Amongst the “informed” and “awakened” community, who realize what has been going on behind the scenes, the so-called pandemic, also referred to as the Scamdemic, and the Covid-19 “cover” story, began to wear thin towards the end of May 2020.  Truth tellers were coming forward in large numbers, such as the movement to film your hospitals by local residents,


the banning of Hydroxychloroquine, the denigrating of bleach as a disinfectant, or the efficacy of light treatments.

The frontline doctors and researchers started to emerge as they began to see inconsistencies with their findings and the official narrative. Dr. Judy Mikovits, Dr. Rashid Buttar, Dr. Scott Jensen also a Minnesota State Senator, Dr. Rand Paul, Kentucky United States Senator, and numerous doctors, nurses and virologists – some of whom provided video evidence that the numbers of sick and dead as being peddled by the mainstream media were simply not adding up.

So what was the justification for shutting down society and economics?

Dr. Fauci was predicting models for a worst case scenario without the scientific basis for his numbers. The press runs with the information because it’s sensational. When the people react politicians respond…. all base on supposition.

In the beginning, it was claimed that there weren’t enough ventilators. And as it turned out – ventilators were actually killing people.  Millions were spent and yet ventilators from China and were discovered stockpiled.

It was also claimed that there weren’t enough hospital beds.  The Naval ships Mercy and Comfort were deployed to ports in New York and Los Angeles for an onslaught of patients who never appeared, and soon afterwards were sent home.


Around the world, treatments were succeeding in places such as Belarus, Honduras, Sweden, Taiwan, Turkey, Russia, and Japan, but the mainstream media in the United States focused on data strictly from Italy and the United States, where the focus was on inflating numbers.

This graphic shows that in those countries that didn’t use HCQ, their death rates remained high, while countries like the Morocco, Indonesia, Ukraine, Greece and others who did use HCQ early in treatment, showed lower mortality rates.

A Masonic method for achieving control of the masses, is to divide and conquer. This group has long used the strategy of hypothetical adversaries – going back at least as far as to pitting Christianity against Islam, as in the Crusades.

They contrive to turn one country against another, or blocks of countries against the other.  They use ideologies against each other.  Even competitive sports are used to divide people.

The divisiveness is seen especially in the United States, where, because of the pre-dominant two-party political system, there is the right versus left, conservatives versus Liberals issue. There is also the tremendous disparity of rich against poor. And, as has been found most useful to the Controllers recently, the supposed systemic racism of white against black.

The strategy of using racial divide is one of the tactics described in creating the New World Order. This order is a way for elites to grab and consolidate power. Kevin Ellerbe outlines how the same strategies were used in the 1960’s by the radical organization known as the Weather Underground. He elaborates on this in an interview from FOX news that covers this topic. Ellerbe’s recent analysis isn’t any different than many others studying the topic.

There are an expressed six ways to start the New World Order, and it begins with starting a Civil War in the U.S.

Stage 1. “Create Civil Unrest” in major U.S. cities…”

Why must history repeat itself again and again? The Hegelian dialectic can be found to be looming in the background of many well-laid plans and schemes from historic political takeovers, to gradual societal collapses into fascism or communism – which are two sides of the same coin. The strategy is always the same, whether written as the Communist Rules for Revolution, Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, or the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

For example, here’s an abridged form of the Communist Rules for Revolution:

1. Corrupt the young.  Get them away from religion. Encourage Sexual promiscuity. Make them superficial by the influence of celebrities with no moral character. Destroy their ruggedness. Individuality? Strengths?

“Drag Queen Story Hour with ‘Annie Christ’ sparks outrage in Philly”


2. Gain control over all means of media.


3. Get people’s minds off their government by focusing their attention on athletics, movies and television, pornography and other trivialities.


4. Divide the people into hostile groups by focusing on controversial matters of no importance.



5. Destroy the people’s faith in their natural leaders by holding the latter up to contempt and ridicule.


6. Always preach a true democracy, but seize power as fast and as ruthlessly as possible.


7. By encouraging government extravagance, destroy its credit and produce fear of inflation with rising prices and general discontent.

