Sir, Madam, Here is the evidence. This C virus scenario has been in preparation and under study for many years. See the 2010 Rockefeller Report.  It is not disputable, since the information comes from the official patent registers in the Netherlands and the United States. And we have all the documentation

BIG UPDATES: 3rd deposit found with OBVIOUS PRE-PLANNING!

As we have shown in previous exhibits, the whole Covidiocracy is a farce and a simulation long prepared by the World Bank / IMF / Rothschilds and their Lemmings, in partnership with Rockefeller.

Our latest discoveries complement these previous revelations. first recorded: Netherlands, 2015

Source: Dutch government website on the patent register   Info (text copy):

A method is provided for the acquisition and transmission of biometric data (e.g. vital signs) of a user, where the data is analyzed to determine if the user is suffering from a viral infection, such as COVID-19.  The method includes using a pulse oximeter to acquire at least the pulse and the percentage of oxygen saturation of the blood, which is transmitted wirelessly to a smartphone. To ensure the accuracy of the data, an accelerometer is used in the smartphone to measure the movements of the smartphone and/or the user.  Once the exact data is acquired, it is uploaded to the cloud (or host), where it is used (either alone or with other vital signs) to determine if the user is (or is likely to be) suffering from an infection. viral, such as COVID-19.

Depending on the specific needs, the data, changes to it, and/or the determination can be used to alert medical personnel and take the corresponding action.

second recording: us, 2015

Detailed information below. GOOGLE PATENTS DOWNLOAD (PDF)

ONE KEY DETAIL STRUCK ME ABOUT THESE RECORDINGS: They were both filed and updated years ago, but they were scheduled to be released to the public in September 2020. This is proof enough that they knew in 2015 what was going to happen in September 2020!


Source Before presenting the technical details of the patent, let’s consider the inventor’s Facebook for a moment: Did you notice something?   Patent Info (full copy):    Title: System and Method of Using, Biometrics and Displaying Biometric Data US  Patent Application 20170229149 Kind Code: A1    Summary: A method is provided for processing and displaying a user’s biometric data, either singly or in combination (in sync) with other data, such as the user’s video data for a period when biometric data has been acquired. The method includes storing the biometric data so that it is linked to an identifier and at least one timestamp² (e.g. start time, sampling frequency, etc.), and storing the data video so that they are linked to the id and at least one timestamp (for example, a start time).

By storing the data in this way, the biometric data can be displayed (either real-time or delayed) in synchronization with the video data, and the biometric data can be searched to identify at least one biometric event. The video corresponding to the biometric event can then be displayed, alone, or with at least one biometric element of the user during the biometric event.

Claims: What is claimed is:

1. A method for identifying a video corresponding to a biometric event of a user, said video being displayed with at least one biometric element of said user during said biometric event, comprising: receiving a request to start a session; using at least one program running on a mobile device to assign a session number and start time to said session; receiving video data from a camera, said video data comprising video of at least one of said user and the environment of said user for a period of time, said period of time starting at said start time; receiving biometric data from a sensor, said biometric data comprising a plurality of values ​​on a biometric element of said user during said period of time; using said at least one program to link at least said session number and said start time to said video data; use of said at least one program to link at least said session number, said start time and a sampling rate to said biometric data, at least said session number being used to link said biometric data to said video data, and to minus said sampling rate and said start-up time being used to bind and said start time being used to relate individual values ​​of said plurality of values ​​to individual times in said period of time; receiving said biometric event, said biometric event comprising a value or a range of said biometric; using said at least one program to identify a first value of said plurality of values ​​corresponding to said biometric event; using said at least one program and at least said start time, said sampling rate and said time period to identify a first time in said time period corresponding to said first value of said plurality of values; and displaying on said mobile device at least said video data during said first time with said first value of said plurality of values, wherein said first time is used to show said first value of said plurality of values ​​in synchronization with a portion of said video data which shows at least one of said user and said user’s environment during said biometric event.


This request is a continuation of the ser. n ° 15 / 293,211, filed on October 13, 2016 which clarified,


This application is a continuation of Application No. 15 / 293.211, filed October 13, 2016, which claims priority, pursuant to Section 119 (e) of 35 USC, over  Provisional Application No. 62 / 240.783, filed on October 13, 2015, which requests are specifically incorporated into this document, in their entirety, by reference.


