As the plans of the dark forces for their Great Reset are not going as they have wished, they have resorted to their ancient strategy: engineering a war.

Black Nobility families and Jesuits believe in the Armageddon end time prophecies of a war in the Middle East that would expand into the third world war between Israel and Iran, and between Russia / China and NATO. This is what they are trying to create now:

9 Signs That Chess Pieces Are Being Moved Into Place For A Major War In The Middle East

They are occultly using the Syria vortex to trigger a Russia / NATO conflict:

And a Russia / Israel war: 

There are even signs that Israel-Iran war might be imminent:



Therefore the Light Forces are asking you to do the following meditation as often as you feel guided:

Relatively reliable sources are claiming that the attack in either Syria or Ukraine could happen on Monday March 15th, so this is when the meditation will be needed even more to prevent it.

Goddess wants peace and peace it will be!



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  1. Didn't someone once say that misinformation and misdirection is sometimes necessary? Didn't the galactic forces say they can render nuclear weapons inert? Strategic maneuvers usually compose of games of hide and seek instead of mass quantities of ships or troops moving in during daylight. How can anyone trust a radioshow to tell the truth about what is really happening? War won't be tolerated, the Cabal should give up, leave, or learn to retool their factories and learn to place nice under a work release program. It is all about the technology and products-typically a war action every 10 years, bombs have a shelf life too as well as storing them eats away at their profits. I think the military is a great deterrent and has many more good purposes but right now, for our planet, its time for a change.

  2. I must expose my opinion that recent advances in the Middle East and in American foreign policy indicate a tendency towards peace, not war. The agreements reached by Israel with Middle-Eastern countries lately, and the emphasis of President biden on multilateral politics will help understanding among the protagonists and the regional powers. For this I pray that our Father-Brother Christ Michael and Mother Spirit will help us all!

  3. Yeah, not buying any of this article. There is far more information out there to the contrary.
    The world is not interested in an unwinnable war, nor the death and the carnage that these evil ‘satanists ‘ so long for.
    The world is more interested in hunting down those individuals that perpetrated this evil ‘plandemic’ with the intention of mass extermination of humanity and bringing them to justice..we need to rid ourselves and this planet of these evil satanists and come together as a species and ascend past the 3D world. For without humanity the evil will cease to exist. And they know it.

  4. Another sad reminder of ethnopolitical persecution in the United States of Israel:

  5. Since the planet earth failed to form any global alliance since 2012, now the light forces are going along with plan B. Plan A was to do global arrests. But global arrests cannot take place without the presence of a global alliance of military.

    Presently the military of earth are not cooperating with each other. So the light forces have gone with Plan B.

    Plan B will take more time than Plan A but outcome will be the same as was planned.

    This is the reason still the Cabal is in the control of planet earth even after the Chimera have been cleared.


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