By Ethan Huff,

In an email blast sent out to his supporters on Monday, former President Donald Trump bashed those who are just saying no to the experimental Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) gene therapy injections being administered under his “Operation Warp Speed” mass vaccination scheme.

According to Trump, there is no reason for anyone to skip the jab because “every medication” carries with it “some risk.” Taking a precautionary approach, even for an alleged virus that almost nobody develops symptoms from, is “deranged pseudo-science,” according to Trump.

“The federal pause on the J&J shot makes no sense,” Trump complained. “Why is the Biden White House letting insanely risk-averse bureaucrats run the show?

Trump is referring, of course, to the federal government’s temporary halt on all further administration of Johnson & Johnson’s Chinese Virus injection, which just like every other emergency use authorization (EUA) jab currently being administered is linked to deadly blood clots.

In Trump’s view, most people are not experiencing these blood clots immediately after injection so there is no reason to stop the highly profitable, zero-liability operation from proceeding.

“Just six people out of the nearly 7 million who’ve gotten the Johnson & Johnson vaccine reported blood clots,” Trump further whined. “The condition is more common in the general population, and every vaccine – indeed, every medication – carries some risk, including the Moderna and Pfizer jabs.”

Despite several years back while running for president in 2016 expressing his own “anti-vaccine” sentiments, Trump has now decided to take aim at those “resisting” the latest experimental injections from Big Pharma, which are not even approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Trump says that it is “sheer lunacy” for Resident Joe Biden “to delay millions of vaccinations and feed fears among the vax-resistant.”

“Indeed, this moronic move is a gift to the anti-vax movement,” Trump added in the email. “The science bureaucrats are fueling that deranged pseudo-science.”

You can read the full press release below as tweeted by the Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN):

Trump was the catalyst for the “new normal”

Many seem to have forgotten that it was Trump who declared a “national emergency” with regards to the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) back on March 13, 2020. This opened up the door for nationwide lockdowns, mask mandates and other authoritarian impositions.

Not long after his declaration, Trump announced the launch of Operation Warp Speed, which promised a “fast-tracked” vaccine scheme to be rolled out at “warp speed.”

Now, thanks to Trump, Americans are being coerced into getting jabbed as a condition of returning back to “normal.” Governments around the world, including here in the United States, are also now talking about forcing people to carry around “vaccine passports” to prove they were injected as a condition of entry into stores.

Colleges and universities all across the country are already announcing that in order for students to return to on-campus learning this fall, they will need to get injected with one of Trump’s rushed-to-market Wuhan flu shots.

“Trump went along with the scam giving the criminals everything they wanted by signing off on trillion-dollar sellouts and strengthening the corrupt medical industrial establishments, allowing criminal politicians to destroy America and the world,” wrote one discouraged commenter at Big League Politics about the downfall of Trump, who appears to be in a delusional state of mind.

“Now, he stupidly doubles down on his heinous crimes by belligerently feigning innocence and selling the toxic crap they call a Covid-19 vaccine. The dude actually thinks he has a chance to be president again.”

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  1. I don't care who says what, lies or truth; I don't trust Big Pharma! They don't want people to be cured of anything as they'd lose a lot of the money they worship! I believe the vaccines were put out too quick and not enough testing was done. The virus was manufactured to kill off the elderly, the weak, the disabled. The government is behind all this! The ones in power now are Satanists and worship their father, Lucifer! They believe in sacrificing the unborn to him just as they did in the Old Testament. My God tells me to forgive and pray for them. I willmobey Him. He will punish those who do not believe in His Son Jesus!!That's His job not mine!

  2. The deep state always lies about Trump, because they are trying to avert their severe ass whipping by American Patriots that have had enough of their criminality, their treason, their totalitarianism, and their communism.

  3. What Trump is doing has a similar effect as in Canada: Trudeau's corrupt government was opposed by Erin O'Toole of the conservatives, but he's a liberal shill so the vote is split between the PPC (Maxime Bernier, not my favorite person) and conservatives, and others, making it harder to boot the liberals out. When the conservatives get in, they plan for CANZUK to give Canada back to the U.K. in the middle with China. Remember Dominion Voting is from Toronto!

    So Trump's vaccine derangement could cause the republican vote to split further the same way, although in the U.S. I guess people will vote for him out of desperation alone, and several people speculate on secession and what that effect will be.

    In other words to counter all this the state socialists would have to be split up, and they sort of are, but in reality I gave up on the electoral systems long ago.

    The only politician who's stood his ground was DeSantis and some other guy. Unless he has cronies doing all the work he seems like a smarter man than Trump to lead a state or country, not that I'm nominating anyone seriously.

  4. I personally think it's a test to see if the surface population can come together and unite, not necessarily under one individual. It's a test to see if we can do our own research, discover the facts, and stand firm in our conclusions, without needing a savior like Trump or whomever to come along to tell us what to think and believe.