1. Field of the Invention

The present invention relates to the reception and use of biometric data, and more particularly, to a system and a method for displaying at least one biometric data of a user as well as a video of the user when the at least one. biometric data is measured and / or received.

2. Description of related art

Recently, devices have been developed which are capable of measuring, detecting, or estimating, in a practical form, at least one or more measurements related to physiological characteristics, commonly referred to as biometric data. For example, watch-like devices have been developed capable of measuring an individual’s heart rate or pulse and, using this data along with other information (e.g. age, weight, etc. ), to calculate a result, such as the total calories burned by the individual during a given day. Similar devices have been developed to measure, detect or estimate other types of parameters, such as blood pressure, breathing patterns, breathing composition, sleeping patterns, and blood alcohol level, to name just a few.

These devices are generically called biometric devices or biosensor measurement devices.   As the types of biometric devices continue to develop, the way in which biometric data is used remains relatively static. For example, heart rate data is typically used to give individual information about their pulse and calories burned. On the other hand, blood alcohol data is generally used to give a person information about their blood alcohol level and to inform them whether or not they can drive a motor vehicle safely or legally. As yet another example, a person’s respiratory rate (measurable for example either by the sound level in decibels or by changes in the level in decibels over a period of time) can be monitored by a doctor, nurse or medical technician. to determine if the person has sleep apnea.

While biometric data is useful in itself, it would be more informative or dynamic if it could be combined with other data (e.g. video data, etc.), provided (e.g., wirelessly, over a network, etc.) to a device remotely, and / or searchable (for example, allowing the rapid identification of certain conditions, such as a high heart rate) and / or crossed (for example, using biometric data to identify a video section illustrating a specific characteristic, or vice versa). It is, therefore, necessary to have an efficient system and method capable of achieving at least some, if not all, of the aforementioned advantages, and also capable of merging the data generated in automatic or manual form by the various devices. , which often use operating systems or technologies (e.g. hardware platforms, protocols, data types, etc.



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  1. (just in case my first attempt to post this isn’t successful)
    At least, this is what I’ve been able to find:

    I’m not sure if it’s correct that The Netherlands reported the patent, suggested in this part of Benjamin Fulford’s report:

    “Our latest discoveries complement these previous revelations. first recorded: Netherlands, 2015
    Source: Dutch government website on the patent register”

    After looking into this:

    and I click on “origineel document” it’s obviously from the US:
    It’s possible that Benjamin found it on the Dutch “Government for Enterprising Netherlands” site, but it doesn’t mean it’s created by the Dutch, but just copied from the US source.

    Does anyone of you have more documentation or clarification about this?

    • Dear all,

      I am an expert in the field of patents. The Provisional Application No. 62 / 240.783, filed on October 13, 2015, called in our jargon, a priority, does NOT mention COVID 19. I checked it. It is only the latest filing, in May 2020 if my memory is correct, which mentions the use of the method of the provisional application for COVID-19. So, NO NO NO, this is not a proof at all that COVID 19 was planned. But I tend to agree that the pandemic was planned, as it is clearly just comparable with a flu. The over mortality in the Netherlands is above 2019 but still under 2018.

      And indeed, the information is available in Dutch, but the patent is not Dutch. It is indeed from the US. I can provide absolute proof of all the above if someone wishes. I would need to attach pdf documents, though. To show the provisional application, among others.


      • Hello Jacques, thank you for your comment! When I read this part of it:
        “The Provisional Application No. 62 / 240.783, filed on October 13, 2015, called in our jargon, a priority, does NOT mention COVID 19. I checked it.”
        I immediately wanted to ask you to share what you’ve found, if possible, here.
        I’ve noticed that the term “COVID-19” is mentioned in the document where the “abstract” is published.
        Attaching pdf documents here isn’t easy, I’ve noticed. If you can’t share it here, you’re welcome to send it to my gmail account with the name I use here. Gracias.

