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Awakening on the spiritual path can be an elusive experience. We hear about the journey of enlightenment that many of the great yogis have made. This is all well and good, reaching for the highest most illuminated state of consciousness. It is important to highlight in the same breath, there is nothing to obtain. The awakening process is as slippery as a snake, especially when there is a goal in mind, an idea of what samadhi is or working on specific practices to raise kundalini shakti. Who is that which wants enlightenment? Who is that which longs to raise the kundalini?

For me, I feel the most important attribute to cultivate on this path of spiritual awakening is to direct the attention inwards. This inquiry inwards, of this inner dimension is about as much as is needed, for the experience of becoming one will happen of its own accord. No practice can categorically bring this experience. We can create beneficial spaces and environments for this to occur yet ultimately, no practice will make it happen.

That is not to say, to lose motivation in the practices that have bought you peace, inner stillness or some other beautiful space. We can cultivate non attachment to our practices. In fact it is from this type of detachment that a deepening of experience can emerge. When we let go of the need or the perfection of a practice or anything external to our own experience, we flow with a current of life that is not dictated by the mind/personality. When we cultivate an attitude of surrender into the moment, whether that be to a sensation, a thought, we give up the individualized experience to the greater pool of eternal oneness.

We can acknowledge different types of awakening experience. For me, I have felt shifts in my awareness that have been triggered by revealing knowledge from books. I have had energetic experiences that have caused bouts of tears of joy. I have felt myself dissolve into the heart of my lover and psychedelic journeys on cannabis and other medicines. All of these in my eyes are shifts of consciousness. It is hard to know that these experiences, in and of themselves, are awakenings, yet one thing, I feel does ring true, is that the World/my experience was seen from a different perspective, after the events.

Matt Kahn calls these awakenings new plateaus. New vantage points to see the World from and each time we have a shift, we unlock our remembering who we are.

There is nothing to do for we already are..

It has been presented by the great philosopher Ken Wilber that there are three developmental stages into maturity Waking up, Cleaning up & Growing up. Many of the New Age communities and conspiracy theorists have gone through some kind of Waking up process, whilst many of the conservative, political & corporate systems have gone through a Growing up process. To find balance in these areas, it is clear there needs to be focus on other developmental stages, growing up for the spiritual communities, whilst waking up for the corporate capitalist demographic. It is pretty clear, we all need to clean up. Something that is obvious in both spiritual communities, through fasting, detoxing, etc. Whilst also seeing a similar drive from the office heads who have become fitness fanatics. This is a good thing. We all need to clean up, to heal, so we can grow into true maturity. Those of us on the spiritual path can look to the professionalism of the office crowds to strive to succeed and to believe and embody a integrated growth to the second tier of development. Those on the capitalist gravy train can do with some spiritual depth and fairydust in their lives, to bring a deeper understanding of the reality we live in and laws that govern it.

There are so many perspectives and experiences we awaken to.. The Ultimate Truth being the absolute, void, known as Nirvakalpa Samadhi. There are subtle states of consciousness that layer experiences in form to the formless through identification where the subject becomes the object. Other awakenings come through energetic experiences that can be triggered by physical practices and awareness of the body. Astral & meditation visions & journeys can be seen as shifts of consciousness.

Emotional openings too, can be seen as aspects of awakening, especially through heartbreak, experience and grief and despair.

One paradox of discussing the process of awakening, is the limiting words we have to describe an experience, that is beyond words. Like the analogy of the finger pointing to the moon.. all these perspectives and definitions are simply the finger pointing towards the truth/moon. They can never be the moon, or the truth.. It is our experience that reflects our truth to us. Can you see it?

We can cultivate a desire to know and to create space for internal inquiry is the most direct path to that knowing, whilst coming into relationship with this reflective nature of reality. Once we wake up to this knowing, we become lucid in the waking dream.

I invite you to invest some time reading or listening to a master teacher who has remembered their greatness and is transmitting this wisdom. These guides can provide great insights to navigating our personality and outer projection through their experience of waking up. Creating space to take on their teachings will provide great opportunities for deeper Self study.

