NESARA / GESARA -Releasing the Technology (Medbeds)

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20 thoughts on “NESARA / GESARA -Releasing the Technology (Medbeds)”

      • They use adrenocrome because it’s part of their cult rituals. It is also highly addictive. Once they start using it they could literally die if they stop.

    • We should be asking why has it taken this Long to get this Technology … It’s been around .. it’s been hidden ….. 207 Country’s around the world … Alot of Technology has been held back from public . Ask How long has this all Been around .. they got a plan or alliance to bring Down the Global Cabal that was being held From humanity … Just be thankful a plan is in place to get to this …. I image this did just come out .. you go get like 300, 000 put them in locations around the world for tomorrow … That lack of Logic .. with this UN Agenda 2030 .. we were just walk in to UN NWO .. the Elite were .. they hade this technology … Finally someone is getting it to the people .. why to we not have it now …. The plan is to make it available … Let see how long it been available .. is there a limited amount …. What that 200, 000 , go back ask them … Do you know the Truth of this virus or the shut America Down until election … Well they got the source .. part of Nesara Gesara .. will be taken down Propaganda … This Technology has be held back … The World Alliance got us out of the 90 % depopulation .. that is real … Oh I can’t wait until the day when people Don’t have to research … A news that will be held Liable for truth .. why is it not out yet , it’s been hidden 5 , 10 , 15 , 20 years don’t know . But that will be interesting , It’s being done , thank God .

  1. Congratulations!
    Save the children first!
    Than – we are ready – also in Norway <3
    This is the energymedicine that we all are waiting for.
    Ending Big Pharma forever!
    Ending Petroleum Based Medicine forever!
    Ending Corruption – forever!
    Ending illnesses and poor conditions forever.
    The Health is first!

    • Where are they? Why are people still dying? If they exist isn’t every death a murder? does there need to be some sort of time table or date in which humanity saving technologies are introduced to the world? Because if someone I love dies today and this technology comes out tomorrow I’m not going to be too happy and a lot of people are going to seek out whoever introduces these technologies and ask…’If this technology has existed why did over 200,000 Americans have to die as well as countless others worldwide during this ‘pandemic’ or ‘why did this pandemic have to happen at all?’ If this is true and it happens on date X everyone will want to know why. This is why it isn’t happening and ever will. People think it will be all good? There will be negative repercussions for allowing those who suffered to do so.

      • Dear Captain, the technologies are part of the 6,000 patents that have been withheld by the cabal from us. These are planned to be released when the cabal has been eliminated and the swamp drained around the world. Meanwhile, I am told that the few existing, operating medbeds have been used to save/heal the thousands of trafficked and abused children who have been rescued from the deep underground tunnels in the U.S. and around the world by Trump, et al over the past two years. As I understand it, one of those who has been rescued will be re-introduced soon after years of sexual and physical abuse. You’ll recognize the name of Natalie Holloway. The Global Currency Reset will ensure there are funds to manufacture and distribute the medbed technology around the world along with the other technologies of free energy, etc. Please be patient as we move forward. To your health!

      • Why is there always people like you that only see the negative side of everything. You probably during the summer why is it so hot. Winter why is so cold. Probably the day after you die we we’ll get the med-beds. You’re a whiner.

  2. May this tech be able to be used asap, may it help wake people up sooner. when people see that these beds are real, then they will know the lies they have been spoon fed. At that moment may they wake up and see the light.

    • I heard they would cost around $750,000 to buy right now bc there just ramping up production. The Children and the military will benefit first.

  3. I can’t wait wait for this. I’ve been following Jared Rand for years and learning about this. People are finally going to see what’s been hidden from us in ALL areas.

      • Hello Christine, mountaineer 😉 If I may ask “Who’s to say people die unnecessarily?” Our human sentiments run away with us easily, when we lose loved ones, thinking they died without a cause, without meaning. Nothing wrong with that, but seeing the larger picture is helpful as I see it.

        Can you imagine that people have acknowledged their death, and the time of their death, in the contract they made before being born on planet Earth? No single life or death is unnecessary, for there’s no end to life. Life goes on, in every spot of the Universe. It simply wants to show up with more of itself, just like how love is a force to be reckoned with, seeding more of the same. This is my own understanding of life and death so far. You may see it differently.

        Death is only visible for us as the end of the physical form, what happens after is an existence we can’t go yet. I’ve met a few souls on the other side, sort of by surprise. They’re without sorrow, free of sadness, and they’re free to take a job on their shoulders, assisting humanity and planet Earth, to move through the process of Ascension. No soul is lost, or in trouble, on the other side of the veil.

        To be clear, I’m not indifferent and condoning evil deeds intending the end of human lives. There’s a condition on planet Earth, where both soul-contracts and darkness causing destruction are like hand in glove, as I perceive it.

        To give an example of what I mean, there’s a beautiful story, written by Neal Donald Walsh, where purpose and means are merging in unexpected ways, seen from the human level with sentiments in tow:

        • Hello, Devon! I agree with your analysis. In fact, I believe as a parent I could never have stood next to our daughter’s casket looking at her beautiful face without knowing she was not there, but still living in another more beautiful sphere where I will one day be with her. At 26 she was – and still is – the joy of our lives. As the saying goes, “There is a time and purpose for everything under heaven.”

  4. I wish it could release the electric bill, like it should already be in place. Nevertheless, technology gets nailed down by greed, just like Edison did to Tesla himself from the beginning! The same with the combustion run automobile invented in our recent past out of South America. This idea should not COST any 90 thousand bucks?! Basically knocking out most of this planet’s pocketbooks! Bad investment!

  5. A publisher calling himself Pimpy? With such an avatar? How weird can it get, I wonder?
    (sigh) I guess I’m too old to see styles of presentation in the right perspective. Although the information is valuable and sounds promising, I’m sure Pimpy’s intention is okay, although he seems quite pleased with fooling around and giggles, ahem… sorry, Mother Superior speaking, making herself twice as large in her flowing garments ?

    I can’t hear what this guy is saying, half of the time. Slurring, swallowing parts of his words.
    Even when I watch the video on a large screen, I can’t read the text that he’s reading aloud. It’s not the end of the world, ha! Just need a MedBed and make myself young again. I copied the text below from the website in the link:
    “What does this advanced technology mean for an 80-year old woman? She could be 30-years old again in less than three (3) minutes. Fifty years pealed off her life. Now, she can have children again. She could have a whole new family if she wants”.

    Sounds miraculous, isn’t it? I’m not sure if the implications of this treatment are in resonance with our present paradigm on Earth. Besides, once we’re finding ourselves in 5D, we can imagine our physical bodies in a blink of an eye and play with appearances and have a lot of fun, until we leave that playing field and become light beings, right?

    I’ve copied the title of this post, searching for more sources. This is what I found:

    I tend to believe that all the gadgets and toys designed with advanced technology, such as these MedBeds, and I believe that the Keshe Foundation is presenting similar healing technology here:

    I believe that an energetic level of healing will exist also, always developing in deeper meanings through these times of change, based on spiritual abilities, performing healing, transformation. I’ve received training in that realm, since 1981, based on Lee Bostwick’s work, started in 1974:

    Gosh, this is an example of throwing in a penny and a tuppence comes out, and the joke is that I’ve thrown in the penny myself ?

    • His real name is Lee, and he’s one of the most informed and intelligent that I’ve had the pleasure of learning from. Don’t judge so quickly. Pimpy may have info that you don’t know anything about…;)


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