Donald Trump swore to drain the swamp in Washington DC, instead, he paved the way for lobbyists, corporations, and the military industrial complex. Here’s why Joe Biden will be no different.

Two White House Marine stand at the front doors at the US Capitol ahead of President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration ceremony, Wednesday, Jan. 20, 2021, in Washington. The door was damaged from last week’s violent protest. (Jim Lo Scalzo/Pool Photo via AP)

by John Whitehead,

You have such a fervent, passionate, evangelical faith in this country…why in the name of God don’t you have any faith in the system of government you’re so hell-bent to protect? You want to defend the United States of America, then defend it with the tools it supplies you with—its Constitution. You ask for a mandate, General, from a ballot box. You don’t steal it after midnight, when the country has its back turned.”— Seven Days in May (1964)

No doubt about it: the coup d’etat was successful. That January 6 attempt by so-called insurrectionists to overturn the election results was not the real coup, however. Those who answered President Trump’s call to march on the Capitol were merely the fall guys, manipulated into creating the perfect crisis for the Deep State—a.k.a. the Police State a.k.a. the Military Industrial Complex a.k.a. the Techno-Corporate State a.k.a. the Surveillance State—to swoop in and take control.

It took no time at all for the switch to be thrown and the nation’s capital to be placed under a military lockdown, online speech forums restricted, and individuals with subversive or controversial viewpoints ferreted out, investigated, shamed and/or shunned.

This new order didn’t emerge into being this week, or this month, or even this year, however.

Indeed, the real coup happened when our government “of the people, by the people, for the people” was overthrown by a profit-driven, militaristic, techno-corporate state that is in cahoots with a government “of the rich, by the elite, for the corporations.”

We’ve been mired in this swamp for decades now.

Every successive president starting with Franklin D. Roosevelt has been bought lock, stock and barrel and made to dance to the Deep State’s tune.

Enter Donald Trump, the candidate who swore to drain the swamp in Washington DC. Instead of putting an end to the corruption, however, Trump paved the way for lobbyists, corporations, the military industrial complex, and the Deep State to feast on the carcass of the dying American republic.

Joe Biden will be no different: his job is to keep the Deep State in power.

Step away from the cult of personality politics and you’ll find that beneath the power suits, they’re all alike.

Follow the money.  It always points the way.

As Bertram Gross noted in Friendly Fascism: The New Face of Power in America, “evil now wears a friendlier face than ever before in American history.”

Writing in 1980, Gross predicted a future in which he saw:

…a new despotism creeping slowly across America. Faceless oligarchs sit at command posts of a corporate-government complex that has been slowly evolving over many decades. In efforts to enlarge their own powers and privileges, they are willing to have others suffer the intended or unintended consequences of their institutional or personal greed. For Americans, these consequences include chronic inflation, recurring recession, open and hidden unemployment, the poisoning of air, water, soil and bodies, and, more important, the subversion of our constitution. More broadly, consequences include widespread intervention in international politics through economic manipulation, covert action, or military invasion…”

This stealthy, creeping, silent coup that Gross prophesied is the same danger that writer Rod Serling envisioned in the 1964 political thriller Seven Days in May, a clear warning to beware of martial law packaged as a well-meaning and overriding concern for the nation’s security.

Incredibly enough, almost 60 years later, we find ourselves hostages to a government run more by military doctrine and corporate greed than by the rule of law established in the Constitution. Indeed, proving once again that fact and fiction are not dissimilar, today’s current events could well have been lifted straight out of Seven Days in May, which takes viewers into eerily familiar terrain.

The premise is straightforward.

With the Cold War at its height, an unpopular U.S. President signs a momentous nuclear disarmament treaty with the Soviet Union. Believing that the treaty constitutes an unacceptable threat to the security of the United States and certain that he knows what is best for the nation, General James Mattoon Scott (played by Burt Lancaster), the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and presidential hopeful, plans a military takeover of the national government.  When Gen. Scott’s aide, Col. Casey (Kirk Douglas), discovers the planned military coup, he goes to the President with the information. The race for command of the U.S. government begins, with the clock ticking off the hours until the military plotters plan to overthrow the President.