8. Forment unnecessary strikes in vital industries, encourage civil disorders, and foster a lenient and soft attitude on the part of government toward such disorders.


9. By specious argument, cause the breakdown of the old moral virtues, honesty, sobriety, continence, and faith in the pledged word.

10. Cause the registration of all firearms on some pretext, with a view to confiscating them and leaving the populace helpless.


Now, stop and think — how many of these rules are being carried out in America today? Is it just one big coincidence? Or are some long-range plans coming into play? And most importantly, who benefits?


Creating Public Outrage and Inflaming Racism

What better way to incite division than to play the Race Card. Race has long been an issue that can be pulled off the shelf when useful in achieving chaos or fueling tensions. In the past year, the race card has been used to build up to the May 25, 2020 incident involving George Floyd.

Precursors were happening when Jussie Smollett faked the racial attack outside his hotel room on the night of January 29, 2019. Charges have been brought against Smollett, and there are indications his racial “attack” was staged for political purposes.

What got lost the week before Smollett’s incident, were four racially motivated stunts that didn’t quite ignite the passions as well as the George Floyd incident did. These four incidents together were each hot topics on social media and the mainstream news as well. The racially motivated activities were carefully timed and each added fuel to the fire.

The first of the events happened on May 21 when police arrested an African American man in connection to beating a 75-year-old white man in a nursing home in Detroit. This event was followed on May, 22 when Joe Biden told podcaster Charlamagne “You ain’t black” in reference to if he weren’t to vote for him. Then the Central Park “Karen” aka Amy Cooper got national attention when she placed a 911 call claiming that an African American man just threatened her life.


The Powder Keg

The powder keg blew up on May 25, 2020 when videos appeared showing George Floyd who died in police custody after being held to the ground with a Minneapolis police officer’s knee on his neck.  The news repeatedly told the story of how wrong the actions were of the arresting officers, which fueled sympathy and anger across the nation. By the following evening, memorials were already being set up and shown by the media to garner sympathy for “the gentle giant” and former football player

Here’s where the media played into sparking the controversy: The story went viral, sparking a series of protests against police brutality, racism and a need for policy change.

This local U.S. incident spread around the world via orchestrated media, and the Black Lives Matter movement was re-born.

Among the informed, there are no coincidences, just carefully outlined plans.  So, while citizens were being told to dutifully stay at home, in fear, by the World Health Organization (a private corporation owned by Big Med and Big Pharma) and the White House Corona Virus Team, George Floyd’s name was used as a catalyst and rallying cry by the very same people, to allow and even encourage the protests and riots that followed in support of Black Lives Matter.


This tells us that playing the race card is a political tactic. This doesn’t discount the veracity, or truth of the subject, but isn’t it strange that politicians, news personalities, even entire sport leagues who NEVER get political and even European sports leagues, have picked up the mantra for Black Lives Matter?

Does Black Lives Matter really support black lives? It’s a valid question, when the donations at the Black Lives Matter website go to the Democratic party organization Act Blue.

Who is behind Black Lives Matter and Antifa? Why do their tactics follow those used by the Nazi’s when they took control of Germany?


Sowing dissent in a population and choosing a target for the hate has many predecessors from Hitler to Zionists to Civil Wars throughout history. The use of propaganda is a well-honed tactic to sow division.  Let’s pause and sprinkle a bit of reality on the topic.  How was a single event in the U.S. able to explode virtually overnight around the world into a sudden and apparent global mass change of consciousness?

Did the world suddenly and simultaneously realize that black lives mattered and that they had unknowingly been living a prior existence where black lives meant nothing?

Every major sporting team seemed to also have a flash of awakening and so decided to show their allegiance to the cause by kneeling at the start of games while wearing Black Lives Matter t-shirts.


Wasn’t it just a few years ago that the same people were castigating and crucifying Colin Kaepernik for doing the same thing?

Were you ever shown these copy-cat police submissions from other locations around the world shortly after the Floyd incident?

May 28, in Paris.

