 4650 History is Incorrect. KPD (Kommunistische Partei Deutschlands) was banned by Nazi Germany One Day After Adolf Hitler Won Election in 1933. So Yes, Nazi Germany was Burning Flags! Of Communist Marxist ‘Antifaschistische Aktion’ Flags! The ‘SA Brown Shirts’ were formed to counter the violent acts of Antifa. The German People found pleasure also in Burning Marxist Communist Trash & Porn, along with ‘The Brown Shirts.’ The vandalism was done by ‘The Commies.’ The SA Brown Shirts did Not engage in voter intimidation, what they did do was prevent Communist Party Parliamentarians from being Seated after The Commies Burnt down ‘The Reichstag.’

  6. Most of this is good factual information. Intuitively, something doesn’t seem right about Charlies interpretation that Trump has all the world leaders under his thumb. In 30 years of researching this, and considering the turmoil still coming out of these cabal politicians…. I feel this is made up and wishful thinking on Charlies part.

  7. I know people who follow Q & I have an open mind. I myself Voted for Trump & had a Beautiful picture window designed for the election in 2016 promoting his election. I also handed out homemade flyers trying to wake people up regarding Wars. I have been sitting watching since the day he took office. I do remember all these events playing out that this video is showing across the board, across the World. Events where President Trump had been, more so the first 2 years in office. So, Please watch the Video beginning to end.


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