Needless to say, while on the big screen, the military coup is foiled and the republic is saved in a matter of hours, in the real world, the plot thickens and spreads out over the past half century.

We’ve been losing our freedoms so incrementally for so long—sold to us in the name of national security and global peace, maintained by way of martial law disguised as law and order, and enforced by a standing army of militarized police and a political elite determined to maintain their powers at all costs—that it’s hard to pinpoint exactly when it all started going downhill, but we’ve been on that fast-moving, downward trajectory for some time now.

The question is no longer whether the U.S. government will be preyed upon and taken over by the military industrial complex. That’s a done deal, but martial law disguised as national security is only one small part of the greater deception we’ve been fooled into believing is for our own good.

How do you get a nation to docilely accept a police state? How do you persuade a populace to accept metal detectors and pat downs in their schools, bag searches in their train stations, tanks and military weaponry used by their small town police forces, surveillance cameras in their traffic lights, police strip searches on their public roads, unwarranted blood draws at drunk driving checkpoints, whole body scanners in their airports, and government agents monitoring their communications?

Try to ram such a state of affairs down the throats of the populace, and you might find yourself with a rebellion on your hands. Instead, you bombard them with constant color-coded alerts, terrorize them with shootings and bomb threats in malls, schools, and sports arenas, desensitize them with a steady diet of police violence, and sell the whole package to them as being for their best interests.

This present military occupation of the nation’s capital by 25,000 troops as part of the so-called “peaceful” transfer of power from one administration to the next is telling.

This is not the language of a free people. This is the language of force.

Still, you can’t say we weren’t warned.

Back in 2008, an Army War College report revealed that “widespread civil violence inside the United States would force the defense establishment to reorient priorities in extremis to defend basic domestic order and human security.” The 44-page report went on to warn that potential causes for such civil unrest could include another terrorist attack, “unforeseen economic collapse, loss of functioning political and legal order, purposeful domestic resistance or insurgency, pervasive public health emergencies, and catastrophic natural and human disasters.”

In 2009, reports by the Department of Homeland Security surfaced that labeled right-wing and left-wing activists and military veterans as extremists (a.k.a. terrorists) and called on the government to subject such targeted individuals to full-fledged pre-crime surveillance. Almost a decade later, after spending billions to fight terrorism, the DHS concluded that the greater threat is not ISIS but domestic right-wing extremism.

Meanwhile, the police have been transformed into extensions of the military while the nation itself has been transformed into a battlefield. This is what a state of undeclared martial law looks like, when you can be arrested, tasered, shot, brutalized and in some cases killed merely for not complying with a government agent’s order or not complying fast enough. This hasn’t just been happening in crime-ridden inner cities. It’s been happening all across the country.

And then you’ve got the government, which has been steadily amassing an arsenal of military weapons for use domestically and equipping and training their “troops” for war. Even government agencies with largely administrative functions such as the Food and Drug Administration, Department of Veterans Affairs, and the Smithsonian have been acquiring body armor, riot helmets and shields, cannon launchers and police firearms and ammunition. In fact, there are now at least 120,000 armed federal agents carrying such weapons who possess the power to arrest.

Rounding out this profit-driven campaign to turn American citizens into enemy combatants (and America into a battlefield) is a technology sector that has been colluding with the government to create a Big Brother that is all-knowing, all-seeing and inescapable. It’s not just the drones, fusion centers, license plate readers, stingray devices and the NSA that you have to worry about. You’re also being tracked by the black boxes in your cars, your cell phone, smart devices in your home, grocery loyalty cards, social media accounts, credit cards, streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon, and e-book reader accounts.

So you see, January 6 and its aftermath provided the government and its corporate technocrats the perfect excuse to show off all of the powers they’ve been amassing so assiduously over the years.

Mind you, by “government,” I’m not referring to the highly partisan, two-party bureaucracy of the Republicans and Democrats.

I’m referring to “government” with a capital “G,” the entrenched Deep State that is unaffected by elections, unaltered by populist movements, and has set itself beyond the reach of the law.

