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What are self tests, where to order them, and how to stay clear from infection and the effect of spike proteins. There’s no profit in the making here, for me. I’m sharing information for those of you who welcome self-reliance and who love to take initiative, and rely on one’s own discernment in good health. As we say in The Netherlands “Keeping a finger at the wrist” (pulse)

This article is based on thorough research, experience, and knowledge of health, the immune system, and nutrition. I’m a registered holistic nutritionist.

Translated text from a Dutch website

Antibody or antigen test – the differences

What is an antibody test?

An antibody test is a specific Corona test that measures the antibodies Immunoglobulin M and Immunoglobulin G (IgM and IgG) in the blood. These antibodies are produced by the body after infection with Covid-19.

What is an Antigen Test?

Instead of taking a sample via the blood, an antigen test involves taking a sample via nose and / or throat mucus. Antigens are actually pieces of the virus (proteins), these proteins can trigger an immune response in the body. By showing whether the antigens are in a collected sample, the antigen test determines whether you are currently carrying the virus. The Ministry of Health was the first to approve Roche and Biosynex antigen tests for home use, with other brands to follow.

What is the difference between a PCR test, an antibody test and an antigen test?

All three are Corona tests, but with two different purposes. The PCR and antigen test have the same purpose, to find out if someone is currently a carrier of the Covid-19 virus. The PCR test has the highest sensitivity and is therefore preferred in the test lanes. The results have to be checked in the lab and therefore it takes more time, but the advantage is that the margin of error is the lowest.

The technique of antigen testing is constantly improving and is now also being used in various test lines. The national government grants an exemption to suppliers if the antigen test supplied meets all the requirements. Among other things, Roche’s test is currently approved for home use. The advantage of this type of testing is that you can read the result yourself from the supplied test cassette within 15 minutes.

An antibody test measures whether you have been in contact with Covid-19. After a few days of being in contact with the virus, the body makes antibodies. The increase of these values in the body can be demonstrated by taking a few drops of blood, as can be done with the “Corona Gehad test”. (Which means a test after one has recovered from Corona) Unlike the PCR test and antigen test, the antibody test cannot distinguish whether you have Covid-19 now or have had it.

How long do antibodies stay in the blood?

Science cannot yet give a clear verdict on how long the antibodies remain in the body, but it is believed to be at least several months. (end of text

Antibodies remain at least 200 days noticeable in the blood:

What follows is in my own words:

The topic of spike proteins is still much debated at the moment, as regards their spread through skin contact, between a vaccinated person and an unvaccinated person. If this is true, and actually happening, Chlorine Dioxide is a good remedy for keeping the body free of these vaccine spike-proteins. In Europe, the German company Vitalundfitmiet100 is its supplier.

There is a long history behind this oxydizer-remedy, starting with the treatment of malaria patients in Africa, in the 1970’s, by Jim Humble, who initially travelled through the jungle as a gold miner with local guides who suffered from malaria fever, causing regular delays in the journey. Jim Humble used Chlorine Dioxide to purify water, for consumption, and one day he decided to give it to the team members who suffered from malaria fever and were unable to travel. To everyone’s surprise, the fever subsided and after some time the malaria symptoms disappeared completely. That event led to Jim’s decision to treat malaria patients in the villages he visited, after which it spread like wildfire in the area that malaria could be cured. Jim has cured thousands of malaria patients at that time. The medical industry got the smell of it, and has worked hard to prevent this protocol.

At that time Jim Humble called it Miracle Mineral Solution, in short: MMS. Jim is now at an advanced age. MMS products cannot be ordered through his website.

What Jim does explain is the history, the how, what and why of MMS = Chlorine Dioxide:

Jim wrote a book about the use of this remedy, which is reader-friendly to the layman/woman. It can be ordered here

Kerri Rivera is treating children diagnosed with symptoms of the autistic spectrum, and she works with Chlorine Dioxide to help her patients, treating all forms of infection. Here she offers a good explanation of what it is:

What Is Chlorine Dioxide?

(So far my own words)

Here’s a translated part from the Dutch website:

Since April 4 2021 the Dutch government has decided that citizens can test themselves at home. Self-test comparative study:

At present, six Corona tests have been approved by the Dutch government for home use. In the table below we compare these tests (based on sensitivity and costs, among other things) and show where you can order these tests online. Prefer to go to the store? Self-tests can also be purchased at pharmacies.