May 30, in Madrid


There are no coincidences. But there are coordinated and staged mocking bird media events.  When peaceful daytime protests got infiltrated and turned violent towards the evening, the special interest groups Black Lives Matter and Antifa were in the forefront.

Bricks and bottles were conveniently made available by the truckload and used to cause damage and to be thrown at the outnumbered police.

Even with cities burning and people being shot, mayors and governors in those areas would not allow the use of military aid to stop the violence – the police were not allowed to do the job they are paid to do.   Of course it makes sense for politicians and those in power to allow citizens to burn public buildings, paint streets, destroy public and private property, and steal and plunder small businesses while holding “peaceful” demonstrations…..when those same people in power are promoting the plan.

Their next calculated move was to take over control of the police and abolish them.  This can be compared to Hitler’s brown shirt brigade – the police get replaced by citizen “Peace Enforcement” teams. These are precarious situations, but planned results of instigated chaos.

“Defund the Police!” has become a rallying cry by prominent politicians.

What better way to stir the race pot and incite fury on all sides, than to pit the police against minorities who are angry and demanding justice?

Are you starting to recognize the pattern?


Fear.  Division.  Anger.  Stir and repeat.


Problem. Reaction. Solution. 

Take a captured population sequestered in their homes, with no jobs and no place to go and nothing to do but watch TV.  Get them completely paranoid with the fear of dying from an unseen enemy so dangerous that it lurks in the very air you breathe.

Broadcast your messages of exaggerated doom 24/7 on every news outlet putting everyone in a quivering state of anxiety and making them suspicious of all of their neighbors, friends and family members.  Then ignite their desperation and fear with a lit  stick of dynamite where one end is politics and the other end is racial tensions and sit back and watch the fireworks.

What better plan to destroy America and drive the country into a third world state could possibly exist?


Who is igniting the flames of hate?  Are there people helping to organize the riots with BLM and Antifa, paying for their travel from city to city, and recruiting and training new members to fight in the streets

Antifa, the “anti-fascist” group who, despite their name, uses fascistic tactics – which often include extreme violence, have gained the label of Domestic Terrorists. This in response to their having vandalized government buildings, churches, police precincts, and businesses, leaving a wake of injury, destruction of property, and death.

This movement seeks to tear down the establishment and replace it with a Socialist Democracy. (i.e. Communism)


They are also infiltrating or rather, impersonating, the Q Anon movement, and threatening violence — even though the group known as Q has only ever advocated taking on the shield of God and encourages followers to enjoy the show and never interrupt your enemy when they are in the act of destroying themselves. 

Consider too, that prisoners have been released by Governors around the country due to Covid. And generally, people are being told to wear masks – once just the public attire of bank robbers and thieves.  Could this have been a calculated move to increase the violence on the streets? After all, with large numbers of the general population out of work, it is not likely that newly released prisoners were able to find jobs or homes. Was the motive to enable them to participate in the violence plaguing us? 10,000 prisoners were released in California alone by May of 2020.


It is also an important consideration when thinking about why this is happening. During the shutdowns, take San Francisco and New York as examples – half of the businesses have shut down.  The riots only added to the closure of business zones in New York City, Minneapolis, Seattle and Portland. So while local businesses shut down and over half of them may never return… who managed to stay open during all this chaos?

Utilizing chaos allows for order out of chaos. Big businesses remained open because they were planned to stay open. This is a simple consolidation of power and assets. While small businesses were severely harmed or even forced to close larger chains such as Target, Amazon reaped big profits. 

We encourage your thoughtful consideration of the points we’ve made here. We are only skimming the surface here. There are many more sources, and collected articles on the Prepare for website to support this information. Prepare for Change has been fighting this battle and dedicated to helping inform the population since 2012.

Remember, that from the perspective of the elite, too many people are a threat to them. These cowards hide in shadows and are in a panic right now with the great awakening of the public.