I’m referring to the corporatized, militarized, entrenched bureaucracy that is fully operational and staffed by unelected officials who are, in essence, running the country and calling the shots in Washington DC, no matter who sits in the White House.

This is the hidden face of a government that has no respect for the freedom of its citizenry.

Brace yourself.

There is something being concocted in the dens of power, far beyond the public eye, and it doesn’t bode well for the future of this country.

Anytime you have an entire nation so mesmerized by the antics of the political ruling class that they are oblivious to all else, you’d better beware.

Anytime you have a government that operates in the shadows, speaks in a language of force, and rules by fiat, you’d better beware.

And anytime you have a government so far removed from its people as to ensure that they are never seen, heard or heeded by those elected to represent them, you’d better beware.

As I make clear in my book Battlefield America: The War on the American People, we are at our most vulnerable right now.

All of those dastardly seeds we have allowed the government to sow under the guise of national security are bearing demon fruit.

The gravest threat facing us as a nation is not extremism but despotism, exercised by a ruling class whose only allegiance is to power and money.

Feature photo | Two White House Marine stand at the front doors at the US Capitol ahead of President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration ceremony, Jan. 20, 2021, in Washington. The door was damaged from last week’s violent protest. Jim Lo Scalzo | Pool via AP



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  1. I will say this again and again and again and again the biggest problem is POLICY EVFORCEMENT the COPS !!!!! The cops are the 1# line of defense for these Corrupt Criminal POLITICIONS, 2# than you have their security detail.. Go to any platform and you will see these TYRANTS (COPS) how they treat We The People the same people that PAY their SALARIES with their FAKE LAWS and CODES.. Ladies and gentlemen in the state that i live in it take 2 years to be a Barber BUT it only take 6 months to be a POLICY ENFORCER, think about that for a moment.. What Jorden Maxwell has always said is correct ( The Police Department is not here to SERVE you THE Police Department is not here to protect you. I am not sorry that the sleeping Sheep can’t see that they all deserve what may come for them. WE ALL know that what’s going on in this great country is WRONG but do you see policy enforcement serving you ? Try going to DMV with out a mask you WILL be asked to LEAVE and if you STAND for you Rights you will be arrested; Even if you have documents from OSHA MASK EXPERTS explaining that masks don’t work, they don’t care ! They say, we are JUST doing our job. These are the same cops that claim to be protecting you ???!!! The Policy Enforcers are working for THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA COOPERATION why do you think they have business cards ? but that’s another topic. We the People of this Great land of The Constitutional Republic of the united State of America land and soil can fix this country quickly First and foremost WE most get rid all the ALPH BETS then these Corrupt Criminal POLITICIANs will have no where to hide..

  2. I don’t rely on dates or time frames. The Alliance will make their final move when everyone who voted for Biden finally wakes up after all hell breaks lose. My family voted for Biden and they refuse to wake up because they feel they still live in democracy. When the Deep State orders Biden to unleash hell and everyone comes out of their slumber, that’s when the Alliance will step in and arrest everyone associated with the cabal.

    Arresting everyone now will only anger those who are still asleep at the wheel causing further divide amongst the population because they love Biden and hate Trump so much they will feel that the Alliance are terrorists taking away their beloved Biden.

  3. I believe the ‘good’ officials have limited options because the other guys are directly threatening the populations, whether it’s by EMP in colder nations to cyber warfare, which they “predict” openly at the WEF as a consortiums. Their list of supporting companies is part of the threat: all these huge players are with us and they’ll screw you all or we’ll turn things off if you don’t obey. Countries like Canada have fallen in line like dominoes, and the U.K. seems to be a seat of power. Australia is already pushed to their limits.

    We’re all being held ransom and we might be the bargaining chips, or it’s logical as the biosecurity state shows we’re now one of their major resources for slavery, experimentation and anything they need. The underground boring technology is so advanced, biowarfare escalated since gain-of-function research, EMPs, banks are constantly getting hacked, etc.

    NWO or not, all advanced nations and oligarchs have access and fund at least one of these so anyone can hold us ransom, and they lead others by example. They treat us literally like animals just like none of us would think of hurting a child but a mexican cartel has no qualms skinning your family.

