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Did you know that Marijuana is the world’s most commonly used, trafficked, and cultivated illicit drug? Yes. And while the push for medical marijuana legalization continues to grow at home and abroad, marijuana has already gained significant attention from researchers, manufacturers, and investors.

Presently, 33 states in the US have legalized the medical use of marijuana, with 14 of those (as of March 2020) allowing the recreational use of the drug for adults. This number is set to rise as more people accept the idea of legalizing marijuana. Which makes it imperative to consider what the future holds for medical marijuana.

But to contextualize the future of CBD, it’s necessary to briefly review its history. As someone once said, “Life can only be understood backward, but it must be lived forwards.” So here goes:

A Concise Medical History of CBD

Healers have been using marijuana or cannabis for its medicinal traits for over 5 millennia. If anything, the world’s oldest existing text, the Chinese Sheng-Nung-Pentshao Ching, recommends using cannabis to address digestive disorders and to reduce rheumatism pain. Not only that.

Marijuana, the herb, had an established presence in Western medicine back in the day. In the period 1840 to 1900, over 100 articles extolling marijuana’s therapeutic virtues featured heavily in European and American medical journals. Also, in 1851, the United States Pharmacopoeia added ‘hemp extract’ in its medicinal amalgams catalog.

That same year, the Dispensatory of the United States of America recommended marijuana for the following complaints:

  • Gout
  • Rheumatism
  • Hydrophobia
  • Epidemic cholera
  • Convulsions
  • Mental depression,
  • Hysteria
  • Uterine hemorrhage
  • Insanity

Even the 1864 edition of Pharmacopoeia offered precise instructions on how to prepare marijuana as medicine. Meanwhile, American physicians routinely prescribed cannabis to their patients – something they did unabated up to the late 1930s. And it wasn’t until 1970 that the law would prohibit all uses of this herb.


CBD benefits

Medical uses of CBD

A Concise Legal History of Medical Marijuana

The United States started expanding its regulation of mind-altering drugs in the early 20th Century. In fact, the 20th Century saw different acts designed to restrict the unregulated use of specific classes of drugs enacted into law. Here’s the chronology of events leading to the legalization of medical marijuana as you know it today:

  • 1909- Law passes to outlaw opium smoking. It was the first law to specifically ban a substance in the US. This law had heavy racial undertones because it targeted Chinese immigrants, who were the majority of people smoking opium.
  • 1914- Congress passes the Harrison Narcotics Act. This law stopped people from distributing or growing opiates. It also banned the purchase of morphine, an opiate product, over-the-counter. Only certified physicians had the license to prescribe opiates then.
  • 1919- The Volstead Act, also known as the 18th Amendment to the Constitution or Prohibition, passed through congress. It banned the production, sale, and transportation of alcohol all over the US.
  • 1924- Another law passed to regulate Heroin, which was a substance already classified as an opiate in the Harrison Narcotics Act.
  • 1933- The 21st Amendment to the constitution passes to repeal the prohibition of alcohol.
  • 1937- The Marijuana tax Act becomes law. This law banned the cultivation and distribution of marijuana. And although it allowed those with a federal stamp to grow the plant, these stamps were unavailable to all. As such, marijuana became effectively outlawed.
  • 1970- The Controlled Substances Act becomes law. This act classified mind-altering agents like marijuana, Gamma-Hydroxybutyrate (GHB), Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LSD) as Schedule 1 drugs, and mephedrone as ‘bath salts.’
  • 1996- The Compassionate Use Act, also known as Proposition 215, becomes law in California. This law made it illegal to prosecute or sanction a patient’s physician or caregiver for using marijuana to treat AIDs, cancer, chronic pain. Glaucoma, arthritis, migraine, spasticity, and any other problem for which cannabis may offer relief.

Following California’s lead, many other states including Alaska, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, Washington, New Mexico, Hawaii, etc. enacted laws permitting their residents to cultivate, use, and possess marijuana for medical purposes. Albeit with restrictions.

That’s why today, federal law still deems marijuana a controlled substance under the Control Substances Act of 1970 while many state laws have lifted these restrictions.

