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The Gravity Shield Conspiracy June 28, 2021

“It is unfortunate that these fine superconducting specimens were never used in the desired experiments.” – Dr. Ning Li

Memory Holes are often utilized by the different world governments to hide public research which they feel should be classified and hidden from the public. Next generation technologies which have clear military and strategic application are always the first projects to be memory holed and classified. Governments engaged in hiding science and technology from the public are a huge hinder to our scientific progress as a species. While public research stagnates, military research grows and develops technologies which the general populace can just dream about.

Anti-gravity Timeline

In 1991, physicist Dr. Ning Li began publishing a series of papers claiming that she had discovered a practical method for producing anti-gravity type effects by using a superconducting disk.

In 1992, material scientist Dr. Eugene Podkletnov published a paper in Physica C claiming to have created a gravity modifaction effect using a spinning superconducting disk. He had independently stumbled across this anomalous effect when he noticed tobacco smoke formed a column above a ceramic superconductor he was experimenting with.

In 1996, Dr. Podkletnov was accepted to a scientific journal to publish a peer-reviewed follow-up to his 1992 claim, but withdrew his paper at the last moment and subsequently left his lab position and job at his University.

In 1996, NASA created the Research and Technology 1996 document showcasing their advanced research of which much is now classified. In the subsection titled “Superconductor Interactions with Gravity”, NASA Scientist Ron Koczor cites Dr. Podklenov and Dr. Li Ning in a summary of the 1996 understanding of gravity shield research. Ron Koczor then discusses an agreement between NASA and Dr. Ning Li to further NASA’s understanding of gravity shields.

In 1997, NASA announces their Breakthrough Propulsion Physics Research Program, citing Dr. Podkletnov’s spinning superconductor research.

In 1997, Dr. Ning Li puts out a paper essentially refuting her own previous anti-gravity claims.

In 1998, NASA begins to scrub their website of information, papers, and documents that discuss Dr. Ning Li and Dr. Podkletnov.

In 1999, Dr. Ning Li left her University research position to found the company AC Gravity LLC. which was subsequently awarded nearly $450,000 from the Department of Defense to continue anti-gravity research.

In 2000, Dr. Ning Li published the NCC8-124 report summarizing four years of anti-gravity research she did while partnered with NASA. She claimed success in learning to fabricate superconducting disks, but notes that the disks were never used for experiments.

In 2020, Dr. Podkletnov claimed in an interview with Tim Ventura that in the 1990s he was brought in to help Dr. Ning Li and NASA replicate his experiments, but NASA ran out of money right before the anti-gravity experiments were set to begin. The Department of Defense showed up shortly after NASA ran out of money, confiscated all of the experiments, and finally transfered all of the research to Dr. Ning Li.

In 2021, The U.S. Government publishes verified videos of anti-gravity vehicles performing high performance maneuvers.

As of 2021, Dr. Ning Li’s whereabouts are unknown. She continues to renew her AC Gravity LLC. company every year amidst rumors that she has returned to China to continue her anti-gravity research.

Quick Summary:
Both Dr. Ning Li and Dr. Podkletnov began publishing papers about anti-gravity and gravity shields in the early 1990s.
Both Dr. Ning Li and Dr. Podkletnov discredit themselves in academia in 1996/1997.
NASA begins recruiting scientists for their Breakthrough Propulsion Physics Research Program in 1996/1997.
NASA begins removing information about Dr. Ning Li and Dr. Podkletnov from their website in 1998.
By the year 2000, Both Dr. Ning Li and Dr. Podkletnov end up working for NASA to develop gravity shielding experiments.
After 2000, Dr. Ning Li takes the experiments from NASA, begins work with the DOD, then continues anti-gravity research for the military.
In 2021, the US Government releases “tic tac” video footage of vehicles seemingly maneuvering using anti-gravity propulsion.

Dr. Ning Li has been busy.

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