“It’s actually not the rhetoric that is extreme here; it’s the underlying facts.”

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As you are surely aware, advocates for Israel are using an apparent surge in antisemitic attacks to try to delegitimize pro-Palestine advocacy.

Part of that effort is a move to characterize the charge that Israel is practicing apartheid as antisemitic. Four pro-Israel congresspeople sent a letter to President Biden yesterday taking aim at fellow Democrats who are critical of Israel. The four — Josh Gottheimer, Elaine Luria, Dean Phillips, and Kathy Manning, all of whom are Jewish — say Israel protects Jews, so criticisms of Israel over “apartheid” or “terrorism” are “antisemitic at their core.”

We also reject comments from Members of Congress accusing Israel of being an “apartheid state” and committing “act[s] of terrorism.” These statements are antisemitic at their core and contribute to a climate that is hostile to many Jews. We must never forget that less than eighty years ago, within the lifetime of our parents and grandparents, six million people were murdered by the Nazis in the Holocaust because they were Jews. Israel has long provided the Jewish people with a homeland in which they can be safe after facing centuries of persecution.

That reference to other House members is to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rashida Tlaib, who have charged Israel with “apartheid.” While Ilhan Omar has leveled the “terrorism” charge (per JTA).

The idea that it is antisemitic to say Israel practices apartheid is patently absurd. The apartheid accusation has been made for years by Palestinian human rights groups who rightly object to Palestinian conditions. Lately other groups have joined on: In January Israel’s leading human rights group B’Tselem said Israel is an “apartheid . . . regime of Jewish supremacy from the river to the sea.” And a month ago Human Rights Watch issued a 213-page report saying Israel commits the crime of “apartheid” — with a systematic oppression of Palestinians, inhumane acts, and an intention to dominate Palestinians. Both B’Tselem and HRW are headed by Jews, by the way.

And let’s not even get into the long history of the apartheid charge from American visitors, including Jimmy Carter, who have been shocked by the limits on Palestinian movement and residency and representation in the West Bank. And by the way, two U.S. Jewish groups — IfNotNow and Jewish Voice for Peace — state that Israel practices apartheid.

If the shoe fits, wear it. . .

Nonetheless, the Israel lobby has set up this new front in the battle for Israel’s legitimacy. They’re pushing it.

An Israeli reporter who was granted an interview with Antony Blinken on Tuesday asked him: “When we see, for example, known figures on the far left in the United States referring to Israel as an apartheid state, are you worried that this rhetoric could lead to more anti-Semitic incidents, instead of calming things down?” (Blinken dodged the question: “one of the great things about my job . . . is I don’t do politics, I just focus on policy.”)

Bernie Sanders flubbed the question on Face the Nation, Sunday. He accepted the view that “apartheid” contributes to antisemitism. Host John Dickerson asked:

“There are a number of liberals who use the word apartheid to describe Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians, a number of them liberals in the House who use that language. The executive director of the American Jewish Congress who handled Jewish outreach for your campaign Sanders’ campaign ― Joel Rubin — has said that using the word has increased the level of vitriol that has contributed to this antisemitism. Do you think that those who share your view should not use that kind of language?”

Sanders said, “Well, I think we should tone down the rhetoric.” Though Sanders did speak about the inhumane siege of Gaza.

It’s actually not the rhetoric that is extreme here; it’s the underlying facts. And the willingness of prestige organizations to accept the truth has helped to change the U.S. discussion. That makes this a good battle to have. “Call on your government to end its sponsorship of Israeli apartheid” (say the Sunrise Movement and Adalah Justice Project in this new video.)

Source: Mondoweiss


Source: https://anti-empire.com

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  1. Yes, I am totally anti-Israeli policies, I am perfectly aware of that, I accept it, I assume it and I am perfectly comfortable with that and if they want to call it anti-Semitism I'm fine with that as well and I'm not ashame of it, those accusations don't stick to me anymore. I hate no one for who they are, that would not be possible, I only judge by what people do, like the Israeli behavior towards the Palestinians, the laughing at the UN resolutions, the Iran bashing when they themselves have about 300 nukes and refuse all inspections, the promotion of multi-culturalism for the others but not for them, the destruction of Arab dwellings to so called "defend" themselves, the way they use the holocaust to steal billions from the next generation, the way they abuse the political systems of the US and others, the laws they imposed forbidding any discussion about our own history, the massacres committed at the beginning of the colony, the wars of aggression in 67 and 73, the attack on the Liberty, the creation of Bolshevism and the millions of murders that followed, etc… Therefore yes, I am a hard core anti-Semite, I have the right to, I never killed anyone.

  2. Who financed WWI and WWII. Who was behind the Armenian Genocide? Who was behind the Bolshevik revolution the Russia? Who killed millions of Soviets through starvation, incarceration, and just plain murder. Who continues this practice in the Middle East.
    If you read the Talmud it openly states that they want to kill 90% of all non Jews and enslave the rest. The holy book of the small hats just lays out the plan nothing is hidden. You are not even human. Not human but cattle to be ruled over. Call me what ever you want however, the truth is the truth at the end of the day. Call me pro cattle.

    • Considering the jews 'Temple Mount' called today 'Haram Al Sharif' (Jerusalem) by Muslims, is home of the 'Dome of The Rock' & 'Al-Aqsa' Mosque, two holy centers for Muslims. Is connected by design in Jerusalem by King of Judea, King Herod's Boundary Wall the 'Temenos' or called 'Kotel.' (also known as the Western Wall) Considering Muslims & Christians were always at war… Considering Britain is the one Nation that pushed for the making of Israel. Considering Queen Elizabeth is the great great.. grand daughter of Mohammed (Mohammed was a Aryan red head). Considering whom Prince Harry married, to try to Solidify… Considering Britain was the driving force of WW2, to slaughter those who would not comply.(Germany) Considering Saudi Arabi roll in WW2, they supply the Oil & we mind our business with "Their Religion." Considering who murdered Tsar Nicholas II & his family (& how) to rid of another Aryan Dynasty. Considering 'King Solomon' (from the Old Testament, he himself was Aryan) had many wives & offspring with Arab women. Considering Obama's connection with 'Muslim Brotherhood' & how there was a huge influx of Arab migration to The U.S. during his 8 years. I myself am considering Who is really behind All these Atrocities you mentioned. We say the jews, we say International jewry. But is Islam/Muslims one of the same as International jews?? Even King Herod was an 'Edomite' whom were forced into Judaism conversion by the 'Hasmoneans.' Herod was appointed Governor of Galilee in 47BC. This does really go back that far. Even Josephus Flavius, a jewish Soldier & Historian wrote in 'The Antiquities of the jews' that the ones migrating out of a particular city, after a battle: "They were Arabs"

  3. I find it very concerning that this word phrase Anti-Semitic is being tossed around for decades with the ignorance of the European's. I say Europeans & ignorance on our behalf because technically We are the Semites. This is a Proven Fact through the Language. Rather it be Celtic, Armenian, polish, Iranian, German, Spanish, Russian, Basque, Italian, Greek, Latin, English, it is All Indo-European/Semitic writings/languages. Language is what constitutes an Ethnic background/connection. Wake Up, so these clowns are saying what exactly when they use the word Anti-Semite?? I guess we need to Thank them for going out of their way to protect all of us Europeans.


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