From Gary Barnett:

“There is a great deal of evidence to prove that immunization of children does more harm than good.” “There is no evidence that any influenza vaccine thus far developed is effective in preventing or mitigating any attack of influenza. The producers of these vaccines know that they are worthless, but they go on selling them, anyway.”

Dr. J. Anthony Morris, former Chief Vaccine Control Officer and research virologist, U.S. FDA

In this country, the mass vaccination of children at voluminous levels is nothing short of unmitigated child abuse or worse. In addition, vaccinating the old by introducing toxic viruses through vaccines that also contain poisonous and dangerous brain-altering adjuvants, is certainly criminal, but also borders on the concept of premeditated murder. This is the essence of the vaccine industry that is controlled by world health organizations, eugenic based foundations, and pharmaceutical giants; all tied to government for funding and promotion through propaganda the false efficacy of mass vaccination. This is nothing more that a multi-billion dollar profit generating effort by very unscrupulous and evil corporate and government partnerships that seek to gain power

As an example of these collusions between the controlling classes, Trump recently, and as usual, did a complete reversal, contradicting his phony position at every level in an effort to gain certain political support while doing the exact opposite of what he claimed. Doublespeak in this arena is common, but in this case, it is also deadly. In order to gain favor from tentative supporters, Trump stopped all U.S. funding of the World Health Organization (WHO), pretending to show contempt for its policies and control of this fake pandemic. But at the same time, he gave over a billion dollars to GAVI, the Vaccine Alliance founded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, a fascist public-private global health organization. GAVI is one of the largest contributors to the WHO, so in essence, Trump’s actions were a total lie, as the new contribution to the WHO funding GAVI was many times more than the past three years, which by backdoor techniques could be used to fund the WHO covertly. It is telling that since the U.S. quit funding the WHO, the largest single contributor to that evil and corrupt organization is the Gates Foundation, and Trump gave the Gates’ created GAVI over a billion dollars of taxpayer money.

There is also much more deceit evident here. GAVI and the WHO work hand in hand, along with The Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI), and are attempting to vaccinate the world in short order by claiming a deadly virus called Covid-19 will devastate the planet. On the WHO website, COVAX is the vaccines pillar of the Access to COVID-19 Tools (ACT) Accelerator, and claims it seeks to ensure equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines and end the acute phase of the pandemic by the end of 2021, never mind that the so-called acute phase ended much earlier this year, if it existed at all. They must know the future because they have planned the future. Bill Gates is controlling much of this effort, but Gates has been partnered with Anthony Fauci and Birx in the Trump administration, and is the leading funder of the WHO, is the founder of GAVI, and all, including Trump, are working together in a joint venture that will lead to mass vaccination. Considering this alliance from hell, Trump has stated publically that he has deployed and will use the United States military to distribute and administer the new vaccine that is coming. This too will be a direct collaboration between Trump, Gates, the WHO, GAVI, CEPI, the Pharmaceutical mafia, and many of Trump’s cabinet. So did Trump really defund the WHO, or did he just create a mass mandatory vaccine squad bent on controlling the globe? 

The players involved in this global reset meant to gain total control of all populations, are all working together while pretending to be enemies. It is no different in party politics, as in this country where the democrats and republicans are thought and claim to be mortal enemies; both continually seek the same agendas. They both want power and control, but they also want unlimited government spending, money printing, socialized health care, protectionism, economic control, trade restrictions, war, geopolitical control, and mandatory mass vaccination. This is a global effort run by a top-down ruling system where all in power work together against the people. This is the constant modus operandi of the rulers and the political classes, and each and every division amongst the general population helps the controllers to achieve the power necessary to build a world governing system that allows for total economic and population control by the claimed elites.

This Covid vaccine that is most likely already sitting on the shelf and ready to go, is a very key component of the global takeover and reset. I think it may be the most important aspect of the current plot due to the fact that if it is widely accepted, it will lead to extreme sickness and death around the world, causing renewed and severe fear worldwide. This is exactly what is necessary to fool people into accepting an untested and likely fatal concoction meant to help speed up the advance of a totalitarian and technocratically run system. In addition, there is no way whatsoever to know what could possibly be put into this vaccine to cause the implanting of gene-altering technology into human subjects. Experimentation on unsuspecting citizens has always been a factor in vaccination production and use, but this time considering the advances in technology, it could be life altering for many segments of the global populace, and administered covertly.

It is my opinion that there will be a massive ramp up of isolation, quarantine, tracking and tracing, stricter mask requirements, lockdowns, business closures, and much more aggressive state enforcement practices, as have been telegraphed in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, China, and much of Europe lately. I think the most dangerous time is directly ahead, and will probably begin in earnest as soon as October or November of this year, and escalate continuously throughout the winter months and the rest of 2021.