    This is the reality where people like Kissinger who openly discarded ethics in his business dealings to make his fortune, we’re lesser animals to them, completely dispensable and replaceable like robots, but higher maintenance.

    You don’t need to involve aliens for this to make sense. I’m afraid we’ll head into the future as a game of whack-a-mole-the-bad-guy and this is what some of the ‘good’ guys might be predicting, so even they have an interest in total surveillance since they take on the roles of saviors in their minds, but in the current scenario it looks hard to avoid, and I hate saying that because we need to distribute power among us or in highly ethical paws as much as possible.

    For some reason they won’t let us do our parts, which is highly suspicious, but again we might be the bargaining chip.

    Every side has massive amounts of secrets waiting to spill at any moment, which is why the massive disinformation campaigns which even affect this platform, and disclosures are probably held back under threats of physical harm.

    When you have an enemy willing to sacrifice his own, the counter is to show his friends that any of them may be next. These are people who treat everyone as dispensable and when push comes to shove they will throw each other to the wolves to live one more day. We’re the ones who have to be better than that, so in a sense we have no choice to show mercy or give them time to pick a new side.

    The entire surface might be considered dispensable if they’d accumulated enough resources underground for themselves. That’s the great irony in all these ‘green deals’ and corporate green pushes which mask the fact that corporations are overwhelmingly responsible for the environmental problems. They always do this, shift the blame and public opinion on ourselves.

    Be very careful which outlets you trust because things like lifeforce/speak/”wethepeople” appear clearly to be fakes. The real information is in real science that you can back up with public and undisclosed research studies as have been coming out, and professional witnesses, especially regarding underground boring, which does reflect some of the information posted here.

    I was a strong privacy advocate my whole life and it’s extremely important to human dignity, but in terms of technology it’s clear privacy no longer exists, most likely both sides know our identities and each others’ plans and have attempted to predict future outcomes (regardless of any kind of time technology, it’s not necessary to explain the situation).

    They’ve lied to us our entire lives because we’re nothing to them. The only way forward is to disarm anyone not willing to abide a strong code of ethics, since with destructive technologies in every paw (especially with disclosure and social systems where we need distributed power rather than centralized power) it’s the only thing keeping us from oblivion. That’s why they instill so much immoral behavior in the population, to normalize everything maintaining their grip on power and to be invisible in a sea of depravity.

    For example consider how vilified sexuality is today and in the past, when it’s the most natural expression of love between two people. They don’t want us forming the kind of bonds where we’d die for each other, they want us constantly trampling over each other like wild animals. I refuse.

    I think the point is, it was easy for me to get lost in explanations involving aliens and sci-fi and they’ve been exploiting that as well as religion and new age stuff in their disinformation campaigns, but some things like underground tunneling have always been plausible and some forms of (sound) telepathy are already in the public domain, meaning the real game is keeping secrets, and that’s enough to realize we have a huge problem and nothing will be the same again, unless they keep dumbing us down by poisoning the environment and our bodies as has been happening for a century.