  5. Cobra explained that Trump is in the middle of the cabal (bad guys) and alliance (good guys), so sometimes he's listens to the bad guys and at times to the good guys.

    • Dear Ines,

      Since when telling the truth is being a leftist? We are also highly disappointed. Do your own independent research and you'll come to the same conclusion that the information within this article is true…

      • FACT: Leftists don't tell the truth. Leftists tell you what the narrative says to tell you. That is always the case.

    • Inês Helena

      Are you suggesting this "President Trump’s statement" about vaccines is fake?
      If it's not fake, are you saying we should prays it and all get vaccinated? From the look of things, it would seem you're very pro-vaccine, which puts you at odds with most on the right.

    • Leftist? A good number of libertarians and others never supported Trump from the beginning. He's involved in giving more totalitarian power to the Pentagon and everyone else, total surveillance, and he doesn't care because he gets voter ID in return. I couldn't take him seriously because he's just not that intelligent and his debates were horrendous. I can't believe people compare him to JFK as it stands.

      There could be *some* other reason he's pushing these things and the only way I can absolve him is if he did it in order to push up their timetable (if he didn't do it, they would have got someone else to do it). Same could be said of whoever allowed the virus to escape at the time it did, assuming you believe there is one (I do).

      In the end I hope the U.S.A. elects someone *intelligent* and educated, that's been your achilles

  6. Am I defending someone, making a mistake? Am I willing to accept I am mistaken? Who knows? As long as I haven't seen the actual email message, from President Trump, where he's supposed to have, and I quote: "bashed those who are just saying no to the experimental Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) gene therapy injections being administered under his “Operation Warp Speed” mass vaccination scheme"(end of quote), I don't believe one word of what's possibly ground in the Rumour Mill. Where the trade in rumours is profitable more than ever before.

    To push proof of the evidence of President Trump's email, by using a tweet from Ivanka Trump isn't helping much, as it's a cheap way of making one's point. That is, when the point is dipped in venom.

    Isn't it clear by now, that the media can concoct all sorts of news flashes, fake news, photoshopped pictures, even fake tweets… maybe? Fake emails als? The machinery that is creating division is serving many different parties, when opposition is favoured, and emotions are fuel on the fireworks of war, or in the game of diplomatic fencing, in an endless arguing that leads to a checkmate.

    In a dark humurous way, it seems that on both sides of the negotiation-table, there's a realisation growing that creating the same kind of arguing, and even more of the same kind of arguing, leads to a checkmate by its own doing. Each side, also seems to observe a different arrangement of chess-pieces on the board. So that no understanding of each other's views and plans is reached.
    Wouldn't this make a great movie, with Marlon Brando sitting with Danny Kaye at the game of chess? and an unfolding of their entourage, on each side of the table and their perception of reality?

    To me, it's as if all powers to be, that are working toward the destruction of life, are being bound by hands and feet, gagged and blindfolded, in order to put an end to what covers up their light, that caused them to place their conscience in the freezer. Unfeeling toward themselves and to their fellow humans, and many more beings that are alive.

    In 2nd Peter 1:19 it says: “So we have the prophetic word made more sure, to which you do well to pay attention as to a lamp shining in a dark place, until the day dawns and the morning star arises in your hearts". Wise words ARE spoken in the Bible, in between twisted stories.

    Yesterday, I discussed the pandemic with a sister (while I had decided to leave it out of our conversations, with politics as the 2nd subject) and my sister was interested, or curious, to know bout the choice of my information-sources.

    I told her that I studied scientific reports, official sites of vaccine designers, and other medical professionals, also medical institutes, including the statements of the WHO, plus a magazine with a high standard, The Lancet. "No social media reports, or rumour, no televison or mainstream media" I concluded my response to her question. I could see my sister, like a turkey raising its feathers, to appear bold.

    Then, as in putting the dots on the i, as we say in the Netherlands, I made a bold statement, which I immediately regretted, and I said "Sorry, I shouldn't make such a dramatic remark, without first explaining the in's and out's leading to it" and I could see her adrenaline level rising, hearing her voice with an angry undertone, saying "What makes you think that you need to believe what you study? Everything can be twisted around, and made false"

    I could feel the challenge to enter an argument with both of our minds triumphant in making up all sorts of thoughts, thrown at each other in order to be the winner, and feel good, our ego receiving stroking. I could've thrown my sister's argument back to her, by saying "That last argument is putting your own opinions on loose screws as well, when you take at heart what you just said".

    I couldn't help saying I'm usually thorough in my research, comparing many sources as well" and my sister didn't deny it or approve it, by keeping silent. I decided to put an end to the conversation, by saying "Let's leave it, we've got different sources of information" and we managed to eat a good soup together, in front of my home, on comfortable chairs, in the sunshine. Gosh, that was close 😌

  7. DON"T TRUST THE PLAN.. I DON"T I NEVER DID …. and Lin Wood sounds more and more and is even acting like Rev Jimmy Swaggart ..


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