The vaccination effort will go forward, but in order for that to be accepted by a majority, much more fear will need to be spread by the propagandists controlling this narrative. The attempt to stoke mass fear will be multi-faceted, and will most likely begin with the useless presidential election, and the extreme violence perpetrated and allowed by the ruling class. Once this planned total chaos ensues, the reporting of mass death due to this hoax called Covid will be let loose on the public, and the turmoil will serve as a distraction and cover for the real agendas being sought.

At this point, the people of this country are thinking that things have improved slightly, and that there is a light ahead, but this is just an illusion. Most are still in a dire position economically or psychologically, and are ripe for abuse by the state. It is just the calm before the storm, as the second phase that has already been implanted in the minds of the people will soon be forthcoming unless large numbers of Americans wake up and say no more. This is just an extension of 9-11 on steroids, and this terrorist attack is no different in that it is not an attack by monsters from afar, it is an attack from within on all citizens by the very U.S. state claiming political authority over all.

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  1. The title of the video in the link below is:
    “Is this a deception of the National Institute for Health and the Environment?”
    Here’s a conclusion of a report, published on Oct. 19 2010. By the RIVM, the Dutch Rijks Instituut Volksgezondheid en Milieu. In English: National Institute for Health and Environment.
    A conclusion of the research is: “intranasal inoculation (larger droplets) leads to about 20 times lower infectivity than when the virus was delivered in an inhaled aerosol.”

    English translation of the Dutch presentation in the video:
    ‘My name is Pierre Kapel, I am Emeritus Professor of Immunology and for 45 years very active with basic medical science. I want to highlight one topic in this column, and introduce that to you through scientific literature. What we’re going to talk about is indeed something about Corona. The subject is “aerosols” and “the world must accept reality”. What is reality?

    It is a very strange situation in which everything goes in a very special and bizarre way. Where is the first point where things have gone wrong? Because just about everything goes wrong. The World Health Organisation WHO has taken two steps and the first step was to change the pandemic definition in such a way that you use a calculation model, without too much difficulty, to claim something that could lead to a pandemic. That’s not very convenient, but ok.

    But the biggest mistake is that in the days when they knew very little about COVID or Corona, other than that it was very infectious, they put it on List A. What is List A? List A are diseases that someone who gets it, has a 50 to 80% chance of dying. That’s like the plague, smallpox, Ebola, anthrax. And there, among these heavy guys they put Corona, which has an extraordinarily low death rate and which was not even known at the time.

    But because of that combination of being the most deadly virus of all time, plus the easing of the pandemic definition, that’s been declared a pandemic. And what they have done is, also with the regulations, where the one and a half meters, in one country it is 1 meter, in the other it is 2 meters, we have chosen the middle of the road nicely, with one and a half, the lockdown and everything.

    Now let’s go see what’s really going on. So we only have measures but what are they based on? What I wanted to talk about today is the one and a half meters, the infectiousness, the droplets and the aerosols. What do we see?

    What it says is that the WHO based its findings on research from the 1930s, by William Wells, and it has emerged that that one and a half metres, i.e. the infection via coughed-out large droplets that this is the source of infection and that if the distance was kept, with one and a half metres, then that was fine.

    They have adopted and used this in a blatant way, but the real article says exactly the opposite. So the WHO based that one and a half meters on something that claims exactly the opposite. Here’s the cover from 1955 and here’s a text, and I’m going to look at it for a moment, that influenza virus, they did it with that, but also with tuberculosis, if it was inhaled as fine nuclei or aerosols, that was many, many times more infectious, than the big droplets.

    Okay, so what’s going on? It proposes something that destroys the entire economy, has enormous social consequences and at some point has been raised against the state. And that’s where I would have been invited as an expert witness.

    Then we’ll get the next situation.’ (A video clip of Pierre Capel’s testimony shows his offer of 2 pages of research and the judge interrupts him and says ‘Sir, with all due respect, but that’s not how it works’.)

    So, in our case, this is the law: ‘that’s not how it works’. If you want to put forward a solid scientific argument, you are truly silenced. Okay, that’s how it is, for now, let’s get to the point. That’s just how it all happily goes here. (sarcastic remark)

    But in the world, there is still a bit more going on than just a strange judge and lately, there are a lot of studies that very clearly indicate that not a social distance but ventilation problems, aerosols, are very, very important.

    And here we have a piece from NATURE, which is not a bad boy. And it says that ‘mounting evidence suggests that coronavirus can travel in airborne aerosols and that health advice has been slow to catch up.’ All their measures do not follow the data. So then you try to look into it. “Gosh, is this a single shout from one person?” Yes, it’s in NATURE, but that doesn’t mean everything, really.

