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Here at Theallthatis, we share content we feel is of value, either through knowledge or a lifting of spirits. In this case, it is time to highlight one of the countless enthusiasts in their field of expertise who share their knowledge through youtube. Now for all the intelli-mentals who scoff at those who source information from youtube, there are many many credible presentations and researchers who share highly valuable information and this channel i wish to share with you is one of those. 

Jim at the Mavstar observatory is an independent enthusiast that has built, programmed and houses a magnetometer to track the movement of the magnetic poles and relies the data to us through his youtube channel. With a small but dedicated network of supporters Jim and his little army have set up independent stations across a number of countries world wide to correlate the data to give us as clear-a-picture of what is going on in our atmosphere.

The youtube channel Maverickstar Reloaded description says

“The main topic of this channel is the migration of the magnetic poles on earth, can you believe we live in a time when the magnetic poles are going to reverse, the last time the Earths poles reversed was 780.000 years ago, so it’s the biggest event that mankind has ever witnessed in his entire history, and surprisingly you hear very little about it on mainstream media. Why is that?? We discuss such things on this channel, the host has designed and built and programmed a magnetometer station to track the poles in an attempt to give an early warning system during the accelerating of the poles at that time when they move over the 40 degrees point.”

Jim, who is based in the UK, speaks passionately about this subject, which he claims is not being publicly released. In this video he describes how our compass no longer points at the North Pole because that is where the magnetic pole sits. He shows us with the graphic how the Northern pole has split in two. Oe half over Canada and the other over Russia. 

Jim even invites us to see what is going on for ourselves by placing to magnets at 2 and 10 O’clock above the compass and watch as the needle points to the magnetics between the fields..

In previous videos Jim describes how once a magnetic field shifts over 40 Degree from its axis, it is known that magnetic fields can and potentially will collapse before find new positions of polarity. Jim has been on yourtube tracking this movement since 2014 and we can be sure that we are receiving extremely important information regarding our global climate feom someone who is dedicatong his time and energy to know and shate this data.

It has been known that our poles have reversed in the past and it is a very real possibility we see a pole shift in our lifetime, maybe within this decade, if the data received continues to show as much movement as there has been in recent years.. With this information, we can almost uncomfortably say, the poles will shift.. In fact, they already have as Jim describes in this video, the question is.. what happens once it’s reaches it’s event horizon?

Jim also shares alot of information regarding the Grand Solar Minimum we are currently in, what it is as well as how this GSM can affect us, most notably with food production. Breifly for those who don’t know aboyt GSM, it is a natural cycle that the sun goes through where the rays of the sun basically are less powerful.. A cycle we are re-entering now.

I highly encourage you all to get up to speed with Jim’s work as he can explain the science much better than i can. As well, any enthusiasts who wish to contribute to this independent project  through equipment, donations or simply supporting and sharing his content connect directly with Jim through the channel or his website where alot of his data is also available.


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  1. It’s no accident that they are blaming this bs global warming. I don’t know about other countries, but the US military/government HAS KNOWN ABOUT THIS COMING POLE SHIFT SINCE THE 1950’S! These maggots could have told people long ago so they could have prepared had they wanted too! And those ridiculous electric cars cost more energy to create and run than regular gas cars. Have any idea how much it takes just to mine lithium?! Let alone make batteries with it?! They have technology that most people would think is science fiction.

  2. Yikes! Anytime you write a paper that you can to be accepted as credible, you MUST make sure to edit so that there are no grammatical errors. I counted no less than 3 errors! Is it that Jim "relies" the messages, or is it "relays" the messages? "Shate?" I think you meant to write, "share".
    I probably will share this data on my own website, but only after I go back and correct the errors.

    • I was going to bring up the same points, Ron.

      '…relies the data' should read 'relays the data,'

      'Why is that??' – only needs one question mark.

      '…yourtube' – well, this one is obvious!

      '…feom someone who is dedicatong' – so is this one.

      'Breifly' – it's the old 'i before e, except after c' rule (though there are some exceptions). So, 'Briefly.'

      '…better than i can.' The 'i' should be capitalised.

      Finally, to those who will accuse me (and Ron) of being grammar nazis, consider this. Those we are fighting against will use any and all tools at their disposal to belittle, villify and bully us into submission. Logical fallacies are particularly favoured and frequently used: "Oh he can't be trusted, look at how many spelling mistakes he makes" etc., so we need to be absolutely accurate with data releases – and that includes simple spillchucking before publication.

      I'll copy and paste this article, then correct the errors before passing it on to others, as I think there is some genuine and worthwhile information here.

      To the author, please remember to QC your work in future.

  3. The techniques used to determine dates in the past are fundamentally flawed and not reliable whatsoever. He should have written 780,000 years plus or minus 770,000 years.
    All of the white lab coat types get paid by big money to push a certain view to push forward the next agenda. They get paraded into the spotlight when needed like show ponies then collect their grant monies to push forward the next set of lies.
    Has no one learned anything from recent events. The truth is every 12000 years the sun goes micro nova and resets the playing field. Real science being suppressed because knowledge is manipulated by the powerful to consolidate their control while getting richer in the process. Real science ended when the rich started opening and funding universities. Nothing but indoctrination centers for our youth.


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