The Future of Medical Marijuana

People’s attitudes toward marijuana have drastically changed over the years. And this trend isn’t about to stop as researchers figure out new things about marijuana and its benefits. In fact, a Pew Research survey showed that 67% of Americans (two thirds) support marijuana legalization.

With this in mind, expect the following medical marijuana developments in the future:

  • Policy Reforms 

With Democrats now controlling the lower house, significant CBD legislation seems likely this year. Even Politico notes that (as of 2019), 296 members of Congress (68%) come from the 33 states that have already legalized marijuana. Meaning that there are sufficient numbers to pass the long-awaited cannabis bills.

Also, a majority of the 2020 presidential candidates have already expressed their support for marijuana legalization including democratic frontrunner Joe Biden.

  • Increased Use Of Medical Marijuana

As the United States slowly changes its perceptions towards Cannabis, more and more people are giving medical marijuana products a try. CBD retails as an ingredient in oral sprays, oil, pills, creams, and edibles like lollipops and gummies. Talking about gummies, CBD gummies was United States’ third-most searched food-related term (on Google) in 2018.

What’s more, New Frontier Data estimates that the CBD market is likely to grow three-fold by 2022. That is from a $390 million-dollar market (in 2018) to a $1.3 billion market.


Economic growth of marijuana

Economic Growth of Marijuana in the USA

  • The FDA to Continue Softening its Stance on CBD

Under the current FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) laws, all drugs with CBD require the agency’s approval. And they are currently approving all CBD drugs deemed fit for the market. For instance, the FDA approved its first marijuana-derived drug in 2018.

Even more importantly, the FDA has indicated that it’s likely to do away with the federal rule that prohibits the marketing of dietary supplements and food products that contain CBD.

  • Growth of Cannabis-based Pharmaceuticals

As the demand for medical marijuana grows, so shall the supply. Energias Market Research predicts that the cannabis market will grow by at least 19% every year globally. So expect to see more cannabis pharmaceuticals in your area.

And now comes the best part. Unlike in other industries, it will be difficult for large corporations to dominate the market by flooding it with cheap, generic products. Why? weed comes with a variety of strains. Also, many states are enacting legislation that will ensure as many people as possible benefit from the legalization of medical marijuana.

  • Getting Prescribed Medical Marijuana

All indications are that going forward, medical marijuana will be readily available for anyone who needs it. Better yet, people won’t be engaging in illegal conduct by purchasing, using, or advertising any cannabis-related product. But that doesn’t mean it will be easy for you to get medical marijuana products.

Which is why you need to get in touch with MmjDoctor. Our licensed and experienced CBD professionals will provide you with ample information and guide you through the process of making informed decisions about medical marijuana. What’s more, they can help you process your first medical marijuana card!


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  1. My concern is, these politicians whom not that long ago, denounced marijuana use as a street drug “as bad as heroine”, raiding arresting prosecuting seizing property and in some cases murdering people,and definitely, ruining lives, funding their local cabal along with police (pay off’s and bonuses= bribes for arresting users) judges (whom make $$ for every crack of the gavel), lawyers (financially ruining people over so little as a joint), prosecutors (making political careers out of drug prosecution destroying lives), counselors (under mandatory counseling laws passed for drug offenses), Probation and parole (paperwork jockeys), for profit prisons, and everything that supports and supplies all of these and more,, now,, suddenly,, are jumping on the band wagon for “medical” and “recreational”,, “decriminalization” of cannabis, because they see,, their,, almighty,, -dollar signs.

