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  1. Hello:

    Is there a way to get a written transcript of your article…Explains how the depopulation covid vaccines will start working in 3-6 months?

  2. Post to social media
    ABOVE THE LAW: My story documents Michigan family court judges’ abuse of power and blowing the whistle on the connivance between power and politics. In Kirby v Mich High Sch Athletic Ass’n, 459 Mich 23, 40; 585 NW2d 290 (1998), (noting that “[a] party must obey an order entered by a court with proper jurisdiction, even if the order is clearly incorrect, or the party must face the risk of being held in contempt”)—–THAT INCLUDES LOSING YOUR LIFE (suicides -Thomas Ball (Boston Globe)/bench warrant- Walter Scott), LIBERTIES and PROPERTY, ILLEGALLY (facts 1-6). Macomb County Circuit Court, Family Court entered three non-consented to “settlement agreements” (judgments) and illegally subjected me to parental alienation, unjust/inappropriate child support enforcement, bench warrants (no bond), the loss of my home and all contents, professional licenses, retirement accounts by an attorney malpractice trial, and life savings for parental rights. These non-consented to “settlement agreements” should be void ab initio. Michigan Democratic State Representative Stone read my book and responded on November 19, 2019: “With that all said, it is still well documented that either recourse is an uphill, and sometimes impossible, battle for a person when looking for judicial recourse and is in need of reform.”

  3. Apparently my ability to predict the future was accurate. Hopefully the vaccinations will not be forced though.

    “December 22, 2020

    I have a bit of an ability to do mind-reading, and maybe I was able to get inside the minds of the cabal. Here’s their possible (probable?) plan:

    The vaccines will be lethal, not killing immediately, but in the near future by destroying the immune system and so forth. The vaccine deaths (from those who at first choose to get vaccinated) will be blamed and recorded as deaths from the new Covid strain. Because we are saying that our vaccines also protect against the new Covid strain, the artificially higher mortality from the new Covid strain (vaccine deaths) will be used as leverage to force vaccinate the rest of the population. Also, make a small portion of the vaccines nonlethal, in a form that shuts down higher faculties in order to have a small portion of the population survive as our mindless slaves (~500 million). A population of 7.5 billion people is too great to be controlled, but ~500 million mindless slaves is a different story.”

      • Of course they can and will. Forget about what the law says. The law is no longer relevant with the Satanic Deep State in control. They will do whatever they like including mass murder to achieve their goals.

        • They made you think you had to have vaccines to enter school in the U.S. I know people who did not vaccinate their children & are healthy. I also know Muslims do not vaccinate & their children are in the public schools, they play the “Religion” card.

  4. This is an Urgent Message to the Citizens Of the World :

    Any person or group that is Pushing the CORONAVIRUS FRAUD & FRAUD DEATH VACCINE’s is looking you in the eye and lying to you.
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    stopped Immediately by Kimberly Ann Goguen
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    Urgent : Common law legal people pls immediately take injunctions and class actions against the genocidal criminals in this documentary below, and share with every grass roots ,doctor , health care worker and law enforcement workers in the world , Number 1 priority MEDIA pushing FRAUD CORONAVIRUS, FRAUD VACCINES need to be shut down Immediately !
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    The Invisible Magic Virus … Woken up yet ?


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