I don’t follow Michael Jaco but this video provides some interesting information if it is to be believed.  It is always curious how some YT channels survive.


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  1. I am a believer that the earth is a ball. Catholics who believe Jesus mother appeared in Fatima she was standing on the globe/Earth. Other apparition of Jesus holding the earth in his hands as well also round. Aren’t the planets round?

  2. Gene Decode is a pedophile and LARP. Nothing he has said e er comes true, nothing, zilch. I believe he is friends with Timothy Holmseth another pedophile.

  3. So in that video, you say in 1871 the constitution was re-written as THE CORPORATE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Prior to that it was The United States For America.

    Quick question: if the corporation is now defunct/bankrupt, wouldn’t that mean that any companies/officers created under that corporation were also defunct? As in, the Supreme Court Of The United States. Do they even have jurisdiction anymore? Which constitution are they operating under?

  4. Gene – I looked at some photos of the DUMPS and I am wondering do you have any photos of aliens? I am new to all of this. What does their level look like? What keeps them from going to different levels?

    • Hallo Rebecca, when you’re new to the subject of ET existence, for an explanation about dimensional levels, the astral world (4D) plus the interaction between humanity on planet Earth in 3D conditions, and beings in more or less non-physical dimensional levels, I suggest reading the 5 volumes of “The Law of One”.

      Not that I offer these suggestions as absolute facts, but to me, it’s coming from a source that “knows through experience for a very long time”. I’ve read this material for the first time in 2011, and this weekend, I felt the urge to read it again. It can take a while to get used to the manner of speaking, and find one’s mind adjusting to it.
      You’ll find out about it here: https://www.lawofone.info/

      A different source of info about aliens, or ET beings, is the work of Dr. Steven Greer. As far as my research goes, he’s the only one, experienced with the presence of non-physical realms, with an understanding that there’s nothing to fear when we’re willing to know ourselves, our human nature.

      And that the narrative of a collective worldwide effort to create weaponry in order to defend ourselves against aliens, is a scenario, based on falsehood, and misconception.

      The subject of ET-existence is a whole world in itself, and with a vast amount of material, interviews, witnesses, not all genuine and reliable, you’ll be able to find the source with information that sounds true to you, in resonance with your inner knowing.
      Good luck! 🍀🌞🧙‍♀️

  5. Awesome show! I’ve been following Gene Decode very closely ever since he 1st mentioned the kids being pulled out from Central park in N.Y. I definitely trust in the information shares with people! It’s in alignment with my personal studies and experiences throughout the decades too! Thank you both for your dedication to awakening the sleepy heads and keeping us informed on these important topics! God bless you both in Jesus name!

  6. You had me till you said “Prisons on the Moon” LOL. Can’t Land on the moon, never did! It’s the same Propaganda as Robert David Steele with colonizing Mars.

    • Gene if the believers think the earth is flat all you have to do is tell them that the cats would have had everything pushed off the earth by now lol Jon why do you think we havent been to the moon…..what kind of propaganda have you grown up with. Sad.

      • I ask you the same Kay, why do you believe something that even NASA has already admitted “We Live in a Closed Environment, like a fishbowl” I like describing it like a ‘Snow Globe.’ Look up the ‘Gleason Map’ of 1892, you can plainly see they pasted it on a ball. You never stopped & thought how crazy of an idea flying around space & water stays on this ball?? NASA has admitted the photo’s of the Earth are Computer Generated Images. (CGI) You never wondered why we haven’t (faked) another moon landing in decades? How many decades? Look up the Voyages around the ‘Antarctica’ Ice Wall. The South Pole does Not exist! Why do you think it’s guarded?? Study the Constellations, their patterns Never change, which cannot happen if your tilting & flying around the sun.

      • Someone at NASA in the late 90’s said they have not designed a craft yet to take a human through a radioactive sphere just outside our atmosphere.

  7. Biden has enough control the illegals are flooding in and then pipe line has stopped and put a lot of people out of their jobs. At least these two things should have never happened if Biden isn’t really President.

    • Hi Sue, Curt. When did you visit the border wall? What date/state/town/section exactly? I live in S. Texas and haven’t witnessed what you have. I’ve seen what you describe often in the past, but not in the last 4 years or so. Your commitment to personally investigate the wall says you, like me, are very passionate about national security. Of course, so that your travels & hard work were not in vain, you took many pictures documenting that, indeed, “the illegals are flooding in”. Nobody else has shown us this problem, so thank you. Then when did you inspect job site where “pipeline has stopped”? I’ve never been there. In what area had it stopped? Must’ve been quite challenging to find a small spot way out in the middle of nowhere. Once finally there, how many of “a lot of people” did you interview? Tedious & time consuming work, I know. Hope your hotel was nice after your long day(s). You’re lucky to have such excellent connections…to have tracked down even 1 of those jobless workers, let alone “a lot” of them is an amazing feat. Impressive achievements ma’am!! Much respect for your dedication & love of our country. So, when can we expect to see the results highlighting these issues? You obviously have great points to make, but without validating evidence, the only point you’ve made so far is that you’re oddly compelled to think “Biden has enough control” to do “two things that should have never happened if Biden isn’t really President”. Nobody ever did that relative to Donald Trump, the world knew without any doubt. Let that sink in because the world knows now why you felt compelled. Deception, especially to yourself is never to your benefit, ever. Seems like you may have inadvertently proven something to yourself, for yourself, without yet realizing it yourself. That’s how it begins my friend. When you start thinking critically, you won’t feel compelled to waste your time stumbling around trying to convince you, I, or we, of things you know to be not true. Introduce your mind to your heart, bet they’ll be glad to meet, I know your soul will be ecstatic!! Looking forward to you joining us in the real world soon. With open arms…..Curt & your extended growing family.

  8. Gene Decoder – has anyone seen him … NO! Who is he? What does he look like and what is his name ? This Ascension stuff is new age B.S. What we really have going on is all these satanic bloodline family tribes murdering each other until the strongest one stands and brings in the satanic peace plan followed by the God of light (the sun) which is Lucifer. This is a counterfeit Apocalypse. The God of light is not God & Jesus it is Lucifer! Agenda 21 has rolled out millions have been vaccinated with that eugenics vax which sterilises and gene edits to harm and kill you and chipped with the test t is on the Q tip which is smart fibre and smart dust particles that they are putting up the nose and screwing on to the soft bone near the blood barrier of the brain. Come down to earth – while you are in a trance doing nothing but escaping from true reality; tyranny and genocide is being allowed to happen and no one is giving a damn – do something practical like signing up for a common law birth certificate (the peoples court) and fighting back here on earth where we actually live. How 3D of me 5D is when you are brain dead. God gave you a brain use it !

      • There are many vids showing Gene Decode – many on Blessed2Teach. You don’t have to believe in anyone or anything – go for what is true in your life. There are many vids where he talks by phone, but his face has been online many times.

    • Why insult another to share your beliefs? Doesn’t make yours any more the wise. Interesting approach, but it loses horsepower the moment insulting another’s ideas seems necessary to justify yours. To your point…who are YOU? What do YOU look like and what’s YOUR name? Irrelevant right? Not that I agree or disagree with your beliefs, just that they’d be more powerful in non-combat mode. The brain God gave you is far wiser than the ironic recommendation that others might more constructively use theirs. No combat intended.


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