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  1. The Obama administration was dealing with Ukraine and had their hands in the honey pot.
    Lets see even Paul Pelosi , Nancys son is involved.
    They wanted us dependent on natural gas from Ukraine because they were getting kick backs from it.
    No Wonder they Ban fracking!
    No Wonder they want Trump GONE
    The US is the Saudi Arabia of Natural Gas but they dont want to be profitable off that because Americans could benefit too.
    You really dont have to look far past your nose to see the scams they pull on us.

  2. Hi
    We all thought that Trump is corrupt ????
    Trump owes alot of money to IRS.
    Trump doesn’t wear a face mask.
    Alot of hard working people lost their jobs because of the Administration not acting quickly enough to stop the covid 19 spread.
    Did Trump Really go to the hospital with the coronavirus ??? He recovered very fast.

    • “we all thought Trump is corrupt.” No dear, very bad semantics. We did not “all” think anything. we thought many things.
      Mainly we thought Trump was far less corrupt compared to Killary or Biden, or Kamala. They are sold out to bribery and CCP. It’s a New World Order and they can’t wait to lick the hand of their masters and be part of it. Some semblance of USA patriotism still lives in T.

      Trump owes lots of money? Did they IRS tell you that? They are the only ones who would have that say. Do they confide in YOU? Seriously…

      Trump doesn’t wear a face mask. Because the Planned Scam demic is a fraud. CDC admits only 9000 died. do you still fall for the 200,000 figure? And CDC admits they do NOT have an isolated sample of the so-called Covid virus!!!!! Do you have any idea what this means about the idiocy of claiming you can test for it?

      I guess you don’t believe there are some very large financial and Big Pharma concerns who can control the media with bribes and blackmail, and they need a Reset to cover their inept criminal behavior that has crashed the banksters many times, only to get balled out. Lockdown is a test for covidiots and the New Slavery. Do YOU just go along with the Official Story?

      Trump for all his faults is still surrounded by the Swamp, the military industrial complex, the Fed,(do you even understand how the Fed works and that it’s a private consortium of banksters making us pay interest on a national debt needlessly?)

      Honestly, the layers of historical deception and corruption are so devious that it’s no wonder noobs like you just do not have a clue.

    • Marilyn. You cannot be using reliable news sources to come to your conclusions. If you find that Trump wins the election and you cannot understand how, then try to figure out why thousands of people were going to his rallies but had little interest in Biden. What do the Trump supporters know that at this point you do not? It is so enlightening if you investigate what Trump is trying to show us.


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