by Leo Hohmann

Few are aware of it but the digitalization of the human race is advancing at break-neck speed.

Don’t look now but the world is racing down a path that has been interlaid with landmines of control and surveillance and yet almost no Western politician of any party seems concerned enough to even talk about the impact this will have on personal privacy.

If you’re curious about what the near future holds, listen to technocrats like Bill Gates.

One year ago, in March 2020, as governments were shutting down their economies citing a mysterious virus, Gates did a series of media interviews calling for a globalized “digital certificate” for every human being on the planet.

He said this was the only way to keep up with who has the virus and who has been vaccinated. Note that no vaccine was known to be in the pipeline in March 2020, but Gates talked about the vaccine as if it was just around the corner. He knew.

In a March 18, 2020 “Ask Me Anything” online forum sponsored by Reddit, Gates was asked what changes needed to be made to the way businesses operate to ensure public health without ruining the economy.

Gates’ answer to the problem was digital certificates, which clearly drives once-free Western societies into a “show your papers” scenario that pre-COVID would have been considered a Nazi-like taboo [see screenshot below]:

Gates was also known at the time to be investing in the ID2020 initiative, which seeks to connect people’s vaccine history to their purchasing actions.

Instead of taking Gates seriously back in March 2020, the vast majority of folks blew off his comments as the fantasy of the world’s biggest geek.

I was one of the first last year to suggest that Gates ought to be taken seriously and that his ultimate plan was to “update” every person’s genetic code with the latest version of mRNA virus protection, similar to the way his Microsoft Windows operating system automatically updates your computer.

Gates is not just spewing techno fairy tales. He is a big-time mouthpiece for the techno-medical wing of the New World Order [there are also economic, social and religious wings to the NWO].

I believe Gates gets many of his ideas from less widely known individuals associated with the World Economic Forum [see WEF graphic on digital identity], the same folks pushing for the so-called global Great Reset. Gates also likes to work in partnership with the Rockefeller family foundations.

It was David Rockefeller who in 1973 co-founded with Zbigniew Brzezinski the Trilateral Commission [basically the Deep State], an elitist technocratic organization that promised to promote the creation of a “new international economic order.”

Some of the most prominent thought leaders driving the rapid changes in the global economy today are members of the Trilateral Commission, whose current membership roll includes representatives from central banks in Europe, the Americas and Asia.

Multinational corporations, in cooperation with Big Banks, Big Pharma, Big Tech, Big Government and globalists connected to the United Nations-World Economic Forum, are using the COVID crisis to transform the way money, goods and services trade hands.

But it doesn’t stop there.

They are using the “opportunity,” presented by the pandemic, says WEF director Klaus Schwab, to transform health care, banking, industrial production, energy production and consumption systems, global land-use, even the way we socialize together as human beings.

Schwab has commented that no industry will be exempt from the Great Reset. And the United Nations states in its Agenda 2030 that no person will be “left behind” by this coming global system.

Since no vote was held and none of us were asked if we wanted to sign up for the Great Reset/ Agenda 2030, this begs the question: What will be done with dissidents who refuse to go along with this vision for the world?

The answer lies hidden in the coming cashless system.

These elites have wanted to get rid of cash for a long time. This has been a priority item on their to-do list for more than 60 years.

Cash is simply too difficult to track [despite various attempts] and the technocratic elites are obsessed with tracking, measuring and monitoring everything in real time.

They want to monetize, put a value on, every human life. To achieve this, they need to be able to track with pinpoint accuracy everyone’s spending and consumption habits.

They now believe they have found the solution: Replacing cash with a new digital currency based on blockchain technology.

What will this new digital currency be backed up by? There are several theories, none of which are likely to involve precious metals such as gold or silver.

Some believe the new world currency will be backed by the world’s major land masses and the natural resources beneath that land. This could explain why the Chinese and Bill Gates have been going on a land-buying binge which includes farmland in the United States.

Another theory is that this new global currency will be backed up by human capital, meaning the global workforce.

This would explain why they need to attribute a monetary value to every human being, based on their age, productivity and other contributions to society minus their carbon footprint.

Basically, you become a cog in their globalist wheel, a digital asset of the central banks. Of course the important people will be allowed to use up more carbon and fly around the world on jets, as John Kerry has already informed us, while the masses are relegated to bicycles and public transportation.

With the onset of COVID, whether it was accidentally or purposely released by the Chinese Communist Party, the power elites saw their opportunity and seized it.

Cash as we know it is being phased out, with more than 60 countries testing new cashless digital currencies.

China is taking the lead in this process and wants to become the world’s first cashless nation. The Chinese Communist Party has rolled out a new digital Yuan, and is testing it in several major cities within China.

Unlike bitcoin, which retains the owner’s anonymity and works independent of any governing authority, the digital Yuan will be the world’s first digital money issued by a central bank.

