Gene Decode Reveals the Ascension is Upon Us as the Planets of 4 and 5D are Already Visible

I don’t follow Michael Jaco but this video provides some interesting information if it is to be believed.  It is always curious how some YT channels survive.

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8 thoughts on “Gene Decode Reveals the Ascension is Upon Us as the Planets of 4 and 5D are Already Visible”

  1. Awesome show! I’ve been following Gene Decode very closely ever since he 1st mentioned the kids being pulled out from Central park in N.Y. I definitely trust in the information shares with people! It’s in alignment with my personal studies and experiences throughout the decades too! Thank you both for your dedication to awakening the sleepy heads and keeping us informed on these important topics! God bless you both in Jesus name!

  2. You had me till you said “Prisons on the Moon” LOL. Can’t Land on the moon, never did! It’s the same Propaganda as Robert David Steele with colonizing Mars.

  3. Biden has enough control the illegals are flooding in and then pipe line has stopped and put a lot of people out of their jobs. At least these two things should have never happened if Biden isn’t really President.

  4. Gene Decoder – has anyone seen him … NO! Who is he? What does he look like and what is his name ? This Ascension stuff is new age B.S. What we really have going on is all these satanic bloodline family tribes murdering each other until the strongest one stands and brings in the satanic peace plan followed by the God of light (the sun) which is Lucifer. This is a counterfeit Apocalypse. The God of light is not God & Jesus it is Lucifer! Agenda 21 has rolled out millions have been vaccinated with that eugenics vax which sterilises and gene edits to harm and kill you and chipped with the test t is on the Q tip which is smart fibre and smart dust particles that they are putting up the nose and screwing on to the soft bone near the blood barrier of the brain. Come down to earth – while you are in a trance doing nothing but escaping from true reality; tyranny and genocide is being allowed to happen and no one is giving a damn – do something practical like signing up for a common law birth certificate (the peoples court) and fighting back here on earth where we actually live. How 3D of me 5D is when you are brain dead. God gave you a brain use it !


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