    If you can’t get that almighty dollar one way, ‘illegalization’ then they’ll go the other ‘decriminalization’ but, both, lead to the same result, the loss of freedom, control, and loss of financial freedom…

    Cannabis should be not ‘decriminalized’ or ‘medicalized’ but, “Legalized”. Legal nationally,, for everyone at least 21 yrs of age,, whom wants, to grow it, for personal use, if they want (not limited, although it seems to me if such a limiting law,, must,, exist, Michigan’s limit of growing up to 12 Plants at any given time for personal use, seems, just barely, adequate ie: in the various growth stages that equals like 3-4 plants at a given time every 6-8 months, nearing harvest). Growing it anywhere they want, in or outside their own private home as long as, it is behind a locked door to eliminate accessibility by minors (in MI. the law or ‘emergency order’ further says it cannot be visible from any public space, which seems fine but, if all 4 sides of your house have public spaces “within unaided eyesight” (roadways parks city/state etc. properties of any kind) it means you cannot have a plant, anywhere, in sunshine, because essentially what this law boils down to; that window you use to grow a cannabis plant, in the privacy of your own home, and that subsequent “plant”, ‘might,, possibly,, could be,, maybe,, – be seen -,, at some time,, by someone,, passing by your home, whom is personally offended, that they,, by looking into / invading the privacy of your home with their eyes,, driving or walking by on the street, can see your plant, then it is ‘illegal’ and you can be prosecuted… Which is “political correctness” taken to its most ridiculous and extreme position ever witnessed, I believe, in human history…

    Otherwise without “legalization”, as everything else with “corruptionalism” (ie; capitalism) gets involved, and not the local individual growing a few plants, but big corporate money, gets into it (Like in CA. where I hear the ‘license to grow’ (for those whom wish to produce Cannabis products for those that cannot grow themselves, now costs 200K plus to obtain, making it impossible for anyone to afford.

    So, it comes back to, the rich get richer, by using their lawyers in and out of government to restrict we the people’s ‘free god given right to grow’ and they, make (ultimately) it instead, so only they,, can profit,, thereby because, after decriminalization come laws restricting personal growing, because that, seriously endangers their profit margins, and soon, the pharmaceutical companies, the lawyers, the politicians will make ever more restrictions even laws (are there any other kind) and they all profit, and make big bucks, while “we the people”, get ripped off by licenses, by permits, by limits, by confiscations, by restrictions, in any way they can, to reduce and eliminate personal access and the inherent human right, of the ability, to grow this god given, “miracle plant”.

    Fight what I dub “Corruptionalism”= ‘capitalism’ in cannabis politics, keep money out of it and nothing,, should ever be allowed to infringe upon an individuals right to grow, in the privacy of any window in their own home (thus not requiring, out of sight and out of nicely sun lit windows, energy sucking, high price lighting products, and big monthly energy bills, funding the cabal power companies and stockholders pockets at the people’s expense), in any,, window,, any time, they want.

    This is not about money$$ it’s about “Freedom”. Freedom to personally grow and use without restrictions for profit of others, possibly the most important non food plant, that there is, to humans.

  2. Such positive news! It’s truly groundbreaking. God and Goddess work in wondrous ways ?? I love to say this as much as possible, these days. I see this as one of the examples of dismantling an old system with prejudices based on fear for the unknown and pushing laboratory-based medication that treats symptoms only, most of the time.

    Apart from medicinal qualities (and consciousness-altering ones) the plant itself, hemp, is a strong fibre, used for clothes, such as coats, and for textile applied in other ways. I believe that hemp was used in plumbing constructions as well and in furniture upholstering.

    The news about President Trump’s decision to declare cannabis as legal, with the right to grow hemp and benefit from its qualities, reached me about 6 months ago I believe. I remember how I grinned, thinking “This president is a true white raven and one of the most unusual personalities in the history of the United States.”

    How many of us, global citizens, will be placed on the wrong leg (a Dutch expression) projecting all sorts of judgements on him? In The Netherlands, the opinion about President Trump isn’t that positive. In general, by Dutch arrogant citizens, he’s seen as a stupid dysfunctional weirdo. With our Dutch so-called liberated attitude, we’re seeing always harsh judgements when someone stands out in the masses, a head taller and an original view. We’ve lost a politician who was shot and a reporter who was knifed in the street.

    At that time, when I heard of President Trump’s decision, I watched a video with a daughter and her mom, who was treated with CBD oil. The change for the better is amazing, and I expect, with the enormous increase of Alzheimer and dementia, at least, that I know of in The Netherlands and Britain, to see CBD oil winning much terrain as treatment and possibly also as a preventive remedy.


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