As CBN News reports, the new digital Chinese Yuan will be an international currency, offering a frightening specter of control over Chinese citizens and a “model” for other countries.

David Curry of Open Doors told CBN, “China is building what I think is a blueprint, a road map of persecution for other regimes around the world and they’re doing it with surveillance.”

I believe that’s at least partly why the dollar is being deliberately devalued by the U.S. government, with runaway spending soon to lead to hyper-inflation as the national debt approaches an astonishing $30 trillion.

At some point, individuals may be offered a deal in which their share of the debt, along with perhaps their personal debt, gets eliminated in return for joining the new digital system.

It’s no accident that the world’s most repressive regime is driving the world toward a cashless society.

Think of the possibilities.

You step out of line with the dictates of the state, and the central bank immediately shuts down your access to the digital money necessary to put food on your table. You refuse to vaccinate, and they shut down your account.

You violate Big Tech’s community standards in your social media accounts, and they shut down your account [this is already happening in China where Facebook works with the one-party state to punish dissidents].

Yes, it’s possible for the FBI to freeze your bank account here in America under the current cash-based system, and that is a tactic they are increasingly using against Trump supporters, but you can always fall back on cash in the current economic system.

Under the new system, you will have no such back up. Your entire livelihood will be left to the whim of big government working with Big Tech and Big Pharma.

I predict that over a period of three to five years, the transition to this new cashless system will be complete. It will start off as voluntary, with various incentives offered to join the system. Over time, those incentives will be replaced with punishments, until those using cash are totally locked out of the system, unable to buy or sell or work a job.

You will not be allowed to board planes, enter hotels, stadiums, concert halls and other large venue events, even retail stores, without showing your proof of vaccination, which will be a card or app on your phone tied into the new digital currency at your bank.

Gradually, they will add more information to the card/app, to the point where it will include all your vital information, what drugs you take, your criminal background, if you have one, your driving record, and your social score as provided by Big Tech detailing how many times you’ve run afoul of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube’s “community standards.”

This humongous data bank will be centrally controlled by a commission of some sort, appointed by the government and tagged with an Orwellian name, something like The Commission on Data Security and Privacy.

This beast system will offer the latest in convenience and security using blockchain technology.

I can hear the advertisements now: Are you tired of all the COVID rules and restrictions? Just sign up to get “the pass” and you can go back to enjoying evenings at the pub, ballgames on sunny Saturday afternoons, concerts, cruises, church services, all the benefits of your previous “normal” life!

Unlike the blockchain used for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, this blockchain will be centrally controlled and anything but private.

Sadly, very few are yet aware of any of this, and if you told them about it, you would be accused of watching too many sci-fi movies.

The truth is, all of this is quietly progressing under the radar of media attention and public scrutiny. By the time it is rolled out for widespread “voluntary” enrollment, it will be too late to turn back the clock.

This was the plan all along, to use COVID to scare the masses into a whole new type of society, where every individual’s personally identifiable information is tied in with a new digital currency.

Below are just a few of the recent headlines indicating how fast we are headed into this Brave New World.

  • IBM andvaccine-maker Moderna have teamed up to produce a COVID-19 digital health pass called Excelsior Pass, an app designed to “track vaccine administration in real time through its various blockchain, artificial intelligence and hybrid cloud services.”

In a press release, IBM notes the recently unveiled pilot program for a Digital Health Pass in New York, which effectively deputizes private businesses to enforce government-imposed Covid-19 regulations, according to Raul Diego in a March 10, 2021 article for Mint Press News.

The digital pass has already been tested at an NBA game at Barclay’s Center and an NHL game March 2 in Madison Square Garden. Diego notes IBM uses clichéd industry buzzwords like “transparency,” “trust,” and even “privacy,” to promote its health pass, and IBM’s Digital Health Pass marketing literature describes the mass tracking app as a “smart way to return to society” that allows people to “return to the activities and things they love.”

Such apps are rolled out under the guise of being voluntary. But, according to IBM’s Steve LaFleche, the Digital Health Pass and similar mobile health verification apps, like CommonPass, cease to be voluntary once government guidelines and regulations force the private sector to enforce their implementation, as in the case of New York’s reopening rules for stadiums, theaters and other venues, Diego writes.

  • Amazon introduced its Amazon One digital palm reader, a biometric device that allows customers to pay at Amazon Go stores using their palm.

The company announced in February the device is being rolled out to additional Amazon stores in Seattle — an expansion that will make the system available across eight Amazon brick-and-mortar retail stores, including Amazon Go convenience stores, Amazon Go Grocery, Amazon Books and Amazon 4-star stores, reports TechCrunch. The device creates a unique palm print for each customer.