Much of this information will be new to you. Though, you’ve probably wondered about these subjects, which is why you’re here. We understand that you are receiving this information in a crash-course. Revelations such as these can be hard to accept. Please take your time with these disclosures. If you find that you are triggered into difficult emotions, please find ways to pace yourself. Ponder over the information, ask your higher wisdom for guidance, and do your own research to clarify any confusion. Keep an open mind and only take what currently resonates with you.

Like many newly awakening humans, you may find that this information is more real than the stories that the controlled media have been telling you.

As you grow on your path, you find discernment and begin to more easily see the thinking behind planned chaos.



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  2. Annonymously, True Story: Back about 2008 our ‘Local Police’ answered a 911 call coming in from our local gas station, they were being robbed. In the pursuit, the man was arrested. on the day the well decorated officer was to appear in court he received a phone call from the ‘Police Chief’ not to come to court because his Boss (being the Mayor), dropped the charges due to “Bad Publicity for the town.” (because he was black). One year later this Thug was robbing another store in a neighboring town & on the pursuit that led to a highway, the robber crashed into a young husband/father & killed him. Now if the Thug was in prison where he belong in the first place… These Politicians are the one’s that You ought to be addressing!

  3. Jose put it well in his comments so I won’t readdress that, however, I’d like to add, that this article, allegedly to address how the racial divide, is being abused and used against us, yet, much of the article (besides being a blatant Republican propaganda piece – where are the Democrat propaganda pieces, we are and have been after all, under a fascist Republican regime 4 years now,, shouldn’t these website pages be full of pro democrat pieces? – not that I’d vote Democrat, or Republican either, ever again, of course as I don’t vote for cabal criminals. I’m just asking where is the “balance’ – left to one guy, me, alone a non Democrat, to argue their valid points here…) does nothing to address the real issues, and uses them, to spark further divide politically and racially…

    This article I feel, is strongly promoting racism, slyly promoting hatred and possibly violence. Furthermore it is denigrating the only common sense solution to what I feel is “a” number one problem in America: Corrupt police departments, over funded, by hundreds of times,, police,, over militarized police, police trained to look on the public as their enemy because they are “corporate cops” and UCC Law does state we the Citizens, are,,, their enemy.
    They, are not,, not local “peace officers” and ‘constables” as we once had and whom served quite well in this country for 200 years, which all changed just prior to the beginnings of the over funding over hiring and over paying particularly with bribery (bonuses), corrupt cop invasion, begin in 1980’s by that criminal Reagan, with the war on the peaceful American public (misnamed war on drugs).

    No this article does not address one of the biggest problems (besides fascist, bribed, over funded corporate, corrupt cops), it does not address the fact “Corporations Are Not People”. Every state in the USA is “incorporated”, every community of any size is “incorporated’, every cop therefore, is a “corporate cop” – ie: Not a real, peace-officer, period.
    They are trained by the corporations, and thereby, by the cabal, to shoot first, kill first, and if the individual submits, to use the most brutal violent and humiliating means to dehumanize the individual and put them through the most difficult time of their lives, for whatever goal, the corporation, (ie run by Republican and Democrat administrations of the corporation’) has set.
    – I should add here, I do not advise that anyone individually,, disobey the orders of any corporate cop, they are armed, most of them honestly in my opinion, may be psychotic ex military nut case whackos that probably would not survive outside the military (reason they became cops) or uniformed authority setting, and might just shoot you dead or worse if you don’t obey whatever insane, criminally corrupt, orders,, they might issue… so obey their spewed corporate law backed, orders, whatever it is, and address it later legally if possible….of course, that did not help Mr Floyd much, did it.

    Which is, the reason the cops must be defunded to re 1980 levels.

    It May be coming to the time that America would wake up and if, we cannot,, restore, the original US Constitution (currently in interregnum), then we should follow the Soviet example in one regard, and breakup the union, If we do not restore the US Constitution, with original amendments, and bill of rights, then, the 50 State ‘corporate’ and corporate federal government should be disbanded forever, and new “states” and new governments formed under a new, US Constitution, as was originally drafted, so long ago. After all, it did work, a few years anyway, before corporations and cabal took over, it just needs a few revisions like the original ban,, on lawyers,, serving in any capacity, in government should be upheld, and corporations as they exist under today’s laws must be my feeling, banned permanently, any business must have a responsible person, a human. That is the definition and problem with corporations, there is no one, no person, responsible. Just like the cabal USA Inc., government, and the corrupt, use these laws and corporate “fictions” to hide behind.

