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Pineapple and Pine
Remedy for Spike Protein

It is now well known that the ones inoculated are “shedding” spike protein and those around them breath it in. To not be vulnerable, there are a couple recipe that help both, those with and without shot.

One that came out already a while ago is the remedy we can make with pine needles and there are two that seems to be potent remedies: the common pine used as Christmas tree the fir tree (German Tannenbaum) and the pine tree (Föhre) which is very easy in countries with winter, because these trees need frost. You can find a lot of recipe on line.

I stumbled over an information yesterday that states that pineapples also work. And of course, this makes a lot of sense when you look at the spikes of the pineapple and in addition it tastes very good too. The spicy bromelain enzyme inside the pineapple that makes you tongue “itch” is the remedy.

Her is a link to more info:

I have pineapples here, I took one that is not totally ripe yet, but according to my testing its ok. The spikes are very sharp from the outside peel and I just cut it into small pieces and cook it, let it simmer for a couple hours and then use it like this.

Make sure you find organic pineapple, in this are, and the pineapples here are well known and also exported, they use all kind of fertilizer etc. that I don’t trust. The most easy way is that you keep the green “crown” of the pineapple, make sure that you take all the withered leaves away and put it in a glass with about 2cm of water. Roots will come out very soon and you can grow them in a pot or in your garden. But it takes 2 years for them to be ripe. Still, you can use the green too, cut it into pieces and simmer it for about 2 hours and drink it as tea with some lemon and honey.

After cooking the whole for about 2 hours, it is a concentrate and you can keep it in the fridge.

If you can’t find organic pineapples, I recommend you buy a little ozoniser and put the whole pineapple into a big jar or small bucket and ozonise it for 15 minutes, this will take the poison out. I use a this very ideal and not expensive machine that you can buy on line. You can buy directly from the company, they send it worldwide. (I have no financial benefit from all I promote!)

I add here a few more URL if you want to research the topic. I think this is very important for now and the time to come. Especially now since in the US the Pfitzer shot has been approved. In Germany in contrary, they stop every thing now and the famous lawyer Reiner Fuellmich has with his team managed to stop the whole madness and they start to prepare to sue private and governments for misuse of human rights etc. I follow him on Telegram, there is a channel in German and one in English. and here the link for German:

It is good to get prepared now because more and more those without the shot are at risk from those with the shot because you can’t know who had it and who did not when you go shopping, eat out or are in a bus, train etc.

Prevention is important now to keep the immune system very strong and I am sure we’ll find out more about natural remedies that can help.

Dr. Judy Mikovits:

The White Pine works the best:

A MD in Iowa that I sent this information to a week ago sent me pictures of a toddler that was suffering from shedding. He had shiners, dark circles under his eyes, and couldn’t get out of bed. His mother gathered the pine needles and made a tea:
Within a day, he was back to his happy, active self.

‘White Pine Needle Extract’ 1 dropper 3 x a day or before and after exposure:

Grandpa did know what to bathe with to wash off shedding:

You can follow my Silver Dove Network at Telegram: or you can reach me there: @KatharinaBless


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