I have resisted posting election or political articles for a week or so to give a bit of a break to the madness.  There is so much going on however that a bit of good news, if you believe it, might be worth sharing.  Either way it is interesting and better to listen to than most of what is out there.

From The Tipping Point Radio:

This Post Election Update is to keep American Patriots informed of the epic and unfolding events as the Deep State is pulling out all the stops to bring down the Trump Machine before it’s too late. For the Cabal this will be another EPIC FAIL. Nothing they attempt will stop what coming. NOTHING




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  1. Donald Trump is yaking down the traitors and the elite who continualy give money to iran and the chineese. If you dont know this you are not informed. Trump is saving us all right now from Tyrany pedophiles child and human trafficers which include the saitan worshiping democrats and elite. Yes some of the republicans are involved no doubt but there will be a day when the mainstream news is gone with all their lies and they will be sharing a cell with the dispicable people who tried to overthrow the government. I have never witnessed such a brave man in my life. All these people want him out or dead and he has taken on this fight for us and the generations to come. Trudeau is part of the problem and part of the one world order and hes got to go so im hoping Trump takes him out too. Thank you to the President of the USA for changing the coarse of this fraudulent election. We know you won and its only a matter of time before the sealed inditments are open and the svum of our earth gone. Im excited and im proud that we finally have a man who will stand up for the free world and knock the hell out of the evil in this sick world.

  2. interesting that this platform would advocate for more years of division, divide and conquer which is a classic tactic of the Dark. There is not a pennies difference between Trump or Biden for any ONE to fight over. You act as though Trump has not already been president for a full term and pretend he is not steering the Covid Titanic right into the iceberg. America deserves better and you are revealing yourselves to be the rebranding of the Republicrat party that was so damaged after the Bush genocidal Dynasty and a failed attempt to rebrand as the “Tea Party”. Now they are branded as “Brand Trump”. We need real change to get people out of the streets in tents and into homes and to get people back to work. – ONE

  3. Disgusted by 2 min mark, it became extremely clear, it is more Trumpee ‘propaganda’, unnecessary to listen any,, further, How many pro Trump articles this week, again??
    And PFC says it’s not being political…. right, sure, the election is over, your candidate lost, isn’t it time to forever, stop talking about Mr Trump, especially in light of him being thrown out of the White House on his rear, in a month and a half.

    You want, a “truth”, update;
    It should be absolutely clear to all by now, every frivolous lawsuit Trump uses to attempt to steal, presidential ‘election #2’, is failing. Every last one of his frivolous court cases I’ve heard anything about (but one, irrelevant one, as I recall, and that was withdrawn by Trump’s lawyers), has been summarily “thrown out of court’ as “frivolous lawsuits”, or otherwise ended without success because there is no truth behind these lies,, that Trump, was somehow, robbed.

    It is just plain lies, own up to it, he lost. I suppose if anything about this election tha5 pleases me, it is the fact once again the Trumpee/Q-A-Nonsense is being proven to be lies, as I said, for four years, it was a brainwash psi-op and you people bought it hook line sinker fishing line fishing pole boat motor oars and anchor, you swallowed the lies whole.
    Please wake up…

    Come on people, my personal, voted for, candidate,, lost as well, and you do not see that campaign, or any other outside the corrupt two, filing lawsuits everywhere….

    The deep state Illuminati filthy stinking rich elite scum cabal,, won the US Elections, just as they did in 2016, did this time, and do, every time,,, of that, there is absolutely no question, absolutely no difference, we lost, we all,,, lost the election.
    The cabal won, “again”.

    Even his attempt to use the full weight and power of the office of the president, to coerce,, my own state representatives in Michigan, by pressuring election officials and state representatives on Friday, to falsify the election, has been ended by a letter of the people of MI. through their (illegal illicit) statehouse legislators telling Mr Trump, (paraphrased) we will not falsify, the election result to skew him, another, illicit “win”, (again)..
    In fact the bulk of the letter had more to do with the Republican greed, failure to act, and corruption (my opinion) in the currently Republican scum dominated Senate, and not helping the American People in this fake crisis, occurring under and wit( full bless8ng and participation of,, the Trump administration (I said in 2016 Mr Trump was “a clear and present danger” to our country, nobody listened,, and yet, 4 years later, he personally by his acts as president, did destroy, the economy and the world, but particularly in this country, in every real sense of the word), and the economic results of his,, personally his, policies,, are nothing but disastrous, worldwide. His guilt is obvious, he is responsible not the Chinese, only Mr Trump is responsible for not, closing our borders 12-19-19.
    Yes it is a Trump Economy, which he had pretty well crashed, prior to the Covid thing, or the election with “real unemployment” being probably (last report here, I read, was) around 25% (whilst reporting what 3% ? Straight up, lies.). Hey by simply adding that together, that’s what 55%-60% of the American people, now, truly, out of work, unemployed, given up looking, unemployed. Mostly, primarily, due to the direct, and completely inept policies, of Mr Trump. So, we have another 30% in actual (using the governments own, severely deflated, under reported and inaccurate figures) peopleunemployed!!! A real,, Fifty to Sixty percent,, unemployment rate.

    Yeah Mr Trump really “Made Americans, Poor Again”.

    No, this is not a president anyone should ‘realistically and truthfully’ based on his 4 years nightmare we just endured, ever, would or should, want more of. Republicans appear to the rest of us, as completely, utterly out of touch, with reality!! Truly how many t8me can the6 hear “wake up” and utterly ignore reality?

