No need to stay on the Trump vs Biden wagon anymore, but if you are not quite ready to go back to sleep, this is very revealing information on what was happening behind the scenes of the election process.

Interview from Flyover Conservatives:

Retired Army Colonel Phil Waldron is a cyber and political warfare specialist who has been tasked with researching the democratic process of bringing on officials. He is the perfect man for the job as his role for the past 30 years has been to help 3rd world countries do that exact task. At Flyover Conservatives, we were able to get an exclusive interview where he laid out how “fair” our process was in 2x2x. We left every bit of it in the video for you guys… So you can get the answers to the questions we have ALL been asking!

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  1. WHY is this guy wearing a face diaper?
    Anyone who doesn’t get that the planscamdemic was a globalist psyop Hail Mary to try to once again bail out and save the bankrupt global bankster cabal…. is likely a limited hangout,.
    We have to stop playing by their disinformation rule book.
    Take off the mask. If you are still falling for that, I don’t trust your intelligence

    • I know not about the heavy brass, but I am quite familiar with the soldiery in the squads and in the support sections at least as they were 30 and more years ago. Mostly they are motivated to collect their pay, drink their beer, get some time off, get some sex, and to stay out of trouble, To accomplish that, they will grumble, but they will do as they are told or at least make it appear as the are doing so.. On a day-to day-basis, they rarely think of who is President. As for the lighter brass, they seem to be mostly motivated by career considerations so that they will become the heavy brass. .

      On the other hand, soldiers can be disrespected, harassed, lied to, mismanaged, and otherwise abused to the point at which they are seething with resentment. Whilst they are saying “yes sir” or “yes sergeant,” they are thinking something like “go to hell.”
      Resentment can reach a critical mass that can result in mass non-re-enlistment and/or the breakup of organisational units. I think that what needs to be done is to spread messages such as this video to the point at which a critical mass of Americans understand what they are up against and what and who is up against them.

    • The military, like many citizens have been injected with toxic vaccines that shut down their pineal glands and the glands supporting brain function. Without connection to the pineal gland, the flow of energies and Light from their I AM Selves into their Sacred Heart Flames are virtually disconnected. Plus, there are many who have been programmed with sexual abuse, torture and lies to create fear; to create a willing servant in service to the dark forces’ agendas. They are taught to view our brothers and sisters in a variety of cultures and colors as useless and the enemy. Their free will and ability to think for themselves, for most, does not exist.


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