Today’s been a big day with many emotions running high. I’m here to tell you not to give up, never lose hope, and trust in God.
Good will forever triumph over evil.
What we’re experiencing is the calm before the storm. And the storm is coming.

Buckle up, we’re about to cross over. Do not let the narrative sway the truth. God Wins. Period.

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Let’s get back to basics. When in doubt always refer to our manual.

And the Lord says…
Do not be afraid although briars and thorns are all around you.
Do not be afraid of what they say or be terrified of them.

His hand reached out to me and in it was a scroll, which he unrolled before me. On both sides of it were written words of lament and mourning and woe.

Let us not be afraid for God will reveal the truth and it’s going to be painful.

Bible pages

Jesus said, I am the way, and the truth and the life.
John 14:6

Have you ever stopped to consider the definition of the “way?” The common understanding is a direction or manner. We believe that Jesus gives us our direction by his manner.
Let us stretch a little to reconsider our belief.

Have you ever heard the term “spelling?”
When we speak, or see the written word, a “spell” is cast upon our understanding. The same holds true about our need to spell things correctly as the letters dictate the meaning. It’s time to uncover the truth in the illusion.


When Jesus said I am the “way,” maybe it’s not a direction or a manner, but rather a weight to consider. Way = weigh if we ignore the “spelling.”

If Jesus is the weigh, we can understand that nothing carries more weight than God.
God is love. Nothing could ever be greater.
Nothing can outweigh or overpower love.

Jesus is the truth. If it’s not love, it’s not true. Realize the grand illusion.

Jesus is the life. Life is the constant existence of movement; vibration. The Most high vibration is love.

Let us not be afraid knowing that nothing is greater than the power of love.

american flag

We the people of this great nation stand as one in the name of our Father, indivisible to maintain our unalienable right to life and liberty.
God is on our side. Success is inevitable.

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Hold the line. Do not lose faith.

The best is yet to come. AS PROMISED.

I AM with you.
I love you,
Miss Merrilee


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  1. No matter what happens, we should never give up our guns. Freedom never comes for free. It is to be fought for. Complacency will not cut it. The bad guys will forever try to steal it away from us.

  2. I have faith in Gods plan and the light will win it is just a case of being patient and going by the book. The light will win. God bless.

  3. Miss Merrilee: When Jesus said “I AM the way” it was already understood by those whom he taught, that the I AM Presence is within everyone. (The Catholic Church removed Mother-God by rewriting the Bible – called ‘holy’ because it is full of holes.) Jesus didn’t mean he was the way, other than his example of the vibrations of love. Also, the reason for the fall in consciousness was because we rejected Mother-God – Father-Mother God. Please understand that when you speak of God and not the Goddess (Mother-God), you are adding to the error believe that it is only Father-God that created us. Even in human form, males cannot create without the female energies within themselves. Therefore, there is nothing more dangerous than the single-energy male whose only desire is absolute control of others, i.e. the cabal.

    • Hello Dhara.
      I apologize for my untimely reply. After reading your comment I see there is a misunderstanding. Perhaps you can read my post again? The first line in your comment exposes the disconnect as you place the emphasis on the "I AM." My point being missed entirely.

  4. I’ve been in This Great Country for 52 years i came here when i was 4 years old from a communist country today is Wen, Jan 2021; that country is still under communist rule since 1965..How was this accomplished ?? They TOOK THE PEOPLE”S GUNS!!

    • Mike that is not going to happen in America. Keep calm and be patient. Things are moving along to plan and in the right order. These evil creatures will not win they are going to pay this time.

  5. Please Prepare for change can you please STOP with this Q BULLSHIT .. When the bullshit is expose they immediately go to step 2# They start with the GOD bullshit ( That’s not saying anything about GOD I”M referring to their tactics ) Q was Right about the great awakening The people of this country have been awakened thanks to Q,.Q = The BOLSHEVIK psychological operation, That’s what happened in Russia back in history IT was a STAND DOWN OPERATION it was called OPERATION TRUST .. Just like Q (TRUST THE PLAN) don’t believe me ?? look it up…


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