    They must all, be stopped.
    If we cannot revive the original United States of the US Constitution, then we must replace it with a government or governments, which serve the people, serving them in their region solely…
    There are obviously geographic differences and geopolitical not to mention racial divides, that under the current system, make it no longer possible for the “cabal USA Inc.” to function, and serve the needs of all the people, therefore if the United States of America, cannot be restored it must, by definition be replaced.

    • I don’t know where you live but I myself do not witness this “Corporate Cop” you have babbled on before about Police Officers, are you a ‘Defund the Police’ movement?? I’d suggest it’s time for you to relocate.

      • Also the Floyd incident was not real. & The State’s are not incorporated because “They” could never bypass The County’s. Furthermore you do not replace ‘The Constitution’ Ever! You Only replace ‘The Guards’ which are the Politicians.

    • Hello Annonymously, I’m not denying your views etc. on what you’ve found in this page here. Are you responding to the content of the text on this page? If that’s the case, there’s something missing maybe, or different from the intention chosen by the team that has started these Planned Chaos series here.

      I’ve come to realize something now. As far as I’ve perceived the meaning of the Planned Chaos series, publishing non-disclosed information, more or less, is that it would happen in a factual sharing of it and not in a wrapping of someone’s opinion and comments in between the videos, documents, etc.

      I believe that by offering us this condensed amount of information, from a variety of sources, in a factual way, without adding an opinion or emotional charge in the manner of speaking, that we’re better served as readers, so that we can make up our own minds

      I’m not ignoring the fact that also the content of videos, podcasts and creatively designed illustrations, can hold an emotional charge and non-neutral points of view.
      I do hope that the team of PFC will pay attention and take this comment into consideration. Not for the sake of making a change, but maybe with the decision to explain the chosen form of presentation.

      It’s right now, today, that this topic is in sync with my thoughts about the way we’re steered to find information in the Wishing Well of Wonders, by Google, YouTube and other invisible influences, suggesting the making of a choice based on one’s history of surfing the waves in that ocean of data. See what I mean?

      Once I realized this way of collecting information and data was always within the same and safe boundary of what’s familiar to my mind, confirming always what’s known already and what’s expected at the same time, I’ve chosen to turn my manner of investigating into a 360 degrees perspective.

      How? By deliberately studying views and opinions, even expressions of art, so that I’m not “deep in the same groove” all the time, looking at my world, missing out on gymnastics for my mind and soul. It may sound illogical, but while I’m fond of making up my own mind, often strongly expressing my views and opinions, I equally welcome to be corrected.

      I’m always aware of this dynamic, within the internet of things, which is part of mind-control in a sense, very subtle. Although it’s maybe initially a matter of surveillance.
      Surveillance capitalism is a growing phenomenon online.

      At the same time, I may have a blind spot for something, due to the tendency to always look for what’s familiar and therefore safe, with my tendency to be in control, for the sake of my mind’s security, my ego’s safety, ha! At least that’s not a blind spot. Gosh, what am I saying?😊

      • Oh, I forgot something. In my comment here, when I say “By deliberately studying views and opinions, even expressions of art, so that I’m not “deep in the same groove” all the time.” I mean different views and opinions, those that aren’t familiar to me or expected.

  4. I just have to say Thank You!!
    For taking the time and heart to show the Truth about what it’s really going on. I’ve felt and yet known for a long time. But if i ever talked to someone about it, they would say “Girl you’re high”.

    • I feel the same way! My kids think I’m 💯 crazy! They are buying the whole illusion, every last bit of it! They are smart kids ( in their 20’s) but critical thinking is out of style apparently. They have suffered much loss in their short lives so I don’t want to divide what’s left of our family by digging into them but, I sure do pray a lot for their eyes to open. My main message to them is to question anything that furthers a divide! Blessings to all!

