From Patriot Streetfighter 3 Youtube Channel
January 29, 2021

Gene Decode talks with Scott McKay and Cirsen W about the progress being made with the liberation of children from Deep Underground Military Bases, as well as technologies and procedures used in the DUMBS like adrenochrome harvesting, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, genetic modification. Gene shows maps of DUMBS locations, earthquake activity.

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  1. Well the idea of going back to the First Constitution isn’t exactly a backwards step. It would however remove the Queen of her so called power. So really what’s to lose. Other than maybe a whole lot of BS ‘laws’ that came into place that really don’t add benefit to the people.

  2. I read the 2nd ‘Declaration of Independence’ you had put up on the screen. While everything is well & good on events of history to be true with dates, I fail to see calling it the 2nd of a document that was written by our founders, as if to void the 1st. It is very dangerous territory. Is that not how this mess started, rewriting ‘Our Founders’ documents! Being as everything they did was done not just unconstitutional but illegal as well, so the “new” document can just be re-titled & served to who it needs to be served to, The City of London & The Vatican.

    • Thought it was interesting that you mentioned (toward the end of video) the map of the world is fake as well. That the Antarctic is not where they say, or even what it is. One can see they took the ‘Gleason Map’ of 1892 & pasted it on a ball. This map was Patent in 7 countries & was based on many voyages around the 69,000 mile (clocked) circumference of the actual ice wall surrounding the Atlantic ocean & the Pacific ocean.

  3. 51 min. in, Very important Fact, If you accept a 2nd declaration of independence you will Lose Everything ‘Our Forefathers’ fought for. The 2nd gives the queen & her government a free hand with no regard to ‘The Constitution’ of ‘The United States of America.’ A 2nd declaration is another ‘Bar Association’ British lawyers Trick, it is a counter offer! If You fall for it We Lose! Stay the Course & Remain True to The Original, the First & Only ‘Declaration of Independence.’

    • I have to agree, when and if everything that is going to be shown happens. It will be because finally the 1st constitution has been followed and actions taken to justify the correction in returning to it.. ( In other words it works). We finally stood up and woke up and reclaimed it. WHY would you change anything at this point in time. IT WORKED. At this time in history the constitution did what it was created for protecting the people’s republic. So in my opinion any talk or actions to change it would have to be considered hostile in nature. And the reasoning would have to be rock solid without question.


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