    Just my non-alienated analysis on a dreary day, feel free to disagree

    • I don’t mean to deride anyone’s beliefs in aliens and new age and such but we really gotta start getting more proof of some things, hard materials, geographic/biological evidence, scientific documents and studies with corroborated authors, top experts in their fields with no allegiances to testify they’ve seen more, because I’m not quite there on a lot of the claims made here and I’m basically fox mulder the cat. There’s too much super low quality evidence and it contributes to the misinformation campaign originally started by the agencies, exponentially, and that contributes to all the fear of the unknown and the feeling of helplessness. I’ve seen horrendous things and there are people with no conscience but it doesn’t compare to the idea we’re rats in a science experiment, but it doesn’t matter to me anymore, I go by ethics, science, journalism and trying to remember things I love because I know there’s something off with my origins. Our history is so convoluted by victors’ rewrites I want to ignore it all and start over from simple libertarian ethics, I’m a skeptic buddhist of some form but I can’t remember my past life, I assume in the past I was an animal, that’s what I want to believe. Either way there are things going on we don’t see but the impoverishment going on means I have to spend my time on realistic matters otherwise we all get ripped off constantly chasing ghosts, when in reality the agriculturists are right and we have to put our efforts on becoming independent from the system. There’s a movement called but the website’s been down. It’s basically cellular or pack organization but it allows to create networks in all our countries and eventually establish international trade routes. From all my research and the possible food shortages this is what makes most sense if you want an alternative market – agorism, with gold, silver, bitcoin, ethereum, etc. and their next-gen versions the partnerships are trying to control. I want to get off this system, I’m not sure I’ll make it but americans, australians, mexicans and others are in better positions. I’m convinced something is going on underground and the technology of telepathy, so it’s already far out there so they have way more power and all the money. They need our labor and skills for now. We have some power to reject their currency, they’re the ones who have to use ours eventually. So we can build distributed networks – completely peaceful, NAP – that can work within existing societies to take advantage of their fruits up until they make it impossible. I haven’t managed to wean myself but 9 years is enough and they’ve set a date for something, and someone loves wasting our time. The closest person to a conspiracy scenario like X-Files is Brendan O’Connell (Talpiot), but the guy is a huge outcast and I’m sure he’s been subject to disinformation, me too. He calls Catherine Austin Fitts a plant but she’s clearly intelligent. This is on the edge of sci-fi and the problem is the CIA is a known instigator of it and they as documented last century influence the media. These are professional psychologists, they know what we think before us so they can frame us. These are dangerous people and the worst thing you can get labeled is terrorist, but literally I just wanted to live in peace, why don’t they leave us alone? I don’t know how realistic secession is, but alternative networks work, it’s been moving people to mexico, it’s become a north american socio-anarcho-libertarian peaceful cell network to help people out, but they have to be careful because some people want to label peaceful revolution as terrorism, I’m staying away from militias and the military does their own thing, they don’t look happy. I gravitate less toward spiritual more toward sci-fi investigator, it works for me.

  4. Sitting on my Hands

    January 22, 2021

    There are those who look at the situation as ‘glass half empty,’ such as Jim Stone:

    – Internet will not allow me to post the link but allows my blog link to be posted. Link can be found here: –

    Then there are those who look at the situation as ‘glass half full,’ such as X22report:

    Same scenario. Internet will not allow me to post the link (why the hell not???)

    Either way, there never was anything I could do except to ‘sit on my hands’ unless I do a mediation, which technically speaking, is also ‘sitting on my hands.’ I take care of myself. I exercise, eat right, and I don’t drink alcohol or take drugs. But beyond that though, yes I ‘sit on my hands.’

    What’s meant by ‘taking action’ is to do a special operation with a sniper weapon against the elite(s), or organize some kind of violent uprising. I don’t own a sniper weapon, nor do I plan to own a sniper weapon, and I am against organizing a violent uprising because I know that this will just re-enforce the narrative that independent thinkers are terrorists. Plus, I’m not a violent person and I keep to myself. So when people say ‘you need to take action,’ I will reply: “I did take action. I took care or myself to be the better version of myself. What else exactly do you want from me?”

      • Even Fulford is now saying to basically ‘get your guns out,’ with the title “If You See Them, Take Your Best Shot.”

        It’s important to not live in fear. If someone were to break and enter, of course defend yourselves though. From Fulford’s latest,

        “The criminals who stole the U.S. election are now systematically preparing to come after and destroy any and all patriots and leaders of the truth movement. That is why a shoot to kill if unable to arrest, and in self-defense, orders are being advised.”

      • Making so many comments, sorry but I keep having thoughts/ideas.

        I don’t think there will be genocide in the US right now because from what I’ve researched, every time there is a genocide first everyone in the country must be required to register their firearms. Most states in the US currently don’t require people to register their firearms. The firearms are first registered so that the firearms can be forcefully confiscated with task forces for those who are on the lists (lists of people who are to be genocided). Only after the public has been disarmed can the genocide take place. So, probably what is happening in the US is the cabal are panicking and trying to take out as many as they can on their way out (if anything is really happening right now).


