Plans being put into place as presented by FreeThinkersReport:

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  1. So please tell me if they carry through with what you just said, HOW ON EARTH DO WE TRANSITION TO POSITIVE TIMELINE 1. This annoys me so much. No one ever ever explains how positive timeline comes out of their control on us. Some of these spiritual people are all talk but give zero account of HOW humanity breaks free from the Cabal actions described.
    The Cabal offers zero debt, worse Covid virus, locks us down, vaccinates us. Ok were at that point, now please continue with steps to positive timeline from their. But no , we have zero description of steps taken by the masses to liberation. All left as a mystery. Please anyone, can you tell me what happens from their. Such airy fairy intel.
    It must be the event but these spiritual people like to describe in detail the Cabals negative plans which are obvious but give zero details on masses actions countering the Cabal. Still all a mystery. This update told me nothing that i didnt already know. I dont know how anyone would follow this guy. I could have given this message.
    Any fair dinkum spiritual types out there who can clearly tell me in steps how we attain positive timeline out of vaccination, lockdowns, one world financial system etc. Please no airy fairy talk, just plain and simple steps. Truth be known none of these so called spiritual types with the so called top info know themselves. Please enlighten me.

    • The 3D matrix we call earth is a prison slave system. It has been imposed on us by higher density beings that think they are perfect. They are as or more imperfect than us. However, they have the technological advantage of keeping our lives short and then wiping our memories of this place every incarnation. No way to evolve and grow spiritually. Bottom line we are in a trap that never ends. We all are awake to the fact that there is no way to win the game. Time for the world to stop playing. Just stop and know that everything is meant to get a reaction from you. Time for the world to wake up and just breathe. Other than that I say burn the whole thing down.


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