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My dear friends around the world,

Again, there are several pieces of information for you to know.
So I will number them as I did the last time

From Andrzej Suda


This link is the Nuremberg Code:

Within the first link is this link:

Please notice the advice to contact your legislators
in this third link. Thank you.

2. Here is a calendar for 2021 as to what you can expect
if we don’t demand that this outrage end as the Danes did
of their government a few weeks ago:

The New World Order Plan
12/20 to 12/21
December 2020 – Field hospitals set up in each county
January 2021 – Full lockdown, all jobs stopped, all businesses closed
February 2021 – Reform on all benefits
March 2021 – New infection COVID21 different strain much more deadly than COVID19
April 2021 – Hospitals unable to cope. COVID19 vaccination available
May 2021 – Government sets new pay structures for workers including a new minimum wage
June 2021 – Shops running out of supplies commonplace. Local protests common. Army checkpoints get set up in each town.
July 2021 – National civil unrest takes off, local governments start pulling out. COVID21 vaccine developed.
August 2021 – Early plans for new government structure. First full vaccination rolled out of COVID19.
September 2021 – All debts cancelled if you get vaccinated against COVID19 and COVID21. New law cancels all property ownership and passed it to the government.
October 2021 – Introduction of COVID passports in digital and card format. Only those vaccinated can work and travel.
November 2021 – COVID19&21 vaccines become mandatory
December 2021 – COVID passports change name to Health passports and become accepted as the normal way of life.
Moroccan Sunset
We’ve all been telling you this would be happening!!!
If you would like to see this section as a PDF, just ask me for
COVID is Communist takeover 002 (1 page)


God bless,

Arlene Johnson
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