This is a Spiritual Battle – Dave Cullen

Dave Cullen, an Irish YouTuber and passionate alternative citizen journalist, offers his commentary on COVID-19 and the current situation on Planet Earth. He shares his insights on the presence of a deeper agenda that, under the guise of environmentalism, a global vaccination plan, a financial reset, etc., aims to push the people of the Earth into a transhumanist agenda that threatens our very connection to God.

About Dave Cullen:

Computing Forever is a channel dedicated to politics, social commentary and technology. You’ll find tech reviews, discussions about politics, future technology, gaming Top 10s, vlogs and criticisms of social justice, political correctness and hyper consumerism. I approach my content with a critical eye and a skeptical mind.


“Somewhat of a Jordan Peterson type: violently opposed to any forms of Marxism, and with a great respect for the traditions, (many based in Christianity), that provide him the secular, capitalist, and individualist society he relishes.”

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  1. Mr. Cullen is not the only person who, through research, a critical eye and some history, can see what is upon us and what is coming. Sadly the world has so few ‘Dave Cullens’ and so many ‘Oprah Winfreys’ and ‘Mark Carneys’. I wield my Sword for God and Humanity but will this generation even recognize God or understand how important being ‘human’ and the connection to God really is? Our governments appear to be fulfilling and even urging on the ‘end of the world’ prophesies and so I must keep my Sword edge keen and my thrust strong against them. Will you also?

    • Reza, I find your continued post interesting with compassion for others who have died by ‘The Sword.’ I too have come to the same conclusion when I went back in time starting with Libya, then Middle East, then Korea, then Vietnam & said to myself “what makes WW2 any different” ?? I did much research & the thing that hurt the most is when it is your people who are effected. WW2 technically was the demonstration to the rest of the world “This is what happens”

  2. Americans satanists dont understand spritual things
    you have to talk about human sacrifice around the world
    America is satanworshiper country
    if you dont believe me look at 350 milions gons in US peoples hands


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