Sorry, her information is so exposing, it can only be seen here:

Dr Northrup

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  1. the link takes us to FACEBOOK!!!
    What kind of cognitive dissonance are you peddling? Facebook has been one of the primary actors suppressing expression.
    IF Facebook allows someone to remain broadcasting, it throws what they say into suspicion far as i am concerned.

  2. Well I do not wear a mask or pay any attention to what these creatures are saying because it is all lies used to manipulate and terrorise the people and they are doing it because you are letting them so just STOP IT NOW!. I am living my life already as I please as is my God given right . They have absolutely no right to treat living women men and children as slaves. I am not afraid of them I feel utter contempt and total disgust towards them they are mice working for monsters . I am happy because they are all going to pay for this each and every one of them; but sad that so many people are allowing themselves to be cowed by employers and other sheep dogs without these useful idiots the satanic NWO would have no power at all so if you are imposing these mask wearing and social distancing and shutting down all businesses except for the cabal businesses you are complicit and in this criminal fraud against the people – power is something you give yourself you empower yourself you do not wait to be handed it from the enemy and these people are your enemy it is time you understood that they wish to harm you to kill you and to stop you from procreating. Why can’t you see it ? Switch off the mind programming tv and think things out. If it was a choice between taking that vaccine or getting no travel the answer is let their businesses crash by not travelling and keep yourself safe into the bargain. Why would you consider risking your life to be less important it is a no brainer surely!

  3. Worth a listen. Remember- We are here on a mission from God. We are not here to be absorbed by the Illusion and to further it. Wake Up Now.


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