“This is a call out!”

In this video from January 27, 2021, Kerry Cassidy implores all of the journalists out there to truly investigate, use critical analysis and find out what is truly going on. She asks the leaders of this country to come forward and be honest with the citizens of this country. “Someone needs to start talking and tell the truth.”

“I have my opinion and I have my loyalties but that is not going to overstep my job. My job is to question ‘What is going on?’ ‘Why is it happening this way?’ “Why should we sit here and wait for some kind of outcome that none of us knows?’

Kerry wants us all to take action. We need to engage with the outcome of what is happening on both sides (left and right). We need citizen journalists to begin a process to start to dialogue with the other side. Kerry is inviting some of these leaders on both sides (like Lin Wood, Juan O’Savin, Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity and more) to be interviewed by her.



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  1. Once Lin Wood starts speaking with his ( God is in charge Bullshit ) I change the channel I can’t pay that Clown any mind What so ever..( NOW that has NOTHING to do with GOD ) And again the cops are a huge problem even when we need to protect ourselves from Criminal Corrupt Politicians Cops will listen to these FAKE leaders and carrying out orders WHEN they themselves know that the orders maybe/could be or are morally wrong or unjustified. The cops favorite line is I’m just doing my job but if it’s their friends or family well that different ISN”T IT .. Cops need to do their job even if that means to arrest Corrupt COPS, and or Corrupt Politicians Grow a pair of balls and stand your ground defy unlawful orders or orders that don’t sit well with your hearts morality.. Now you may say, Well how about you ? Do you walk the walk ? OR just talk the talk ? Friends I have left many positions in my career, I am a man of Principals and in the end I’ve been much better off.. I have met MANY street gang members young and old that have More Principals then most of the Officers that I interact with..

  2. Ms. Kerry I agree with you.. and I do not TRUST the PLAN, hasn’t anyone notice that the bar keeps moving on this trust the plan, plan ?…. Operation Trust was once upon a time The Plan. SO when something that worked so well why not repeat it ?

  3. Trump “journalist” will not listen to reason as they only want to hear what makes them feel good. How can a nation established and built on lies, violence and subjugation of others, rise to the level of honest and tell the whole truth? A nation whose inhabitants willfully ignore the truth even when it slaps them in the face, can’t be expected to all of a sudden “find the intestinal fortitude to tell the whole truth.”

    How can a nation that defines Justice as this expect truth and righteousness: “Justice involves fairness among equals. Justice takes its most obvious form in the laws that govern a society. Our laws are a formalized ethical system that is designed to ensure that people are treated equally and fairly. Similarly, corporate policies are the rules that ensure fairness within a company.” – Johnson-Sheehan, R. (2017). Technical Communication Today (Subscription). [VitalSource Bookshelf]. Retrieved from https://online.vitalsource.com/#/books/9780134433479/

    The USofA is ripe for collapse. “Small lies lead to bigger lies until the whole house of cards collapses on them.”

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