  • Israel became the first nation to roll out a digital health pass, called the Green Pass, requiring every Israeli to show their proof of vaccination before they can enter shops, libraries, events and almost any public venue or business.

Israel also recently became the first nation to have a majority of its population injected with the experimental gene therapy known as the mRNA “vaccine.”

  • Los Angeles schools, in partnership with Microsoftand Anthem Health [an affiliate of Blue Cross Blue Shield], has issued the Daily Pass QR Health Portal to track the movement of every student in the system.
  • The European Commission announced plans to introduce a joint vaccination passportto “facilitate free movement inside the European Union during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

As humanity wakes up to the real agenda behind the Great Reset, there will be pushback. In fact, that pushback is already starting. Lawsuits are being prepared at both the local and international level, as we have reported on this site.

How To Prepare For Life In The Coming Control Grid

Below are my recommendations, all derived with an eye toward becoming self-sustaining. We may have two to three years, max, to figure this out, so now is the time to prepare for when the cashless surveillance society comes into full bloom:

  • Deactivate Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube accounts and don’t use Google as your search engine.

The exception might be if you are a content producer with a large reach, then you might wish to stay on these platforms as long as possible, so you can share the truth with others.

But we are quickly approaching the point where no truth of any significance will be allowed on these platforms, and there are alternatives such as Gab, Parler, MindsMeWe, BitChute and Rumble.

  • Learn how to grow your own food, get a few chickens for eggs and possibly meat [the WEF has already said meat under the Great Reset will be a luxury].

Start this spring with the garden and by next year or the year after you will have figured out what grows well in your area and how to grow it. You can also get information on this from your local agricultural extension agent or a neighbor who is already into gardening.

  • Get to know your neighbors. Find out which ones are trustworthy. Work out arrangements to share resources based on each other’s God-given talents.
  • Join a food co-op in your community. It’s not only a way to find low-cost fruits and veggies, it’s also a way to connect with like-minded people in your area.
  • Most important of all, get right with God.


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  2. I have been reading up from some expert sources on just how the so called "vaccines" are going to work. It is complicated, but the bottom line is mostly about getting very sick and then dying. This will start in most victims from about four to eighteen months from full vaccination. From that point in time, the mass murder will become more and more difficult to cover up. The world will have millions or perhaps eventually even billions of people very sick and knowing that they are dying and who think that they have nothing more to lose. In addition they will be very resentful for having been defrauded of their lives and the lives of those whom they love and care about. I do not see any reason to harrow up my soul by going beyond this point in describing the scenario.

    • Hello Quentin Holt. I believe that there's no fixed outcome of what's tried by the Grand Wizards of Oz in our present time. When I watch present conditions and hear views from my Dutch folks, too many begin to doubt the value of vaccination, now that we're seeing a rise in flu symptoms showing up in vaccinated people, causing stress in hospitals, also due to nurses walking out of it, who don't take the vaccines. It's astounding, that when the pandemic started 19 months ago, and the first panic, trial and error lasted for a while, many hospital ships were present in the North Sea Channel, for corona patients. Helicopter services were involved, naturally. None of them were used, but the costs are enormous. Meanwhile, we've had debacle after debacle in our government, including the fall of our parliament in Nov. 2020, due to unlawful harsh measures related to childcare benefits, causing much misery in families. Also, fraudulent actions have surfaced with a facemask order of 100 million euros by a member of parliament.

      The presence of hospital ships is what I just found out in a debate about the present partial lockdown, since Saturday Nov. 6th due to the rise in SARS-Cov-2 cases. The government pretends to see bears on the road, with a risk of bed shortages, and consequences in losing lives. That's how the slogan "Only together we will beat Corona" is created, and with the present return to social distancing, and mandatory facemasks in all interior public spaces, plus proof of vaccination also on terraces, possibly a return to testing as well, a large sum is invested in advertisements, news flashes on radio and telly, billboard-messages, to remind the Dutchies to obey the rules.

      At the same time, some members in parliament, who are intelligent with diplomatic skills, are beginning to have a strong impact on the inadequate pandemic protocols, for the facts presented by them are clear as crystal. Of course, others who remain convinced that all is done to protect our society, and save lives, are now sweating, wriggling in distress, for their arguments begin to turn to dust, in the light of truth.

      I'm giving you this sketch of how the Netherlands is moving through this pandemic fairy tale. To me, that's a phase in "disclosure" that is very near the light at the end of the tunnel. I'm experiencing an enormous relief, a falling away of what's visible outside: the leaves are falling! In stormy weather!

      To make way for new growth, and fruit. The experience of the present moment, since autumn has started, is what I've foreseen in March 2020, as a more sudden impact of a surprise event, bringing the lie to an end for the entire world, almost in a blink of an eye. Apparently, it's happening in slow motion. Now. 😉


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