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  1. l cant belive how naive all of u r…….. omg people please buy some brain first:) MedBeds are just for zombie nation,only 3 times u can use Medbed capsule after 3rd time your brain cells dying and only soul transfer is needed to continue this madness just to stay in 3D ……personaly Im dreaming of death Im 43y but I spend my life happy succesfull no more I need just to die and get into higher D than 3:) good luck u all 🙂

  2. Jack Blades
    I am hopeful to be part of the future group of Med-Bed healing appointments .
    I am a 84 year old veteran and Trump supporter with extensive disabilities, disabled bone to bone painful knee joints, extensive skin cancers and under bite jaw structure with bad teeth, Spindle cell carcinoma cancer, enlarged prostate , and surgery scars…unvaccinated@ clean DNA.
    living in West Palm Beach, Florida 33404
    Contact [email protected]

  3. My son in law has run out of options after numerous chemo treatments yet tumors are increasing. He is 44 and it would be wonderful if you can suggest at this late how I can help him.

  4. Med beds will be available to all. Free of charge. They will roll out when we change financial systems we are all most there hang on. I have read intel that they know who should go first and most states in large cities will have them . They will be run by military. Pray to God. Send love into the universe and they will be here before you know it….. Blessing Cstar21

  5. Inoperable brain tumor with less than 4 months to live. Can anyone help? information or availability to a med bed ? In Michigan north of Detroit.


    • There is no such thing as medbeds available to the public. It is alien technology, and maybe some insiders can have access. It's a hope if we get something like a Millenium.

      • Don't you think the world has enough haters without you. Instead of shooting from your mouth maybe try doing real research and then tell the truth. The beds are real and have been in military use for over 60 years.

      • aliens or not, who cares! Don't b judgmental! I wish they wldve been here yrs ago, then my Mom/Dad, and little brother wld still b here!!!

  7. I need healing myself here in florida. I have tinnitus ( hearing loud frequency's/ noises in the ear/ brain ) really bad. 24 /7 non-stop. as well as other medical conditions. I pray there released soon. been fighting the dark a long time. keep hearing month after month, year after year– be patient. It will not be long. one thing . I told a few long time friends do not get vaccinated but they said well there's only a few thousand that had reactions out of billions, what?? I just could not get threw to them. brain dead… some will not wake up as it is not there time. It is time. those of us awake, aware, those of the light..GOD will deal with them. I know the ones at the top want us to suffer to beat it into humanity but those suffering the most are those of the light fighting the darkness while those at the top have access to advanced healing technology , money, etc, etc. If you only knew what i have done to help humanity ( not ego ) . I started out 8 years ago. when trump came into office soon after i was posting links- truth on his u-tube page. views were only about 2-6 thousand at the time then went to 999,999 after my posts of truth. my first document was from department -5 . a guy from the nuclear department kept a document on obama. ha I exposed him fully. from there i kept finding things- truth. never told this story but I guess I- AM ranting as I- AM suffering badly. very sick. but still fighting.MY GOD BLESS ALL. I- AM OF THE LIGHT…

  8. Who believes any of this? I’m sure if it were real the Elite or Cabal would keep them indefinitely or use them to kill us. I’m sure as well as healing they could easily kill us and call it ‘treatment’. The Cabal are never going to ever give us anything to help us learn or get healthy.
    Unless the Cabal’s bloodline is eradicated from the planet, they will always rise up again. They will never stop until they have enslaved, destroyed and traumatized humanity.

    • Wake Up….the med-beds have been around since the 50’s. Only the elite have excess to them now. They are suppose to be out now in Texas & Florida……they will be used for all the saved children from the under ground tunnels and the veterans that need them. Then they will be available for us. And to staunchone if you don’t believe in them……when they come out don’t be the first one to run for one. Once the Cabal have been eliminated, which most have been, God said there will be no more evil !! Wake up and do some fact checking on your own !!!

  9. Is there any med beds available in Illinois? I’m trying to find a med bed for my mother. I understand they may be rolled out in March in Texas and Florida. Would like to try and get my mom in one soon to fix what the doctor botched up.

    • Hi Pam. I live in Chicago area and just accidently came across Maria’s precious message and your question. I use distant technology and other beds in my place. If u r interested, contact me at bgaszakatyahoo.

    • Pam……Google Bob Beck Protocols scalarlight dot com GenuineEssiac dot com.

      I don’t know what her problem is but hope one of these will help for now !!

      I AM Everly

  10. I’m in Illinois and am in need of one for my 80 year old mother. She received a simple surgery to remove an adrenal gland that was proven to be non cancerous. This has since lead to a blood clot that cut off blood to a colon. The doctors had to remove 1/3 of her dead colon. Currently she’s on a ventilator because her lungs are strong enough to remove the CO2 because of some additional mistakes by health care nurses and therapist. She was a strong independent 80 year old woman of strong faith. I’m running out of options and times. if this 3rd attempt in removing her off the ventilator is not successful then I have no more options available except this med bed.
    I tried to tell her about this technology in January and she thought I was crazy. I hoped the news on this technology would come out before she even had the surgery. Unfortunately it didn’t. And I have held on to hope that she would be strong enough to leave the hospital and eventually be able to use med beds. I’m starting to lose hope. Not faith but my hope is diminishing .
    Thanks for listening. Prayers needed so I can get the help God intended.

    • This info could help Ur Mom & many more; 6.5min vid. Tesla healing tech: Prayers also offered/Given. 🙂

  11. Uma boa noite!
    Espero que Portugal, seja incluído nesta expansão e transparência de consciência, para beneficiarmos desta tecnologia.
    Muito grata, por esta partilha.

  12. I am wondering if this new technology will be affordable for most people. Also, will there be enormous waiting times for accessibility to one or more of these beds.


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