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There are those who do not wish to ascend because they feel that compared to physicality, light has no uniqueness. Physicality has so many different unique configurations and expressions, and it’s the unique essence of physicality which these ones with to experience.

Through sensory experiences, the uniqueness of physicality is experienced. For example, someone can eat a strawberry, and a strawberry has a unique flavor, but what is the essence of the flavor itself? These ones seek to know the essence of the flavor itself.

There is no need for God or Source or any divinity for these ones. These ones recognize the importance of light to maintain life, but do not see light as the ultimate.

These ones seek metaphysical experiences beyond physicality as well, but see physicality as the foundation from which all metaphysical experiences are accessed. Any metaphysical experiences in the astral and so forth are sought out for their uniqueness.

For these ones, there is no need for any ‘higher purpose’ and so forth. There is only grand uniqueness.

The feeling of love is allowed, but love doesn’t take the foreground. Love in and of itself is not exclusively sought unless it’s the love of uniqueness. There are so many strange and unique substances within physicality. For example, there are so many different kinds of plants with so many different properties. There are so many different possibilities that cannot exist when everything is only love and light. The feelings themselves of various places in space and time are unique in the most amazing and beautiful ways – ways which go far beyond verbal description.

They ask the question, “What is this?” The answer is undefined. They seek the undefined.

My own perspective is that there is a unique interaction between light and matter. This unique interaction creates spiritual experiences. For example, when the light of the sun goes through tree leaves this feels very alive and spiritual in a unique way. Light shining on water is another example.

Matter could be seen as feminine, and light as masculine. The basis for spirituality could be the interaction between masculine and feminine. Having sex of course comes to mind lol! There’s that. But this is not limited to having sex. The number of different expressions is perhaps endless, as all different types of matter constantly interact with the light of the sun. On other levels, perhaps all types of matter also interact with the Galactic Central Sun and the Cosmic Central Sun.

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