  6. Is this the same John Whitehead who did the Whitehead report a long time ago. If so I was getting for years to your snail mail newsletter

  7. I can’t help but think that perhaps Biden has already been arrested because he is pictured – in the media – not at the Whitehouse, but in his own office, with and sometimes without a mask to make the ‘actor’ appear to be Biden. And those behind him are wearing masks. Look at the background of where he is sitting. That is NOT the Whitehouse.

    We must be patient, the Alliance – out of world and those working on the Earth – cannot reveal their plans and actions for two reasons: (1) Plans change to counter actions of the dark forces, and (2) Were the plans revealed, it would be a warning to the dark forces.

    Although what you say is true – a slow insidious manipulation of our thinking to where we accept without question the restrictions being imposed, I continue to feel that we need to ‘trust the higher plan’ but remain alert and aware.

    Thank you for all that you are doing. You are greatly appreciated and most would feel lost without your efforts and caring.

    • Agree with Dhara here. This article sure portrayed the JB “dark winter” but for those who are not on that timeline then no need to take it in. When we are being told “it’s going to be biblical” then don’t bother trying to figure out the plan. Spend your time figuring out if you will be “the wheat or the chaff”. The Lightworkers job is going to really challenge you now to hold that light and so be it.

  8. Update 21 Jan 2021

    Global Martial Law Plan – Psychological operations

    Whats Real ? Whats Not ?

    “Real Patriots Bringing in 10000’s of 1000 ‘s Military trained

    Brilliant Good News ! Are You Ready ??? : “Planetary Liberation Day is 21 Jan 2021::)”

  9. And take into consideration Cobra’s intel on the Event…the need for patience and caution in untangling the Cabal’s traps…
    Also, Benjamin Fulford’s intel.
    Listen to Super Soldier Talk for yet another perspective on our situation.
    Listen to Sgt Pattie L Brassard’s intel…
    There are many sources that we may check out to get more pieces of the mosaic of our deep history in this 3D Matrix…Ashayana Dean’s Voyager series,Radu Cinamar’s Bucegi Mountain Complex series.
    The American election kabuki is just the latest move in a earth-centred galactic Game,going back millions of years and more…
    We need much patience, discernment and intuition in our explorations of who we are.

  10. This article sounds like fear porn,and doesn’t pass the sniff test….
    Better to check in with Kerry Cassidy,Simon Parkes and Charlie Ward for a longer and deeper view on the latest chess moves in the Deep State vs White Hats.

    • I totally agree. It’s all covert for now and soon it will be overt. The best is yet to come and you will be astonished when all is revealed. Keep your vibration high and your light shining.

  11. Earth has always been an abusive planet ruled by these tyrants, with wars and genocides followed by momentary peace. Momentary peace was in place only to give us hope to keep us coming back to be abused more. So when Earth is ruled under global communism after all the remaining threats to this plot are removed, what’s the point? The only real hope (not hopium from all these groups and intel saying the good guys are ‘winning’) is for an asteroid to hit Earth and finally end the suffering. Or maybe a black hole could enter the solar system or something? Looking at Earth’s dark history, there never was a point at all to being here except to be abused.

      • Every missed how Reaganomics 1981 was the return to a 1920s timeline, and installation of a fascist plutocracy that was then called, not capitalism but democracy, hidden behind glitz and glamour, anf the US public are still conned.

    • The other possibility is that most alternative information actually isn’t real, and the mainstream media isn’t as dishonest as is claimed by alternative intel. This still doesn’t negate Earth’s horrific history though. History is one of the main indications that many alternative theories could be real. This would be the history I mostly wasn’t taught in school.

    • Holy cow Starlight. Please shine your light a bit brighter for all to see. Such defeatist attitudes are not helpful in manifesting love, beauty, kindness, abundance for all. Shore up by performing a personal gut check please. This is why we are here. Do not you remember? Stay the course.

      • Steve, I could show you some really graphic information but I won’t. I don’t like it either. I just hope that this time around things will be different and history, for the first time ever, won’t repeat itself.

    • The point for me was to find love in this life. But I did super immoral things in mental illness and pushed everyone good away. Psychos/socios just don’t experience real love, I practically was one. Neither do people with deteriorating brains. I had to fix physiological health to experience moments of real happiness after 30 years and that’s exactly how they’ve attacked us for a century with environmental, pharma and food pollution. They want everyone like them so they blend in, and they want us completely stupid and manipulable. It’s about love for me, and people kept from it.