    Then we’ll take a closer look. Then, here, we have an article on the role of particle size. And that’s from 2011, so that’s been known for a long time. So let’s go. then they go to see which aerosols are the most susceptible to transmitting disease and then they have a huge comprehensive review and I have pulled out one rule where the aerosols, i.e. the small droplets that are smaller than 10 micrometres, and that is the aerosols, and therefore not the one and a half meter-larger boys, and that they (the aerosols) give the real problems because they really sit in the lungs in the lower tract respirators.

    If we’re going to see how that goes, well, if someone’s coughing, then the infectious particles, which are in blue (see the image on screen) are going to go, and that’s the heavy guys, who are not going to drop a meter. And there have also been studies done, after six hours they are still in the air, so that one and a half meters, yes, what is it based on? This is the infectious situation, an aerosol, in a poorly ventilated room, lingers in it for hours and decreases only very slowly. Well.

    Now, there are many more articles and then here you have an airborne transmission of SARS-COV-2 ‘The world should face the reality’ a very good piece in PNARS, which is a very heavy magazine. Then the ‘airborne transmission’ now, the ‘dominant root’ etc. Then we get the point of….. ”Hey, if there are all of those articles, but from the OMT and the RIVM (National Institute for Public Health and the Environment), they always said ‘Yes, ventilation…. come on… aerosols….. come on…” none of that is demonstrated. The droplets, yes, that’s clear hard evidence.
    But…. where did you get that knowledge?

    We’re going to take a look. What we’re going to do now is, I just took a screenshot and I’m going to take you in a search of just sit at home and look for yourself, like, gee, how do I get information? And now I’m going to press the button. How easy is it to find good scientific articles? Well, that’s very easy, you go to Google, tap in it “pupmed” enter, go to “pubmed” (follow what’s shown on screen) and sure enough, then you are already in the large medical library of the NIH, the National Institute of Health.

    Here you can look for all kinds of topics and in our case, we want to see the spread of viruses via aerosols. So we tap into ‘aerosol’ and then ‘transmission’. Then go to search and what do we see? That a great deal has been described on this subject, namely 3011 articles, which deal with the aerosol transmission in infectious diseases. Here you can scroll and go and see anything and everything. It’s not that hard.

    What is very nice, is that you see here the number of articles per year also indicated, so there are already studies on aerosols since 1954 and actually even earlier. But what do we see in 2020, when we get on that bar: 545 articles. If we click on that we get 545 results and they are mainly also about the transmission of COVID because that is now quite popular in this year. So there are 545 articles this year alone about how COVID spreads through the air.

    So when the RIVM says that the one and a half meters are so fantastically substantiated and that the aerosols are not, stating that there is very little evidence to be found, then that is a worrying comment. This year alone, there are 545 extensive studies in and around COVID. The nice thing about this is, these are not just internet posts, but these are just very serious magazines, which are usually looked at carefully before it can be published”.

    “Now we go a little further, then you can also look, who did what? And then aerosol transmission, what studies have been done by the RIVM? Then you tap into RIVM – search and sure enough, we’ll see from there.

    But what’s the remarkable thing? In 2010, there was a study by the RIVM, where they compare aerosols and droplets, not only in or how the transmission is, but also whether it is also infectious and what you need to do to lead to disease. This they’ve done with influenza A but that’s an analogue-type of study that you can also do very easily with COVID. Now, if we want to know what’s in this article for data, click on it and you’ll get the abstract immediately. (See accompanying images on the screen)

    If you click here (we put this away) we can see that this study was done by those people who work at the RIVM in the Antonie van Leeuwenhoeklaan. If we then look here, that is, the results, that there is a high effectivity via each route. So also droplets but also aerosols. But they are both effective. Why? Because there’s an active virus in there, and if you’ve had enough of it, you’re fine. But, here (see image on screen): ‘intranasal inoculation’ that are the big droplets, ‘leads to about 20 times lower infectivity than when the virus was delivered in an inhaled aerosol.

    Then what do we see, that this article clearly shows that aerosols can not only contain viruses but that they are in that form many times more infectious. Well. Now if you want to know more, you go to this section (see image on screen) ‘Elsevier open access’, you click on it and we have the whole article here. And if you would like to keep that, then you say ‘download pdf’ download this article and what do we see, that in this way we have the original piece of the RIVM.

    Then we’re going to look into this and then we’re going to see here, that’s in the abstract, that those aerosols are 20 times better, because those droplets are 20 times worse. It’s a very solid study and if we look here, for example, they’ve looked at all kinds of literature studies where a certain dose of virus, so that’s really important, how many viruses do you get in there?

