They’re Coming out in Droves in Support of the Experimental COVID19 Vaccine

Celebrities are coming out in droves to support, encourage (coerce?) and perpetuate the narrative (lies?) that the establishment keeps force feeding to the public. As they knowingly or unknowingly support the deceptive COVID19 scenario, the institutions behind the plot continue to censor anything that offers evidence, statistics, facts, support, expert knowledge, etc., that counters the narrative.

Well “Hello Dolly!”

Parton switches her famous enchantress  “Jolene” for a new jezebel called “Vaccine”

Gervais won’t Go Out without It!

In Partnership with Big Corporate WalMart, Katie Couric promotes Vaccines

(even encouraging getting both the flu vaccine and the COVID19 vaccine)


Schwarzenegger, “Come with Me if you want to Live.” Arnold uses Terminator Lingo to Sway the Masses to Vaccinate.

Mandel encourages all to Vaccinate


Funny Man and Elder Bob Newhart at Age 91 Gets the COVID19 Shot


and if you have not had enough of the COVID19 Marketing Charade:

Entertainment Online Gives Us a Whole Treasure Trove of Famous Beings Doing the COVID19 Vaccine Marketing Two Step

See Celebrities and Politicians Receiving the COVID-19 Vaccine

President-Elect Joe Biden received the vaccine for the coronavirus on Monday, Dec. 21, alongside wife Dr. Jill Biden. See more public figures and celebrities that were vaccinated here.

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  1. Probably filled with water. Dont be fooled. Surprised at Ricky Gervais!!! Must have moved to the black side.
    According to the Indictments page 2 of these lying cretins were arrested and executed. Low life scum.

  2. These people are ALL part of the Hollywood elite and are not getting the same ‘vaccine’ that they intend to give you and I. I’m surprised to see Ricky Gervais. Well he’s off my Christmas list!
    This just the next step in the Plandemic scam to get rid of billions of us from the face of the planet. It’s the genociding of a species. US !

  3. Let see how long they will live after getting this evil vaccine, and if they don’t die, it’s a fake vaccine when thousands of normal people die inside a month after getting the cov vaccine. Shame on this celebrity playing in this propaganda extermination of the population, and if they die, I am not sorry for their stupidity, because they are thousand of witnesses who show the deadly cov vaccine.

  4. ok,,thats enough with this Bullsh*t
    what are they ..if at all,,what are they injecting Adrenochrome,,or water
    looking at those blissful faces i go for the first,,knowing that there are now
    delivery cars,with even the name on it,,,

  5. I wonder what they’re being injected with or if they will tell us of any adverse effects or deaths of any of these people.
    Their propaganda doesn’t work on awakened people. I’m very healthy without any vaccines & want to stay that way. I had the virus last July (I’m 71) and I’m quite well!

  6. Forget about those guys!
    This is where the real movement is – give artists the incentives they need!


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