      There’s a sliver of hope in the legalization of some of the drugs like MDMA, LSD, THC, lithium because in low doses these can be used not to pacify people but rehabilitate criminals like me. It works if you have the supportive health aspects and nutrition. There are two sides to every coin. It’s almost impossible to stay down to earth though and I’m scared a lot of people with poor environments will get addicted instead of using these as therapies. But these are the sorts of things that will break you out of an endless loop mentality when things like meditation no longer work after your health’s deteriorated past a point. It sounds so simple and stupid but literally all I can think to do is disarm people with love until they can heal enough to reintegrate as intelligent warriors.

      • Clawhammer, I’ve found that psychosis is physiological. The brain chemistry can be improved by having an optimal diet. The problem is there is such a huge amount of debate on what is optimal. It’s probably very individualized. I agree that these substances you mentioned may indeed help people with a variety of problems in micro-doses as well. Glad that you are improving!

        • Thanks I believe it’s especially the oxytocin or the way it produces ketones for the brain from oil ingredients and other things, felt like it repaired parts of my brain and a nerve-like disorder slowly disappeared to where I can function, and ketones are what are produced during religious fasting. I have some experience but no way left to formalize it especially since everyone is extremely paranoid about alternative treatment because of pharma’s grip on the media. Meanwhile on the right side news bar there are 2 articles about 1 ethnic group so no one will ever take this seriously.

    • That’s right starlight, Adolf said the same thing about these momentary tyrants. He hated ‘Wall Street’ that is why Adolf Hitler threw out the Rothschild banking cartel June 15, 1939. Under a new ‘Reich bank law’ that unconditionally subordinated the sovereignty to the state of Germany. Article 3 of the law decreed the renaming to the Deutsche Reich bank & was now under instruction & supervision of the Fuhrer & Reich chancellor. But we know how the fat a$$es sat right back in Germany after 1945 & finished plundering this once Great country, Germans home land for 700 years, ‘The Fatherland.’

      • LaVerne, I told Jon this, and I will tell you this as well:

        Even if what you are saying is true, there would be no way whatsoever to be able to convince anyone. You would just be called anti-semitic and ridiculed and attacked to no end. That’s why even if it were true, why even try to make the argument anymore? You’ll just be called a neo-nazi and worse. What’s the point?

        • Starlight, that is why Jon said “Your Light is Not Bright.” The Universe only responds to Truth, which brings Justice. Your making it sound as if “Nazi” is a bad word. You my dear stand for nothing if you cannot stand for ‘Truth.’ ‘GOT MIT UNS’ “When he opened the fifth seal I saw under the altar the souls of those who had been slain because of the word of God and the testimony they had maintained. They called out in a loud voice “How long Sovereign Lord Holy & True until you judge the inhabitants of the Earth & Avenge our blood?” They were given a White Robe…. Rev. 6:9-11 To my German Volk, ‘GOT MIT UNS’

          • There are those who play checkers and those who play chess. People going all biblical and blindly speaking what they think to be ‘truth’ is playing checkers. Strategy and seeing things play out in advance in order to make the next move is playing chess. The cabal play chess. People who are really good at playing checkers but not chess will be no match for the cabal. (I partly learned this through a previous adept I used to be affiliated with.)

        • Not going “biblical” the way you see it, wasn’t meant for you. Starlight, you are no match for what you think because as I said “Truth is what the Universe responds to,” not cowardly reaction as you suggested for me & others to do. This is not a game for us. This is about Justice so we can have our Freedom & Country back. As I said Germany is still an occupied country since 1945. So we would appreciate if you stop using the key words as “Hitler” & “holocaust” & “Nazi” to justify the Genocide of the White Europeans/Aryans. ‘The Third Reich’ Virtues included Honor, Loyalty, Morality, Homeland, Order & Decency. Are these the ideologies you don’t agree with??

          • I don’t justify any genocide of any kind. You didn’t see what I was trying to say and completely took it the wrong way, so I’m moving on now.


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