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  1. Is she sellout to politics sinc esome times?
    SHe started with Unicorns, hen she started presientin sides, agaian thats good, now she’s clearly on ONE…what is the deal with herr?. seriosly I wanna know?
    Irefuse to nbelive Trump is the savriouand I refuse to nbeliev the iea of the saviour Foces tha govern the cosmos dont care bout the earthy throne unless they did a terible mistake and got bound to them tthen we are fuged…..


  2. More than anything, now is the time that those who have been ‘purchased’ and who have been supporting the dark forces’ agendas, to decide if they want to continue to support the cabal or disconnect their loyalty. It will be a difficult time for many and some may end up being sent to the smaller planet (new) like Earth to pay their karma and begin again. The dark forces have far too much karma to ever pay off and none are willing to even begin, so everything they have learned, mastered, etc. will be destroyed with their complete loss of memory and form, dark energies transmuted and returned to Source. Again, the timeline is in question and depending upon our own transmutation of energies and awakening, everyone plays their part in the change we are looking forward to.

  3. It was during October of 2019 that the dark forces were placed in Archangel Michaels “Right of Pass Not” to limit and restrict the power and influence they have had on Humanity. Frustrated, all the dark forces (Cabal, etc.) can do is use their technology to attempt manipulation, confusion, violence, etc., and only if we let them. In a way, it is helping us clear our own energies of experiences of disempowerment, fear, etc. so we can wake up to who we are and how we have been tricked. In short, the dark forces’ scam is back-firing on them.

    “Ask and you shall receive” is the law of life on the Planet (plan-it). Our Higher I Am Selves and guides cannot help unless we ask, give them permission. And when they say ‘asking them questions’ it not only gives them permission but helps them learn too by looking at something previously missed because they didn’t have a need to know until now.

    • My error. It should read “Ring of Pass Not” = energies to contain and restrict them. Unfortunately, many continue to be programmed to serve the dark forces agenda and we are waiting for them to wake up and begin living and working responsibly to make the ascension easier.


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