Take some moments to close your eyes…. Allow the breaths to release any stress or agitation from your day to fall away. Connect to the deepening breath, becoming aware of the pauses between inhalations & exhalations. Become the stillness you are within.. Asking the question Who Am I?

Allow this concept to arise naturally in a passive state of witnessing the experience of that question, without labeling or searching for the answer. Who is searching?


This inquiry into Awakening, has been written to be part of a tutorial series, that is part of an amazing meditation app called Souse Guru. Created with Martin Bone’s vision and guidance of meditation. I am honoured to be asked to contribute to this beautiful project, to spread this sacred art form we know as meditation.

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  2. There’s a great explanation by Lorie Ladd, about the significance of an event, expected by astrologers, lightworkers and indigenous folks, on December 21st 2020.
    She, with the support of her guides, describes how to see this event in the right light, from a wise perspective, as something not experienced in the same way by all of humanity.

    I felt struck by the accuracy of this information, realizing how the laws of life always hold the value of balance in their midst, so that there’s always a choice to walk a path with peace of mind and a compassionate heart.

    You’ll find this topic of the event at the 54:10 minute in this video presentation:

    LIVE Q&A: Answers From The Galactic Federation Oct. 7

  3. We are asleep because we use money that is tainted with darkness just from the use of it. If we ignore that, we are not awake. Money causes the blindness to the destruction of our mother earth there is no avoiding this reality. Yet this is rarely mentioned. And the awakened folk continue to use money thus heaping unspeakable crimes upon humanity. Even though it is indirect, there is still karmic responsibility. That is why money was designed. That is why we remain entrapped in density.

    • I feel money is a neutral energy. It is what we are prepared to do to for it and how that affects others. Thank you fo ryour comments and sharing. We must remember the perceived polarity of light and dark is just that, a perception. Let us each do our work, forgive and surrender to the flow, without judgement.

  4. Great article, the Ultimate truth (Enlightenment/God Realization) is attainable meditation on the true Spiritual Light and Sound can get you there, read the testimonials
    They guide people Free of Charge.

  5. This is in the signature of my email messages:

    “Just be the best version of yourself that you know how to be, that is enough. In that attitude, you won’t need to compare yourself with others or judge yourself. For you’re alright, you’re doing alright, no more is required or expected from you”.

    The habitual forward going attention to reach a goal and achieve results that are expected from us, on the work floor or in the gym, including returning from a holiday, chagrined, pretending to be as much tanned on the inside as on the outside, ready to start the next day at the office with a happy grin on one’s face, is a part of our modern education and lifestyle.

    Many of us live in a linear fashion of mind and when a plan is made, it’s like a path disappearing in the distance with the destiny at the end with peace of mind next to it.
    When we reach forward to that destiny, with our attention, we risk ignoring the beauty that grows alongside our chosen path, even our travel-companions and the way-showers at crossings with other travellers on it. Those travellers are also way-showers often, showing a different approach/direction.

    In other words, seeing oneself as whole, complete and capable right now, is helpful, to focus on our present moment and be joyful about it, in contentment. Including others around oneself, sharing the same path, close by or a bit further on distance. Every journey begins with the first step, make it an enjoyable one, I suggest.

    To me, the best self-empowering way to achieve one’s goal, fulfil one’s mission, and create a lifestyle that includes the wellbeing of one’s own and keep an open eye for the wellbeing of those who are near, with confidence in tow, is making everything a choice, consciously. No matter how small. And start acting on that choice, with observation in tow, Our external conditions and circumstances are no rulers over us, unless we make that a choice, consciously.

    Wouldn’t we immediately feel that this choice leads to a confused state and bewilderment? When we’re not practising observation of our instinctual responses, wouldn’t that obstruct our presence in an autonomous way? Therefore, I believe that we need to be truthful to ourselves and clear about our motives and drives.

    I confess that I remind myself often of what I’ve shared with you here.
    ? ? ? ?? ?


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