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  1. The British House of Commons – EXTRACT
    Monday 5 July 2021
    Meeting started at 2.33pm, ended 10.50pm (?!)
    Have members of the House of Commons learned to sleep with their eyes open, during those 8 hours plus?

    Here are speeches related to the pandemic with comments, expressing views on continuing a lockdown or ending it on July 19th, the date Britain allows for free travelling, arriving or leaving Britain. Plus large steps towards the restoration of freedom to move and meet, turning the economy into working order, as far as one can say it was in working order before the pandemic. With 1 month of delay, since June 19th was the initially planned day.

    Sorry, I can't help my sarcastic sense of humour, honed during my years in Britain, about the do's and don'ts, after spending almost 5 years on this island. Learning that Britain is riddled with contradictions, keeping the class system in working order better than the economy, with the population in a confused state, resulting in complacency, as I perceive it. Shock doctrine.

    I do know that much needs to be taken with a grain of salt and a spoonful of sugar 😄
    Also, that God works in mysterious ways for the Brits as well, where surprising goodness can suddenly turn the tide for these quirky islanders, struggling with floodings to this day. Emotionally and in water management both. It seems that there's still a race of "old folks" grown wise by experience, connected to nature spirits, the law of the land and the use of common sense.

    Here are the speeches. Observe the manner of speaking, and the choice of words:

  2. Breaking News June 27, 2021 – The Global Intelligence Agency "Confirmed" Ratified in the Hall of Records As the "Only" Official Global Military and "Only" Global Intelligence Forces Worldwide. Job opportunity applications welcome below Every Country And City For Global Peace:)

    Free Veteran's Care coming & 1000's of Health and Wellness Services with Lifeforce Assurance 🙂

  3. Hello Edward
    Would it be possible to get a link to the document? I have a link only to the first page but could not find a link to the entire document.
    Thank you for any info.

  4. After some research of other media sources with the same content, especially reading the comments, 80% of the commenters doesn't buy it. One commenter said "they don't call football soccer in the UK"
    One commenter, the actual YouTube channel owner aplanetruth12, says:
    "The above document comes from the book "Committee of 300" by John Coleman"

    I've found the free download without having to register:
    It's a large document, and so far I haven't found that page. At least, this may shine some better light on this post. I'm keen on following Britain's condition, ready to jump overseas again. Although my gut feeling whispers that it might be wise to wait until next springtime or summer, with the vaccine a ticking timebomb, present in many British bodies. There's no time pressure at all 😉

    This is a "Rope-a-Dope"operation. They deliberately "leak" a fake document to the alternative news community and those they consider to be "conspiracy theorists". There is enough in there for said CT's to use it as "told you so" evidence and make it viral but they have also included enough things to be able to prove it is an obvious fake. Once it has gone viral in the alternative community, they then set about the "debunking" process using the fake info they've included. They will then claim that they have publicly "proved" that everything the alternative community says is nothing but a crazy conspiracy theory, that should be ridiculed and ignored. Do not distribute this as any kind of truth, instead we should all call bullsh*t on this as it is another psy-op. Sorry, good try! close but no cigar!

    • Hello Stitchywitch (I like that name). Initially I was shocked when I watched this video, but decided quickly to read the comment. Yours. Please, could you explain about how to find evidence of proof that this is a fake document? And what are CT's? I'm referring to this part in your comment:
      "There is enough in there for said CT's to use it as "told you so" evidence and make it viral but they have also included enough things to be able to prove it is an obvious fake".

      Is there any evidence in the same manner as you describe in your comment, about the rumor that is spreading through the virtual grapevine, as fast as the supposed shedding of spike proteines? I'm beginning to be much more vigilant in my investigations, since "fake" is connected to purpose, serving an agenda that throws our quest for truth topsy turvy.

      By means of news reports in a strictly controlled manner, making sure they're published by mainstream and alternative media both, and in that way, suggesting that the former is correct.
      The cats are getting very desparate, dancing on a red hot tin roof, I believe.

      • Hi,
        This document first came to my attention on a British alternative news channel, UK Column news (, no longer on Youtube as they've been taken down but can be found on other platforms. If you click on the video section at the top, you will find it was broadcast on the 18th June. This document is taken apart by host for that day, Patric Henningson, also of 21st Century wire. Both Uk Column and 21st Century Wire are good sources of thoroughly verified investigative journalism and I recommend that everyone tunes in to them regularly. Uk Column is broadcast live 3 times per week, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 1.00pm Uk time.

        • Thank you for clarifying what CT means, Stitchywitch. And I've copied Benjamin Fulford's report twice in my July 2nd comment, I've noticed. Regarding your words "the deep state knows all the best people to "leak" to,
          I see before me that with an increase of twists, turns, tweaks, coughing and screeching tweets, false flags, fake news, resembling that cake with many thin layers, called spekkuk, that it may turn out, that even for us, and for all those digging in rabbit holes, entire cave systems of them, it may happen that on "Judgement Day" I mean, the day that the truth will be revealed to all, dark and light, that even those of us, thinking that they "know it all" will open their eyes wide in surprise, shocked for hearing about the good, the bad and the ugly.


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