The Gameboard

By Angela S. Flint, contributing author to Prepare For Change

March 2, 2021

A Conversation

Still playing on the dark matrix game board?

Questioner:  But how can I survive if I don’t put my game piece (life) on the 3D matrix game board?

I have to work.  I need an income, a place to live, food, etc.

Abracadabra, wave a magic wand and I’m no longer on that 3D dark matrix game board.  C’mon.  Get real.

Answerer:  How can you survive if you do; understanding all the deprivation and violence the dark matrix game board produces.

Imagine another gameboard transposed upon it, made of




perfect health,

friends, and more.

This is the board I put my game piece on, perhaps not visible to the hard core dark matrix players, but that doesn’t matter.

I meet other players on my game board.  In fact, my game board has meshed (synchronized) with many other game boards and has become much more attractive with more light, more abundance, more good health, more joy, more continuous income needed to get by, more provisions…you get the picture.  And I’m still sovereign.

Questioner:  Well, sounds good, but how do you protect     yourself?  There’s a lot of mean people out there.  I’ve been greatly harmed.

Answerer:  A good-well thought out question.  I’m more     aware     of my surroundings while on my game board, as it shines on the dark matrix game board below.  So I can see more of what to avoid and be proactive in protecting myself.

Questioner:  Well good for you, but how do   I     do this?

Answerer:  You already have by asking that question.  Enter… your game board.  And now you’re ready to envision      you     as the master (sovereignty) of your game board, giving yourself the get-out-of jail pass.

The way I see it, your mind can create a better virtual reality than any game producers, because it’s uniquely you; that can be shared with others, if you want to; with no limit of love, goodness, joy, health, wisdom, abundance, generosity and so much more as you receive it in your     heart, and     mind; and     express that.

Millionaire Mindset

There are millionaires who live in extreme poverty of





health, and more.

And there are millionaires with only a buck to their name because they live in





wisdom, and more;

Their beautiful mansion is their mind, unmatched by any man-made building or computer program.

Thank you Science Researcher-Journalist Harald Kautz who greatly inspired me on this topic.


Harald Kautz-Vella talking about the Drama-Triangle and how it ties into hierarchies of this world!

Harald Kautz-Vella talking about MONEY!

Harald Kautz-Vella on all the things that went wrong and need to be re-discovered and addressed.

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  1. Thank you for the larger number of positive posts here. I believe we dearly need comfort and humour, amidst the fire, or storm, or tsunami, or in boots heavy with clay, whatever element suits you. This is one of the articles I appreciate much. There’s playfulness in it.
    To me, that’s a wonderful teaching ingredient, with creativity in tow.

    About the subject of releasing dark energy, I’ve created a video with the title

    “The Whirlwind of Energy that matters and all that matters not. Flowing earth/cosmic neutral energy.”

    It’s a form of energy-release to clear one’s energy-field. There are many ways to release energy that doesn’t matter much to one’s growth, this exersize is based on the training offered by the School for Intuitive Devolopment in The Netherlands, where students of Lee Bostwick, an American teacher who founded his school in Berkeley CA, arrived and found “fertile soil” for these teachings. Just see if it works for you, okay? Blessed be.

  2. Had a walk outside under the Sun yesterday for about 3 hours +/- 65 degrees…it was 1,000,000$ day – had a really nice walk in nature…and it was completely free.

    Request for your birth certificate to the COMMON LAW COURT in order to be registered as a free human being not belonging to the state. The implications will change our life as wéll be protected against all kind of abuse by our governments.
    Make your research if you’re interested. You will find many videos-documents on the subject.
    For any nationality:
    Specific for UK Citizen – double check where you find the necessary fos, not sure if they are the same for all countries.


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