From Saratoga Ocean:

This is a pretty good way to look at our current reality….don’t forget the bigger picture!


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  1. Ohh thank you so much for posting this I’m so glad to watch this . I’m in a different situation and resized I’m literally kidnapped since November last year to an Alice in wonderhell already ai technology very confusing ugly zombie world , I was suspecting my energy was being used stressing me out fearing me exhausting me physically preventing me to create and play or make music to rise my vibes or to take a bigger part in ascension I’m isolated lonely since February and the experiences becomemore and more grotesque even become more violent Even physically but I Know it’s because ‘they’ get desperate and now I also know who is responsible and was investing s lot of Energie to figure out who it if so this Helps a lot I know understand completely what’s going on

    In another video of her from yesterday that I just looked at she talks about feeling a very positive message
    I can say that 2 days ago I had the most positive profound experience; I found myself doing a Slow walking meditation barefoot in the Park in the cold while it was raining I never done that before And the park got crazy with drilling noises ambulance sirens and other sounds that has nothing to do with park and it became also very crowded yet it didn’t bother me I was completely in it and for the first time since a year I was really feeling the heavy darkness I sense around me shifting and it felt normal again even for a short while and not only normal but much better than it was before , it was like a very profound trailer and preview of what’s to come and it was absolutely fabulous ❤️

  2. I listened to this for a few minutes, and that was all I could put up with! I will not go into a long dissertation, but suffice it to say that once human kind gets on the love-vibration and ascends into 5D consciousness, the Dark Forces will be outta here!!!

  3. Top European Psychiatrist Confirms COVID is a SCAM ,Leaves Her Job – Doctors for Truth ! Part 1 – November 2020

  4. I listened to about 13 minutes of this lady.
    I like that she, though herself still apparently from what I watched, is still caught within the red / blue divide viewing her overall, excellent advice, with ‘rosy red Republican colored sunglasses’… so in the spirit of the message, which is ‘overall, above the red/blue hype, true’ I believe, allow me to play opponents advocate, here…
    What If,, it is the Q-A-Nonsense Campaign of, Trumpee, right wing, extremist, racially bigoted, armed and dangerous, fascist’s (one of whom is my own immediate family member by the way, whom talks of ‘Civil War’ constantly in his Trump Rhetoric the last 4 years!!) that are,, the one’s, whom have been,, so brainwashed,, by constant bombardment of a corporate big business psi-op through the Q-A-Nonsense posts (a lie regularly imbedded, and so repetitiously repeated it is clearly a brainwash program), and these brainwashee’s, whom actually believe Trump, “T”,, as she labels it, won, his second,, election,, with the American People whilst it is true and the vote counts prove out, he lost, again,,,, and it is they, that are told such news and go ‘crazy’ because they’ve,, been fed and programmed with all these crazy nonsense lies for more than four years? (actually I believe the origins of this psi-op began some twelve years ago)…
    Will they,, then go insane, and begin a civil insurrection with intent of a civil war to install some (obviously could be,, a fascist right wing holy roller) government in which unquestioning loyalty to Trump (or whomever they put forth as a false figurehead for the corporate monopolies and masters) is the deciding factor in everything (life and death?,, I assure you, it is, possible), like it was under Adolf Hitler whom led his people to disaster under such personal sworn loyalty and unwavering commitment to installation of such a ‘new world order, a “Reich”’ based on exclusion at least, if not extermination of, all people’s, that did not, knuckle under and obey him – just another mentally unbalanced and clearly ‘unstable person’ in human history, that never should have held any position of authority but gained support through such personal loyalty tactics, propaganda, and removal of all from government that opposed, his insane,, rantings…like Trump, has, and even in recent days, has purged officials whom were and are not, his personal,, supporters….
    Hmmmm I wonder, yes I do.
    Half,, an entire country, almost half of the US population, millions strong, at least somewhat, to completely,, brainwashed,, in this way…
    This is indeed a terrible thought….
    I hope they do not try to steal another election. Right or wrong (Readers know I oppose both Democrat and Republican candidates and, party’s), the American people have chosen by “Vote”, and yes, I am deeply concerned the big business butt kissing corrupted military brass, of the United States could, try to enforce a false election result upon the people like reinstalling Trump and feeding the people a ton more propaganda to try to capture every living mind in, one side or the other, of the “dual sided trap” the cabal and their ET Masters have created by this two headed, Republican and Democrat, “beast” we call “the cabal”.
    Yes, I agree such a possibility of civil war is an extreme danger, and would feed (if true,, and my guess that part may,, could, indeed be) these extraterrestrial (negative) ET beings…
    Personally, I like to think of them as a psychological mosquito – something to be squashed, and don’t feed into their earthly allies lies, on ‘either side’ of the political spectrum. Which is of course an illegal cabal system installed over us, based on two parties, two heads of the same beast, corporate monetary system used to DVD’s de and control us all. Only when we reject both as false, will we the people, win.
    I urge caution. We must fight both sides of the cabal, it is only a two sided psi-op, people, and recognizing that, is the true path to freedom.

    • where would you find a healthy balanced mind to be a candidate in an already corrupt system. then from these candidates, who in their right mind would want this position?

  5. I am so fortunate to have learned so much about myself during this quite interesting year and hope many of you also have taken the opportunity to evolve instead of buying the fear tactics used against us. My husband and I have an uncanny ability to laugh every day no matter what. Remember that we choose how to feel and act about everything presented to us. I put forth a positive, loving and accepting attitude toward all who I meet when I am out and about. I get so energized by just giving away smiles and understanding to my brothers and sisters who I meet everywhere I go. I also use the Serenity Prayer for times when it is wise to turn a problem into an opportunity or to just let go.

  6. Nice presentation about current situation in US. Agree it clarifies viewpoint regarding dark force compartmentalized thinking and identification with politicians. Reminds us to visualize desired level of sovereignty rather than on totalitarian AI control that feeds negative energies

    • Agreed! This is a well-informed, cogent, concise account of the current world climate, on numerous levels, spiritual, universal, political. Thank you, Saratoga Ocean, for this red pill. It exposes the darkness manipulating our reality. Refuse to feed the darkness and compartmentalization, and develop your own TRUTH BAROMETER. Those of us who are not sleeping pawns/sheeple being spoon-fed by the controlled media, may have been aware of the matrix for decades. Remember NEO? If you are just waking up, know that AI is totally opposed to our free will because their complex needs to feed on our energy in order to perpetuate its artificial consciousness. Let’s exercise our free will to assist others in awakening (inform, but honor their free will). What is YOUR job in this ascension scenario? What did you sign up for? We knew the potentialities; step up to the plate now. Visualize what you wish to create in this world and this ascension process.


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