    Brainwashing, does that, though, repeated constantly on Fox News and all the Q-A-Nonsense propaganda and outright lying garbage going around, is not going to change the facts of reality. “Awaken Republicans”, join us, help us, fight back, drop the parties of corruption cabal scum and losers, join the American revolution and abandon both.
    Either vote independent, or don’t,, vote at all. We do not need any more Dem/Rep Secret Society lying Illuminati cabal scum deep state pawns in the presidency (or anywhere else) like we’ve had, with every president,, since 1980, certainly, and I have no doubt Mr Biden is more of the same, otherwise he would have opposed Obama at every pro cabal policy he made. Cabal scum, Biden & Trump, zero difference… I don’t see why they don’t run a Biden Trump ticket, they are alike, except in greed. Republicans are openly greedy, Democrats do it behind your back, bu5 both, rob us, through their fake monetary system, every day.

    Every trick he tries, just shows Trump to be the raving lame duck lunatic he is. Even his last minute purges of those not swearing personal loyalty to him (just as Adolf Hitler required, unwavering personal loyalty to himself and his, party – exact,,, tactics,,, Mr Trump,, uses, otherwise bye bye to anyone opposing him Secretary of Defense or not, exactly like,, Adolf Hitler) is going to do him no good in the end. He lost, again,..

    I really never understood where people did no5 draw a 100% parallel between Trump and Hitler, politically there is no difference in thei4 tactics, he must have studied Hitler carefully to, so clearly replicate so man6 things about him but, the holocaust, of course (Thankful Trump did not get another 4 years or that might have been, his next agenda, kill any innocent Democrat, remember this is the same guy that campaigning, said he should bring up on stage and shoot dead, one of his own followers, publicly on stage, to prove how mindlessly brainwashed his followers were, and he was 1000% accurate, they would have cheered it, because they cheered him even just saying it.

    That’s insanity, on both parts: Trump and,, his minion of mindless, drones!!).
    Our nightmare,, four, all too long, god awful, dreadful years, of this terrible horrid criminal Trump administration, is almost over. Thankfully to the Light, mr Trump,, will be, removed soon, from the White House, by force, if necessary..

    Soon we will begin the new, nightmare,, of the Biden administration…. No change at all
    No matter, right boot on your neck or left boot on your neck, there is zero difference, when it’s your neck (ask George Floyd, ohh yeah, you can’t, because the cabal killed him, and I think, they’ve killed millions, and millions, of us), and quite honestly, it’s all, our necks, only the boot, changes… “stupid Americans”

    If these right wing, absolutely out of their mind’s, nut job, right wing extremist, fascist Republicans nut jobs, heavily armed, angry because their programming is breaking, and screaming for a Civil War, for 4 years now… Do not stop this psi-op. They will instigate real civil insurrection, and yes, possibly a civil war,

    In fact, I’d say “the first time they start shooting” but, that already,, occurred,, Republicans declaring war, on and shooting at Democrats ( like Fort Sumpter, it could be viewed in the distant future as the shots, heard round the world), in WI. with the right wing nutcases shooting at innocent,, peaceful,, Americans enacting their right, to peaceful protest.
    Not to forget either,, the very recent attempted right wing fascist’s kidnapping plot (without legal indictment arrest and prosecution thereof) of the MI. Governor, has already been tried too.

    These Republican whacko propaganda campaigns of lies like Q and others,, must stop. We need truth not lies.

    . I am deeply concerned these fascist Republicans whom every day here, violate common sense, truth, and wish to divide this country further pushing us toward civil war day by day (hasn’t enough damage been done by Q-A-Nonsense and the lying Trumpee community? I think so).

    So, out down your weapons Republicans, grab a cup of coffee Trumpees, swallow your pride and more importantly, your lying rhetoric, and take a big bite of this disgusting 2 party America, because,, “wake up”, (we don’t stop counting votes when your candidate is ahead geeze, never heard of such nonsense in my 58 years, stop counting votes, 8 thin’ not that may be the communist fascist way but, not in a democracy) and next time let’s try to find common ground that excludes the greed and the totalitarian regime like under Trump, and restore America by ending both of, the two corrupt party’s, corrupt administrations from ever beginning in the first place (or did you think I was screaming about Obama’s administration all those years; because I was a brainwashed Luke they, or on their side, think again, I am on the side of the people, all,, of,, the American People). I hope and pray one day, they will wake up.

    Until then, until you stop identifying with and voting for, these elite scum, you will get, no better.

    Both, ‘Presidential criminals’, uh sorry ‘candidates’ are without question, criminals by their records (if,, even a fraction of assertions against Biden were found true, both are criminals, yes), they’re both, Deep State Illuminati Cabal, (yes:) Criminals/Clowns requiring indictment, arrest, prosecution and likely ‘execution’ for their ongoing grievous crimes against America and its people.

    That’s the truth update, we’re ‘all’,, “losers”, in this,, election… I had so hoped for more.
    Sadly disillusioned, again… I cannot stand the cabal criminals running this country, any of them from the two big, corrupt, illicit parties..
    Especially Mr Trump, whom just lost, his second,, Presidential election, with the American people…
    lThere is no sense denying, the facts at this point are becoming clear, the counts are in, the courts have weighed in, mr Trump lost, and yes, we all, lost, because Americans, are stupid, brainwashed, misled, propagandized, and lied to, soooooo much, they will not recognize the truth, when it smacks them upside the head… Yes Biden is cabal, but, my bey history will show, Trump is far worse, or the two,, worst possible, choices..

  4. Derek, kudos to you and all the others who work so hard for the freedom of all. You and all the other Patriots should be wearing capes like Superman. You exude truth and your energy is superb. I felt energized by your video but not surprised by the information. I have been gathering my own info. as you said we should and at age 74 have developed a spot on built-in B.S. detector. Would love to see your aura. I know it would be a wonderful color. When I participated in 12 step groups back in the 80’s one of my favorite sayings was “Hang around with winners” Trump was chosen for a reason and I am so happy to see how the set-up of the evil ones has been working behind the scenes.


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