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  1. To The German Volk, On June 15th, 1939 A new Reichsbank Law was promulgated & made the bank unconditionally subordinated to the sovereignty of the state (Germany). Article 3 of the Law decreed that the bank, renamed the Deutsche Reichsbank should be directed & managed according to the instructions & under supervision of The Fuehrer & Reich Chancellor. Adolf Hitler officially departed from the International Swindlers & Usurers. It was this event that would trigger World War 2. The Rothschild realized the Universal replication of Germany’s Usury Free, that would permanently destroy the evil financial empire. To Germans, Always remember the Lies will breakdown under the weight & Truth will Triumph. The hour is near when we shall stand Pure & undefiled.

  2. LaVerne – correct Lots of Heinous Acts Have been Done to all the People.

    This is Not about Kim , its about the Millions Of People Joining Lifeforce at grass roots

    level as evidence in the below Meeting November 1 , 2020 Taking action

    To Get Rid of the parasites in/on/around Midgard Earth and creating a better future

    for All.Via Restoration Plan.

    At this Point in Time We are all Bored of the trust the plan and sit on your hands and do

    Nothing !

    Millions of People Uniting Is a significant amount of Evidence of Action !

    Activity = Results

    • Unity, We see No Evidence from Kim, just words & in many words Historical Lies. Was not that the point of my comment. Kim had the opportunity to publish Trumps conversation while he was in Greenland to prove to trust who she is & what her true intentions are, but instead we get more babbling.

      • LaVerne

        She did provide it not to public, and irrelevant.,and who gives a shit ,

        Your missing the Point LaVerne

        Its People Power that is changing things, not the irrelevant


        Millions Joining

        Check it out dude !

        Sensational 2 meetings below !

        LIFE FORCE MEETING 11/1/2020

        LIFE FORCE OCT 25, 2020

        Real People , With Real Solutions 🙂

        • Unity, Your missing the point, Kim & yourself are saying the rest of us populace are unimportant to supply us with evidence. I have watched those episodes & really it proves nothing to ‘The People.’ Really it is no different then following Q, (which I never did). A lot of rambling about under ground cities & human sacrifice & no proof. A lot of Historical Lies about WW2 on her part, plus additives now, on this episode, very laughable, in a sad way. If one cannot tell the truth about the past, I have no reason to believe what one says today.

      • LaVerne just to be crystal clear as you already know but just making it crystal clear …

        for all Governments, Militaries, Cia, Nsa etc etc , media etc

        Tank did say this in a episode you have to have the appropriate clearance

        Perhaps watch every episode link below twice and take notes to bring yourself up to date.. from episode WATCH-SHARE-URGENT: The Global Financial System-Part 1

        You have to have appropriate clearance to receive the info at Greenland

        Kimberley Ann Goguen has the highest clearance level on the Planet, is the guardian of all the assets on earth and the Ambassador for Earth as You know.

        kims clearance 60 plus
        Trump 20 plus

        Personally if it was me and head of these institutions, id start being very

        Nice to Kim perhaps sending her pretty flowers every day, :at the end of the day she is everyone’s boss and pays your wages )

        Stop the loop program ,it really is Boring !

        If it was me id stop paying your wages 2 years ago !!!

      • Clarification Kim’s Has highest clearance on the Planet ,
        security Clearance is 60 plus , and above Majestic

        Trump and other political leaders clearance 20 plus

  3. Since Kim keeps rambling on about ‘The Black Sun’ lets define it. The Black Sun configuration is not ancient, it is a 20th century invention following certain similarities to ‘The Sun Wheel.’ ‘The Sun Wheel’ is representation of a Solar symbol. The first time the symbol appears in history is in the ‘Wewelsburg Castle’ during renovations during the 20th century. ‘Sowilo’ literally means Sun & the 12 rays represent the Sun, which represented Light, Hope, guidance, goal setting & success, directly connected to ‘Sun Wheel Symbol’ as a symbol of Power & Perseverance.

  4. Information Warfare. Kim offers no evidence to her claims. Not buying the John F. Kennedy Black Sun. She mentions genocide of past peoples but fails to mention Bolshevik, Genocide of Russians for half of the century that just past (up to 30 million). & Holodomor, Genocide of Ukrainians ( up to 30 million). & Germans before, during & after WW2 (up to 15 million). So, The difference between some holocaust of jews that has already been disproven through Science, Lab Test of the camp sites & documentation of ‘Haavara’ & other documentation throughout the war & after, we say the allege holocaust is just that & Non-negotiable. So, one needs to ask one self, why is the (faked) holocaust so important? It is a Major Key to freeing the World.


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