    Then how many people have been exposed to it and how many have really been effectively infected, and besides being infected, do they get sick? If I’m going to look at Clements here (follow the images on the screen) you can see exactly what that literature assignment is, we’re not going to do that now, but so easy can you jump from this article to another article.

    Here are 24 people exposed to a hefty dose of the virus H3N2 and of those, 23 have been infected. But how many of those people get sick? That is 11. So what does this show? That first of all, you have to have a hefty dose to really absorb the virus, to be infected, but that it’s not always the case that you also get sick. Okay, in that study, they’ve looked at this, that when exhaling, what kind of particles are there?

    Well, these are the one and a half meter guys, that is, the droplets, and these are the aerosols, which have nothing to do with one and a half meters, but are airborne and which, through ventilation systems, neatly infect everyone.

    Now, they’re going to study, which of them is infectious How does that go, and when they come to this, that this is 20 times more severe than that (follow the images on the screen) and that this is ventilation-sensitive and that this is not even one and a half meters sensitive, because all kinds of other studies show that it makes no sense either.

    But okay. Then we’re going to look, and they’ve dealt with it very well, they’ve looked at all and everything, the math looks very healthy, and I have to say, this is just a good article. And then if we look at the results, which are very well-founded, and then we come at this (look at the images on the screen) that the number of particles if you cough once, how big, how many particles are there on average that you cough into the air?

    Now, that is neatly indicated here (follow the images on the screen) and what size are they? That’s all been looked at and so you can see if these droplets are in aerosol form or in drop form, that’s what they’ve been looking at here, so, aerosols versus droplets, but what’s really important is that there’s a certain dose of active virus in those particles.

    That requires a certain dose to get to real… to ingest the virus, and so you’re measurably infected. So you need something for that. But that’s not to say, this is a logarithmic scale, that the infection, that you’re also infectious. Now, that’s what it says here (follow the images on the screen) and so you really get an infection and you’re infectious and this line you have to compare with that, but this is a logarithmic scale, so this is already quite “a sip on a drink”.(a Dutch expression, meaning “that makes quite a difference).

    But, you can carry that virus for a while, but are you going to get sick? Well, that is indicated here and what is the consequence of this and why is this so important to mention? That here were people infected with the real viable viruses in hefty doses, depending on droplets or aerosols. But those aerosols go deeper into the lungs and then you get sick earlier, et cetera.

    But, now we’re talking about the second wave and then we’re talking about contagions. But that’s not measured at all. What they do is a PCR test, but a PCR test doesn’t measure live viruses or active viruses. That PCR test is so sensitive that a small piece of a virus’s DNA, and that doesn’t even have to be intact, that can be a fragment, is enough for a positive test.

    But because it’s so terribly sensitive, it’s going to be very easy to get disturbed. There only needs to be a small pollution and you have a false positive. So what we see, that in the second wave that is supposedly present, there is no attention for any kind of infection, at infection and disease, but whether there is a fragment of a virus somewhere in the nose.

    And that test is so sensitive that one molecule is enough. So what do we see? Well, the RIVM really has everything in the house to ask all these questions about who’s been contagious for how long, is there a second wave? They have all the technology in-house to solve all the problems in a few weeks’ time.

    And then, if we go here and have a look, you get the particles, if they are… outdoor aerosol transmission…. that’s very different because then the ambient wind speeds, turbulence et cetera play a part and that’s why those outdoor aerosols, aren’t terribly relevant.

    But, what do they say and that is in 2010, where they are still debating whether it exists at all, that in ‘close environments especially with low ventilation, aerosol transmission is most likely.’ So what we need to do, is just ask the RIVM to do their job.

    In this way, you can easily see what is really there, what is not really there, and you do not have to wait for all kinds of chatter from all figures who may or may not be competent.

    And so, what do we see here? This is an example that really gives you an overview of a topic in two minutes of time. And thus, you can do it about mouth-caps, you can talk about which material lets how much through? Tap in and you’ll have the data there. But I wanted to limit myself in this column to the aerosols and the social distance.

    What is very clear, not only from the RIVM piece, from 2010, but also from those 3111 other pieces, that they quite clearly indicate that those aerosols stay in the air for a very long time, that circulation or recirculation, windows open or closed, air conditioning, humidity, these are all terribly important elements.”

    (English transcript until the 21:32 minute, I believe this is the essential part of the presentation).

  2. This is where Japan can lock down under, because no human being is going to run to get a vaccination from The Melinda and Bill Eugenics organization! What a joke they will be! The WHO is dead anyway! Who are these EGOS fooling but themselves while God drains their wallets!


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