From Aaron Abke, might help to put some things together about the ascension process, The Event, etc.  ENJOY!

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  1. The Harvest is a Psychological Operation that was instituted by Reptilian Aliens to get idiots to believe they are actually graduating to some kind of new level of existence…. the whole concept is a lie….ask yourself where are you getting harvested to…? The only place your going is back to the Astral Plane….where you will have your mind wiped clean by the Reptiles….and you will eventually end up coming back to this hell hole called Earth and they will suck your energy the same way they are still doing it to you now….. Your not going anywhere….this is a prison planet and we are stuck on this merry go round because nobody gives a crap about any of us…. Their are no friendly ET’s…. they have their own F…ing agenda and Earthlings like us are just cannon fodder in their galactic agendas…. People Wake Up….you thought Trump was a white…he was going to arrest the Cabal……Trump is just a sucker…like everyone who believed he was going to fix this place…. Your going nowhere….I guarantee it….

  2. It has Never been Proven the Earth moves around the Sun. On the contrary, the Heavens above (the sky/stars/moon/sun) revolves around us.

    • Prove Kepler’s heliocentric model wrong then. Would like to see some independent and unbiased research papers regarding the subject at hand.

      • Dito! Fake Space/Globe has Never been proven. Computer Generated Images (CGI) which NASA has already admitted, does Not constitute a Ball Earth Planet rotating & tilting around the sun. Go outside & start observing, its all Very Clear, well if they would stop Chem Trailing. Besides Carl, there are plenty of independent researchers you can find as you were already guided to one. Here is another “Atlantean Conspiracy’ website by Eric Dubay. He also has great videos up using his name.

        • “Eric Dubay”? has a series of articles debunking the flat-Earther’s claims.
          I have not found any credible research regarding the world’s “edge” in Antarctica, care to find one for me? That is, someone seeing the edge of space from there.

          Tell that to the other international space agencies, especially in Russia, India, and China. Wonder why the Soviets didn’t go so far back then. And speaking of conspiracies:

          • Certain flat earth groups are controlled opposition. I myself do not like using the phrase of “Flat Earth” due to Mountain Ranges & under the Oceans itself. I feel the best description is a “Snow Globe.” The ‘North Star/Polaris’ is the only fixed star. The ‘North Pole’ is ‘The Magnetic Pole.’ ‘Orion’s Belt’ & ‘Pleiades’ any constellation you want to pick cannot exist on a spinning ball earth spinning around the Sun. The Constellations does not change there patterns. Think about that Carl. & Your mentioning all these agencies, even in Russia, China & India that are part of a “Globe” that has never been proven. No one ever went to the moon because you cannot land on it. There is a ‘Dome/Firmament’ over us that is described as a ‘Bronze Mirror’ Hilary Clinton always makes mentioned of it as having many cracks, trying to escape, that’s what the space agencies are all about, how to out smart God. I can give you titles of books?? As far as seeing the Earth’s edge you’ll have to bypass the guards at the Antarctic, that’s what these clowns do. The Ice Wall thou was documented by British ship ‘Challenger.’ & James Clark Ross journey on another. These journey’s created the 1892 ‘Gleason’ map, you can see how they pasted the ‘Gleason’ map on a ball. I think your expecting to see an edge?? I think the Earth goes beyond the Ice Wall & they don’t want to share it, they keep us in the center.

  3. Is 963hz the Real A432 Tuning Frequency?

    February 10, 2021

    In octaves in music, the frequency in hz is either doubled or divided by 2 to get octaves above and below. For example, a higher octave of 144hz is 288hz, and a lower octave of 144hz is 72hz. Also, one can obtain other frequencies on a scale by multiplying or dividing a given frequency by 1.5. Doing this to a C note frequency goes up exactly to the G note. Dividing goes down by the same amount. 963hz goes very well with A432 tuning when listened to, and is close enough to sound harmonic, but is slightly lower for being an exact note on the A432 scale.

    There are those who claim that the exact frequency for A432 tuning is actually slightly lower than 432hz. Taking 963hz and dividing it by 1.5, then dividing this new number once more by 1.5 yields 428hz. This makes me wonder if 963hz is the exact frequency to be used as a reference for A432 tuning. I’m wondering this for a subjective reason as well, as 963hz seems to have a more powerful effect on me than other Solfeggio frequencies. Also, Nikola Tesla revealed a mysterious relationship between the numbers 3, 6, and 9. So, maybe there’s something to this. It’s only a 4hz difference from 432hz to 428hz, but maybe the more precise the frequency is to the actual universal tuning, the more powerful the frequency becomes.

    It’s also important to note that in hz, when going higher, the frequency needed to make a difference in pitch becomes greater as the pitch goes up, and lower as the pitch goes down. The exact frequency for 432hz multiplied by 1.5 twice is 972hz, which is a 9hz difference from 963hz. The same difference in pitch at 432hz is a 4hz difference.

    • Actually the A432 note is 969.81hz and not 972hz. This is probably because of the pythagorean comma. The A432 frequencies would all be slightly lower if tuned to 963hz. Probably what is done with videos that have Solfeggio frequencies is a Solfeggio frequency is used as a reference point for all the other frequencies to relate on the scales/octaves. I have a keyboard that does this, where I can tell it what frequency to make the A note. I assume software can do this as well.

  4. Fabulous interpretation of the Event and Harvest according to Law Of One. This video covers Chapter 9.
    Puts current turmoil that we are experiencing into perspective. It’s all about choice between positive or negative polarities.
    A must watch!
    Will search for link to Aaron Abke’s website and subscribe.

    • There is much confusion about the harvest within the lightworker community, thats for sure! I also love this explanation too!
      Thank you for your input and support!
      Much love,
      shaalaa (Media Team)

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