  5. Thank you so much for putting all this information into perspective as we have been seeing these things happen one by one. Nothing here is new to my husband and me and I think I have figured something out. Being many, many of us Americans are armed to the hilt in our homes, you must notice that the cowards have looted and burned mostly small businesses and public places where there are few or no guns. We live in a neighborhood with enough ex-military that we feel pretty darn safe. Besides my other means of protection, I have asked my husband for a shotgun for Christmas. Merry Christmas Antifa/BLM.

  6. It’s funny, an article on how they divide and conquer us…yet this web page and it’s contributors are still not completely awake to the game being played. Yes you are about 50% correct in your analysis, but this whole reality is meant to be a game, and judging by your pictures you hold people like Ronald Regan and Donald Trump as thought they were Heroes or Fighters of the truth. Reagan was as horrible as George Bush, and Trump is as evil as Obama, yes there are slight differences in their “Official” party platforms, but if there wasn’t some differences they would not be able to divide us. Gun control, Abortion, Education, Tax Policies, Social Security, are all talking points to corral the masses into the game of good cop, bad cop, but they still get their way in the end cop. The only white hats in this nation are those citizens who want to stick to the edicts of our founding Fathers and the US Constitution. Individuals who truly want all American citizens to have the same rights and opportunities as those with all the money and power are the true good guys. Good Guys do not exist in American politics once you get to the level of Senator, Congressman or President. Every single politician at that level is vetted by someone higher than they are in the “Power Pyramid” You do not get to move up unless you are part of the cabal to begin with…Trump was invited into the game like Regan was, they get to play their “Role” Regan was a terrible actor and Trump was a “Reality Star”, but the people who really pull the strings decide their fate…and if they no longer like them, they make them disappear in either a cloud of controversy or gunfire…. Thats how it is done in the Corporation called the United States of America…. Stop believing in fairy tales….No Good Guys at the Top…Just Scum Bags…..

    • What you say may have been the game up to now but we have reached the end of this cycle of time and, now, evolution kicks in. It is the time for God to move those forward who are ready. If you think this is not true, then continue to stay in your beliefs.

    • .No Good Guys at the Top…Just Scum Bags…..

      Have you done any work on yourself or are you a slave of one of those scum bags? Just curious.

  7. Who would like to conduct a mass meditation campaign for Kyle Rittenhouse, Lady Michele Renouf, Marian Kotleba, Hervé Ryssen, Golden Dawn and others like them, so they may overcome their adverse tribulations?

    “Multiple European Union states are breaking with post-war liberal conventions and openly imprisoning prominent political opponents and intellectuals for ideological crimes.

    While many European nations have “hate speech” laws, this is the first time in recent memory that liberal democracies have mustered the nerve to begin sentencing elected officials to long prison sentences for their ideas. These acts are highly discrediting to the neo-liberal project and will likely have unforeseen consequences in the long-run.” –

    “Rioters have also been trained to delete incriminating data from their phones and physically attack and beat unvetted onlookers who try to record events, then destroy their phones and cameras. That way a false record can be created ab initio by BLM/Antifa and their backers in media, police agencies, the FBI, prosecutors’ offices, and courts.

    Thanks to synchronized media and Internet censorship, the instantly constructed false narrative will be refined, grow, and gain greater and greater traction until it freezes into a simpleminded, easily comprehensible and repeatable inversion of the truth. It will acquire unshakeable authority.

    Jewry [especially the Khazarian Satanist Mafia?] understands people will not know, remember, or care what really happened, and that truth is ultimately irrelevant when you possess the kind of untrammeled power and malice they do. That is what happened with Charlottesville.” –

    Don’t James Fields and his place of incarceration, the overcrowded and notoriously dangerous high security U. S. Penitentiary-Hazleton in West Virginia near the Maryland border, deserve a mass meditation campaign for them, too?

    Even if you disagree with their ethnopolitical beliefs, would you like to participate in a mass meditation campaign using Buddhic Columns for America’s prisoners of conscience?


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