  2. I would rather ditch my phone than have these people invading my privacy and obtaining data they have not be given permission by me to take. I would like to state here and now you do not have permission to trespass on my domain spiritual psychological or physical. Of course it was planned you just have to look at the WHO Preparedness Annual Reports to see that this simulation was signed off on by all the treasonous Government leaders of at least 193/4 countries who all broke their oaths to the people they were supposed to represent and through them under a bus. They have all acted as a malignant force against humanity and need to be rounded up and arrested and removed from public office. So much evidence of fraud planned genocide and attempts to control every aspect of the surviving world population that you would have to be blind or in a coma not to see it. Thanks for the report Ben

    • Then ditch your phone, because they invade your privacy & obtain data everyday. I do not & never have had a cell. & I resent being followed on every place & every item I buy on the internet. This too will end for me soon. I only made use of the internet because of the 2016 election. Was doing a lot of research on history.

      • Yes I agree I do not have a smart phone and do not use it as a mobile phone anyway it stays put. I just have a very old basic text and phone one which I keep in a drawer and only use to get codes for banking and messages about shopping deliveries etc. There is no data for anyone to steal. I know just what you mean La Verne. I would never get a smart phone or television. Trump has been working on taking spyware out of devices and the mind control Electromagnetic waves have been switched off as well I have heard plus the weaponised high radiation 5G is switched off and they are putting magnets on it which makes it have healing waves compatible with ours. There are indictments in the court of California dated 23 February 2020 where all this is being dealt with and these people are being stopped and punished. But none of that is
        being reported on by the cabal run media because it does not suit their agenda.
        Do you have premium CC cleaner on your device it cleans off trackers and you get much less of that. I think there is a way to switch off adverts as well you will have to look at your settings. I am amused however that your reply concerned ditching the phone – I think it is far more concerning that a huge Fraud and terror attack has been pre-planned and that the leaders of all these countries who signed off in it did not protect the people they had signed an oath to. Instead they have plotted and schemed against the people for financial gain and to terrorise them into believing a lie in order to bring in a NWO one world government of control and enslavement under Lucifer and all the horrors that will bring upon us. They are all showing themselves not to be working for the people but to be puppets of the cabal working against you for self interest. I guess something huge like that was not important to you.

        • Gee Rachel, I am beyond that matrix of caring. I’ve put myself out there in the 2016 election, so much so I had media helicopters over my home twice. I gave them the finger. I had my car being traced & had to take out a fuse for a whole year. (I did miss the C/D player thou) I didn’t mean anything negative toward you, just conversating.

        • Rachel, I would like to add, I was not intimidated by my experience. I just don’t care because this whole mask wearing sheep make me not care for them. It’s shameful & pathetic. I am tired of being around hairless legged men, they are spineless & not worth fighting for. & As for the women putting muzzles on their children….. In my opinion cowardice can be considered one of ‘The Seven Sins.’

          • Hello LaVerne, when you consider cowardice as one of the 7 sins, where’s heroism showing up? I can’t find it showing up in the content of your comments. Is it your wish to show heroism? Is there a big size portion of your life that you keep to yourself, maybe?

          • Devon, What the heck are you trying to turn your Dutchy Windmills in, mud?? Perhaps your upset because you feel it was directed towards you because you not only where a muzzle but encourage others to leave there ‘Free Will’ at home. & As you have told me, now I will tell you, the comment of conversation was not directed for you to comment.

          • La Verne, this is my last response here. Assumptions…. assumptions… you seem to have lots in your backpack, ready to be pulled out and used as a shield.
            Your way of distracting from the issue at hand shows up in broad daylight, and funny enough, because of that the distraction falls flat on its face. With that attitude of yours, there’s no winning. You simply avoid answering a question. Your cynical tone and pedantry is the mud between respectful comments of others here.

  3. If this part of Benjamin Fulford’s report is based on facts: “Our latest discoveries complement these previous revelations. first recorded: Netherlands, 2015

    Source: Dutch government website on the patent register”
    where is the source? If he can have access to it, please provide a link for me, us?
    And if it’s not possible to disclose the source, how can I have proof of this being factual?
    I’m Dutch, in touch with an organisation taking steps to file lawsuits to the Dutch government, and so this is important for me to know. If it’s not going to burn my security.


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