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  1. I hope this will this include having seed banks.
    True that this needs to be done in all countries.
    Let’s hope the authorities will weaken so as not to close down all farmers and these coop food places you are organizing.

  2. It seems, that Dr Fauci’s paper, just presented, is an example of distraction full-blown. It’s a sign, to me, of rats running on a sinking ship, the rats being the designers of the present chaos on all levels, throwing in more fear-triggering methods to prevent us from waking up and thinking for ourselves.

    I can’t help but feel that we’re beyond a point of no-return, rubbing the sand out of our eyes, left by the Sandman and pulling down the curtains around the Wizards of Oz’ domain. This may last for a while until all the fuel is burnt in the hell-holes of their hearts.

    I’m not suggesting that peace and wellbeing will return in the external world, especially when following the mainstream news and a-social media. As I perceive it, most of the work waiting for us is within the inner lining of our existence, our physical body, and our spiritual garden maintenance.

    This afternoon I was struck by the title of this video and started listening to an exceptional conversation about how suffering and healing are related to the positioning, or movement, of Chiron through the planets in our chart. I choose to share it here after I noticed the title of this post “Life Force Meeting 9/13/20 -Heal thyself”.

    The Astrology of Chiron, with Melanie Reinhart.
    One of Melanie Reinhart’s powerful statements in the 1:34:54 moment in this video:

    ‘To Remain Healthy in the time we are living in is an act of true revolution,
    because to stay healthy, mostly you really do have to change
    your mental cosmology and structure of understanding”.


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