Join Michael Jaco & Jay Campbell for Living in Resonance as we interview James Rink and Johan Fritz who were members of the Secret Space Program.

These gentleman were so amazing on Monday Night in our Private Optimized Tribe Group, we invited them back for Sunday Night on our public YouTube Channels.

Their intel is totally mind blowing as they rip the lid off the greatest coverup in Human History.

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    • How does a man recognize he has been through some of what you talk about and heal from it? Some of it he remembers, some he doesn’t; I picked up some trauma memories after giving him a massage last year, I saw/heard it the next day when I was meditating while getting my hair done by a student at a hair school (it takes a long time, so I thought I would meditate). I had no idea I would see/hear this, no idea. This has affected his whole life, as he has attracted people who lie, cheat, steal, etc He has not slept well in many years, etc. How does someone heal from this, at least enough to live a semi-normal life?

  1. 29th January 2021 – Breaking News

    SPACEFORCE Attemps Hostile World takeover and FAILED Whitehouse closed

    Official Communication Channel Kimberly Ann Goguen Interim Head of State America

  2. I thought we should explain to your listeners where Antarctica is, it’s not where they tell you in school. It’s an Ice Wall which circumferences 69,000 miles around the Pacific Ocean & the Atlantic Ocean, believed to be what holds the oceans in. Look up 1892 ‘Gleason Map’ Patent allowed in 7 countries, based on voyages around the Ice Wall.

  3. It’s a shame everything always goes back to blaming “The Nazi’s” and/or “ET’s” You Clowns haven’t a Clue on Real History! Shame on all four of you!

  4. A primary feature I notice about super soldiers is they have been through a very high level of chaos. Therefore it’s important for super soldiers, as well as people in general, to focus on bringing chaos to order. Sarah Adams sent this email subscription update which definitely resonated:

    Mastering Energies

    Chaos (also known as the force, power, or primordial chaos) is the power which is harnessed and used in magic.

    Many people are innately sensitive to this magical force but are usually unable to master it and many go mad. It is opposite to Order.

    Places where chaos is strongest and most accessible are known as intersections. Strangely, cats are sensitive to these places.

    The Order is a mystical power opposite to the chaos.

    Magic is used by harnessing the power of chaos and channeling it into order which in turn gives great power to the one that is able to master it.

    Only those born with the power, known as sources, are capable of truly wielding its incredible power, if they become capable of changing chaos into order.

    Those Practicing such Magic (chaos into order) which is oftentimes referred to as “The Art”.

    This is no coincidence. Magic is perceived by many as an elite discipline requiring artistry and talent, and indeed very few possess the immense creative abilities needed to wield it. Those with magical talent can use it to create things of awe and beauty- wonders without which the world would certainly be a much more miserable place. Therefore, those who practice turning chaos into order consider magic a beautiful blessing, brought forth into this world.

    Magic has also been called chaos incarnate: a primal dangerous force, merciless and destructive. In the hands of the unwary it becomes a key that can open the forbidden door, behind which lies ruin and destruction.

    Magic stems from nature. It is in the earth we walk upon, in the fire burning in its heart, in the air we breathe, and in the water, which brings life and which flows within us. If you happen to be gifted with this particular talent, all you need do is reach out your hand and grasp the magic all around you.

    Magic is the art of bending the power of chaos to one’s will through order. Practitioners of the art must master a vast and complicated corpus of knowledge.

    Magically gifted children are born all over the world. They are called sources. their magical gifts are very strong. They can travel through time and space, and release the pure energy of chaos. These powers are wild and difficult to control, though, and are activated in moments of stress,

    The power used to cast spells is drawn from the elements. Fire is the best but simultaneously most dangerous elemental source. Magicians who specialize in the magic of fire often achieve great power.

    Achieving power over all elements is obtained when one is pure within and able to hold mass amounts of elemental energy or channel through their body karmic blockages, bad deeds and addictions.

    And the inability to master one’s chaos into order keeps anyone who should not access such power from achieving success in magic or becoming a master. Masters know that a pure energy field and cleansed body is the only way to access such powerful forces.

    The Power the sorcerers can command is commonly called magic. magic is chaos, an art and a science, a blessing and progress. However poetic it may sound; it is hard to find a better simile. Everything depends on the person that uses that power, of course.

    Still, it is a fact that it can be used to achieve things not possible to normal humans.

    I can help you master these energies and become multidimensional, please contact me if you want to learn more.

    Blessings from Sarah R Adams.

    • Some thoughts that occurred to me that may be true:
      When someone brings chaos into order, light that is trapped within chaos is allowed to express itself, setting it free, and as a result heaven on Earth is achieved.

      Sacred geometry is important because sacred geometry is order. A432 musical frequencies and Solfeggio frequencies are also order. From my understanding from different sources, the ‘realms with greater density’ (I don’t mean this in a way that devalues them) are densities that are chaotic. Among these ‘realms with greater density’ is of course 3D. At a certain level of lesser density (I’m uncertain what exact level – maybe 5D or higher), only order is present. Does order get ‘boring’ though? Probably not. Words can be a cold description. Once someone accesses these very high, ordered realms, it is life changing. It is also possible to be spontaneous in a realm of order, although this may seem like a contradiction. Unlike in chaotic realms, spontaneity expressed in ordered realms is incapable of causing harm.

      3D is unbalanced, in need of order. The negative elites (not all elites are negative) have their own version of ‘order,’ but this is order that can only exist through feeding off suffering, destruction, and chaos, and is therefore counterfeit.

      741hz may be particularly useful in removing negativity:

    • Thank you Sarah. A beautiful synopsis.

      Underlying all that is created is ‘intent’.

      The way everyone can contribute to the new earth is to begin with self. Individually clear out ones own issues such that we bring positive intent to all we that do – intent that is free from ego and control.


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