With a cotton swab 2.5cm in the nose. None of these tests are PCR-tests.

Here’s a demonstration of how to use this test in a video with English instructions:

What is sensitivity?

A test with a high sensitivity indicates that the chance of an incorrect negative result is small. Is your self-test negative? Then there is a good chance that you do not have Corona. BIOSYNEX COVID-19 Ag BSS rapid scores highest on sensitivity (97.2%).

What is Specificity?

A high percentage in specificity indicates that few people get a false positive result. If your self-test is positive in that case, chances are that you actually have corona. BIOSYNEX COVID-19 Ag BSS rapid also scores highest on specificity (100%).

The best self-test: BIOSYNEX COVID-19 Ag BSS rapid BIOSYNEX COVID-19 Ag BSS rapid is the best in the test, but is also slightly more expensive than the other approved tests.

Currently this test is available in limitation.

When purchasing a self-test, always check that you are buying one of the approved tests so that you can be sure of a test with high reliability. How does a self-test work? A self-test is an antigen test that you can perform on yourself. You take some mucus from your nose with a stick and then test it. A self-test is very user-friendly because the rod only has to go into the nose. In the test kit you will find everything you need to carry out the test easily.

You also have quick results. In just 15 minutes you know if you can leave the house Corona-free! Of course you still follow the rules to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus”.

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Thank you for reading, good health to you and take care.


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  1. I must have confused the terms. I thought it was an antigen test that tested for previously having the virus, but it's antibody. Got it, thanks.

    Happy Independence Day! 🙂

    • Hello Starlight, Happy Independence Day, today and all days coming! With me it was the same, this confusion. Apart from antigen tests, antibody-tests are available as well, online. The price is usually higher than those of antigen-tests, and the result needs to be sent to a laboratory.

      My research is related to the Dutch information and offer of these tests. Many selftests for antigen check up are sold in chemistries, supermarkets, organic and non-organic. I've found out that prices of selftests online can be very different depending on who's selling. Good health to you 🌞🙋‍♀️

  2. PCR Test can not tell you if you have symptoms i.e. Covid19 it can not tell you if you have viruses in your system it can only pick up pieces of RNA but can not tell you if they are from the host or a bacteria and that is why Kary Mullis the Nobel laureate for inventing the RT PCR test said it should never be used to diagnose – because it can not diagnose. If it could then I should be able to give you 1,000 sample of positive and you should be able to tell me who is showing symptoms of Covid19. You can’t. It doesn’t work! It is bullshit and as Kary said you can find anything if you know how to use it. Yup just run more cycles for one!

    • Hello Rick, indeed, the PCR test isn't reliable. It's why I present alternatives in this article. My motive to share this information is, that investing in one's health, by investigating and choosing one's own remedy, even selftests at home made by laboratories, contributes to strong health, a strong immune system. Confidence is a great booster as well.

      To me, it's a wrong policy to tell the world population to sit at home during a lockdown, leaving the home masked and harnessed by a 1,5 or 2 meter space around oneself, after an initial frenzy os confusion and uncertainty, with governments relying on an emergency protocol.

      To me, the fact that populations aren't invited by their governments, to contribute in finding solutions, practical and otherwise, and welcomed, to deal with the issues in a co-operative way, including valuable feedback, monitoring and communicating, also to keep spirits high and inspiration flowing, which has an enormous impact on a communal sense of building up, stepping forward to good health, is a sign of bad intentions present in the puppet masters who hold all governments on strings, in obedience.

      Fortunately, there are populations where members raise their voice, protest, and choose their own solutions and living conditions. In my city in The Netherlands, I haven't met one single person (yet) who doesn't choose vaccination. Those that I meet speak about vaccination, with a sigh of relief, feeling safe now. Those with bad health conditions are even more eager to accept the shots.
      I'm walking constantly in an upside down world, on my hands 😉

      I've got the video with Kary Mullis, who makes clear that this test isn't meant to diagnose people.
      I believe Kary Mullis has presented an article where he explains that the PCR test is meant to be used in a laboratory environment.

      (I hope I'll be offered other vehicles than trucks, I grow weary of trucks, in the verification procedure. Why not UFO's or animals? Do I have to go through this every time I post a comment?)


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