From our friend Lorie Ladd:

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  1. “Authenticity always and absolutely carries a demand and duty: you must speak out, to the best of your ability, and shake the spiritual tree, and shine your headlights into the eyes of the complacent. You must let that radical realization rumble through your veins and rattle those around you.”
    ― Ken Wilber, One Taste: Daily Reflections on Integral Spirituality

    • O.K. When You Devon, have accepted ‘the Stories” of Germany being guilty in the WW2 Era at “face value” you are simply replicating Lies upon Lies – to make it look as if its truth. Perhaps one of your many lives is repeating this cycle of “story telling.” I’ve come to the conclusion “It’s easier to fool people, than to convince them they have been fooled.” because it exposes one’s own Gullibility. Innocence has already been Proven, through Recorded Historical Facts & Science.

    • Hello mark sturgeon, what do you mean “what are we supposed to do about it”? Don’t assume this is a fact. I believe you must feel it for yourself, as truth, as experience. Once you feel that you’re not alone, there’s no expectation or obligation for you to DO something about it. This message is meant to be a comfort and assurance, no instructions involved.

  2. & Yes I realize she speaking of “Needles of Light” not the sun. But we are also human & it sounds like Lori wants us to breath in the Chem Trails that they are spraying.

  3. What Lori is describing as a “Bubble around the Earth” is ‘The Dome’ also known as ‘The Firmament’ When I see the Sun again will be when they stop Chem Trailing, there out there right Now (Chicago area). I have Not seen the Sun for a good 3 Weeks!

  4. Thank you Lorie For your continued service to the LIGHT…as you were speaking the words regarding the Light rays puncturing the bubble…my impression was of the sperm (Rays) entering the OVUM filling it with LIFE…NEW CREATION…just a Thought…we are Birthing the NEW EARTH/Heaven…which is within the ONE/Self…we are ONE…we are LOVE…I am an old soul of Pleiadian extraction here in Human form to assist with this beautiful re-birth af a Planet and all her inhabitants…LOVE and enLIGHTenment to the ONE…Man KIND…Hue (colour/shades) Man KIND..

  5. Lori,
    I also see and feel the Light emanating down, and also through me with so many more strings of stronger Light and Love than ever before, going out from me. The air for me is so much more clear, and one can feel the Grace and Beauty around.
    Thank you for your sharing Light words of Love.

  6. “Ask and you shall receive” When I say to my Higher Self “My I AM Presence is handling all imperfections perfectly” things change and I am given and able to see opportunities to correct situations that were not there before.

    Our lives on the Earth, as we act as grounding for Light, is vital to the entire Universe we live in. If we do not cooperate with and work with the Light and Higher Consciousness Beings – Father-Mother God/dess, Masters, Guides, Angeles, etc. – the evil that is being dissolved with the Light energies that are entering our bodies – Violet Fire – will expand to other planets to take over and destroy all physical manifestation. Therefore, what we are doing, anchoring and spreading Light and Higher Consciousness is vital to more than just the Earth.

  7. Thank you for posting more videos with Lorie Ladd. I perceive her as a great teacher, in tone, manners and accuracy, probably coming from doing inner work diligently, and, no doubt, the guidance of invisible “supporters”, who allow her to be a mediator.

    I appreciate her choice of normal words, her beautiful smile. As if the sun rises. I receive it with much down to earth-ness. Lori explains what’s not easy to put in words always.

    • Devon, I myself & others have offered you much in the way of evidence to Germany’s Innocence the years of 1933-1947. It has been your choice to Ignore these Post. However, you clearly have stated that you are a Stickler for documentation, have you gotten any from Lori on any of her claims…

      • Hello Victoria, I’m not falling for your attempt to receive documentation from me, while sitting ready with an armament of sticks around you. Besides, as it seems that doing your homework is an alien concept to you, you need to start with it.
        When you’ve accepted the stories of Germany’s innocence at face value.
        You’re simply placing lies upon lies, to make it look as if it’s the truth. Change of eye-colour? Same soul.

        I’ve come to the conclusion that you’re quite a fool and that’s why I have no confidence in what you seem to believe to have given me as evidence. There’s none. You’ve left your shouts in the cloud,in comments here, that ‘s all. No documentation whatsoever. I’ve begun to think that you’re
        here, serving a certain purpose that I’m not sharing with you.
        Don’t expect any response from me from now on.


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